Amore Hybrid Mattress Review 2024 : Top Pros & Cons of Amore Beds (Is Amore Mattress Good?)

Amore Hybrid Mattress


All in all, if you are looking for a mattress that is dual-sided and a great allrounder then you should definitely go for the Amore Hybrid Mattress. The product is very fairly priced and is one of the best options available online currently. The 20-year warranty clearly shows that they are offering a great mattress for you.

Out of 10


  • 20-Year Warranty
  • 100-Nights Trial
  • Doubled Sided Firmness
  • Organic Cotton Covers
  • Cheapest Luxury Hyrbrid Mattress
  • Free Shipping Across US
  • Less Off- Gassing
  • Easy Tpo Unbox


  • Not a slow moving foam
  • Not the traditional innerspring mattress


Price: $ 600

I’m all for a good night’s sleep and recently I became aware of the Amore hybrid mattress. After doing some research—and longing for a more restorative slumber—I decided to give it a try.

To say that my experience has been remarkable would be an understatement; so much so that I wanted to share my review with everyone who is in search of better sleep or just curious about this fantastic product!

Apologies in advance: once you lay on an Amore Hybrid Mattress, your old bed will never seem quite the same again.

Bottom Line Upfront: Amore Beds Mattress has been able to provide different choices on mattresses by allowing customers to select the one that fits their lifestyle and budget.

Their bed-in-a-box approach means you get exactly what you need without having to spend too much time worrying about getting a perfect mattress. Amore Hybrid Mattress is the perfect combination of comfort and support.

Amore beds mattress reviews facebook

It’s made with natural materials that are eco-friendly, so it’s good for your health and the environment. You would love their mattress if you are a combo sleeper and need latex mattresses at a low price.

The big catch is a 20-year warranty, so you can rest easy knowing that this mattress will last you years to come. We would recommend you to try Amore beds to get discerning sleep and 2-in-1 firmness.

Try Amore Hybrid Mattress to find out is it good or bad

Amore Hybrid Mattress Beds Review: Is Amore Mattress Good? 

Amore Beds started the company by selling just one mattress type in the beginning. Currently, they offer 3 variants to increase their portfolio and have something for everyone.

The Amore Hybrid Mattress is the very first product that was sold by Amore Beds. They have always ensured that their customers get the best mattress at a very reasonable price. The mattress has been appreciated by almost all of its users as it offers great value.

amore mattress review coil hybrid bed

Amore Beds is a leading mattress brand offering 20years of warranty on its products while many of the other brands stick to a 10-year warranty. This is proof that Amore Beds is confident in its product.

The trial period for the mattresses is 100 nights. You can test the mattress for this long and be sure of your purchase.

Well, there might be few questions that you would surely be looking for in general. In this post, I have answered all your questions and shared the final verdict as well.

Watch this video about Amore beds:

In my Amore Hybrid Mattress Review, I will answer questions like:

– What is an Amore mattress?

– What are the benefits of an Amore mattress?

– Pros and Cons of an Amore mattress

– How to choose an Amore mattress

– Which is better for your body type?

– Which is better for your budget?

Amore Beds covers all of these questions in one comprehensive mattress review – read about what we think of their mattresses!


The Man Behind Amore Bed Hybrid Mattress: First-Ever CBD Mattress

Todd Summerville is the president and CEO of Amore Beds company. Founded in 2015, Amore Beds is a Chicago startup offering three comfort levels, and a personalizable dual comfort split mattress for couples.

Todd is known for his innovative ideas in the mattress industry which he uses in its brand. Todd has featured in an interview with Chicago Tribune in the past.

amore beds founder tod

The Delivery and Unboxing Experience

There are no shipping charges that need to be paid when you order your Amore Hybrid Mattress. The delivery time for the mattress is just a couple of business days and the mattress is shipped right to your doorstep.

The mattress is rolled and packed into a box for an easy unboxing experience but it is recommended that you have another person helping you in doing so.

Once the mattress is out of the box you can start setting it up in your room. Make sure that you unbox the mattress in the bedroom where the mattress has to be used as later on moving it could damage the mattress.

It takes not more than a couple of minutes to unbox the mattress.

Amore luxury hybrid mattress review shipping

Once you have it out of the plastic you need to let the mattress rest while it takes its shape. Even though you might think that the mattress has expanded enough to be used in just a couple of hours, I will recommend that you give it another 24 plus hours to fully take its right shape.

While unboxing the mattress you will get an odour. It’s all right, new mattresses need off-gassing. You should crack open all the windows of the room to make sure that the gas escapes the room.

It could take a couple of hours but there is no need to worry as it is not toxic or harmful in nature. The off-gassing could take up to 24 hours as suggested by some people but for me, it was around 6 to 7 hours.

But then this totally depends on how airy your room is. The gassing is not very intense as Amore Beds ensures that there should not be too much odour but nonetheless it is there.

Here is the pictorial guide to unbox Amore Mattress: 

Amore hybrid mattress review- How to unbox amore hybrid mattress

Amore Hybrid Mattress Review: Construction

The Amore Hybrid Mattress consists of organic wool, good quality memory foam, a superior coil system and a thick solid base. The mattresses are 12 inches in thickness and consist of 7 different layers.

amore mattress reviews luxury hybrid construction

The Fusion Flex Gel Foam layer is the first layer of the mattress. This is good for keeping the mattress cool during summers and for providing firmness to the mattress.

The Gel Foam has a good pressure relief system and makes the mattress breathable. To get good pressure point comfort and to ensure that you do not get spine and neck issues, the next layer used is one-inch graphite infused memory foam.

This takes the shape of the person sleeping on it to help distribute the pressure better. After the memory foam, you have a 2-inch poly foam that specialises in open-cell technology for the springs to be adjusted in them. This foam gives amazing comfort with a little cushioning along with lower back support.

The coils placed in the mattress are about 4 inches in length and are all 14.5 gauge steel coils. This is best for combination sleepers as it gives the bed a good bounce for you to keep changing your position while you sleep.

Coils also support good airflow in the mattresses ensuring that you don’t get stuffy and hot on the mattress during summers. These coils make sure that your partner does not get disturbed during sleep.

amore luxury mattress reviews- Amore beds firmness 2-in-1

Any movement you make is not registered on the other side of the bed making this the perfect thing for couples. The edges do not feel weak due to the coil displacement and you can confidently sit or sleep on the corners of your mattress.

Then comes the 2-inch high-density base foam. This layer is to give good support to the entire mattress and also the user. The base foam increases the durability of the mattress.

The base will be comfortable on almost all bed types and give good support when you sit on it.

You also get an Amore mattress cover. It is an organic cover made of cotton for a soft feel and works well as breathable material. If you want you can get the bamboo fabric cover at a price. Under the cover, you will find a layer of organic wool.

It makes your sleep cool and comfortable all night. It becomes easy to maintain the mattress in the long run as the cover protects the mattress.


The Amore Hybrid Mattress is the very first product that was sold by Amore Beds. They have always ensured that their customers get the best mattress at a very reasonable price. The mattress has been appreciated by almost all of its users as it offers great value.

💰  Price


😍  Pros

20-Year Warranty

😩  Cons

Lacks Traditional Innerspring


All in all, if you are looking for a mattress that is dual-sided and a great allrounder then you should definitely go for the Amore Hybrid Mattress. The product is very fairly priced and is one of the best options available online currently. The 20-year warranty clearly shows that they are offering a great mattress for you.

Rating 4/5

Amore Hybrid Mattress Review : Performance Highlights 

Amore natural hybrid mattress review benefits

Value: Amore hybrid mattresses are good value for money. The mattress comes at a very good price for the type of components used in the mattress. Comparing this mattress with other brands you can tell that the value you get is better be it price, warranty and the quality of the mattress.

Edge support: The superior coil system used in this mattress type is of great quality and helps in keeping the edges of the mattress strong and firm as they work really well with the memory foam. The support and comfort of the mattress on the sides is next level.

Spine alignment: Due to its state of the art design the mattress provides amazing spine and neck support. It is important that you do not get back and neck issues while using a mattress and Amore Beds have ensured that this is not the case. It is also considered to be a great choice for back and neck related issues.

Responsiveness: This mattress performs great for combination sleepers as transitions from position to position and also moving on the bed feels very comfortable. Your partner will never complain about you being too restless on the bed as the movements are not felt by the other person. The bounciness of the bed makes the user feel very free and not as if they have been trapped on the mattress.

Thermal regulation: Due to the advanced gel technology used in the foams, the users never complain about the mattress becoming too hot or stuffy. The Spring system also helps in making it more breathable and hence giving a really nice and comfortable sleep.

Amore Beds Mattress Warranty:

Amore Hybrid Mattress offers a 100 night trial period to give you time to get comfortable using the mattress and then purchase it.

If you compare it with the online mattress brands this is a standard policy that is offered in the market. You get ample time to understand the workings of the mattress and how it will work for you.

Amore luxury hybris mattress trials and warranty- amore mattress reviews

If you are not satisfied with the mattress and you would not like to use it then you can request a pickup and get a full refund on your order. Now you can shop with confidence.

The warranty offered by Amore Beds is for 20-years. This is no doubt the best warranty offered in the mattress industry right now as the standard for almost all brands is just 10 years.

You can feel confident that Amore Beds is working with the best designers and materials looking at the long period of warranty offered by them.

Update: Due to Covid and recent holiday sales, all mattress manufacturing times are between 4 and 10 business days.
Some accessories may be on backorder. Due to this, do not make concessions for backordered items.

Amore Hybrid Mattress Review: Pros & Cons 



  • 100-Night Trial
  • It does not give the traditional innerspring feeling.
  • Free Shipping Across US
  • Not for someone who likes slow-moving foam.
  • Free & Easy Returns
  • Open Cell technology
  • 20 Years Warranty
  • Double Firmness Mattress
  • Excellent support for all sleep positions
  • Doesn’t sink too much

Amore Hybrid Mattress Review & Testimonials :

Here is what the customers say about their Hybrid mattresses:

The quality is fantastic, the comfort is incredible, and the sex is orgasmic for both of us every time. This thing has improved our sleep and sex lives, get one!

Kimberly Blake

2 years ago me and my wife purchased our bed. Being a newly retired chiropractor, I did a lot of research and “Bed Kicking”. There are literally thousands of mattress companies out there. I stumbled onto the Amore website, and read about all of the happy customers that have ordered from them. I took a leap of faith and went with their King 12.5” luxury mattress, copper cover and foundation. We were in the middle of moving from Long Island, NY to Northeast Florida with a dog, 2 cats and a bearded dragon. We needed to have the bed delivered to our new residence by the time we were to arrive. We had a few stumbles with delivery but we received the mattress. It’s been 2 years since we started having the best nights sleep in our lives. Every night when we climb into bed, my wife say’s “I love our bed!” This has been our experience with Amore Beds, the last brand mattress you’ll ever buy! Thank you Amore and Todd!

Barry Heffron in St. Augustine, FL

I’ve gone through about 6 mattresses from other brands over the last 4 years. Some I returned, some I kept to try and make work, and others I kept and gave away. This luxury hybrid is clearly a keeper finally. I’ve had it for 4 months now and it has been great ever since the initial 1-month break-in period. I would recommend this product.

Dan Letterford

Everything about this Amore Luxury Hybrid Medium is fantastic. I kept searching around, but kept coming back to Amore because they offered significant features that I was looking for and I did not want to compromise on such a big purchase for us.

Cindy Sterns

Superb customer service and there are no lacking quality issues. Feels way better than the Saatva that had to get returned.

Rich Greggs

Here is what Facebook customers say about Amore Beds:

Amy Jensen recommends Amore Beds.
This bed is AMAZING. We have had this bed for a few months now and it is so comfortable. We got the medium firmness, and it is perfect. I love that it is a hybrid of foam and coils. I get overheated easily, so I was worried that this bed could be an issue, but it wasn’t. I noticed no temp increase when comparing it to my old mattress. This is a great bed!

Jimmy Knowles recommends Amore Beds.
We have slept on our king size medium firm Amore mattress for about 45 days. My wife and I both absolutely love our sleep now!! The hardest part is getting out of bed in the morning. We did the mattress and frame, it came with (2) pillows. We have a king size canopy bed frame and with just a little adjustment we were able to put the amore base inside our frame and not need box springs. Highly recommend to anyone in the mattress world. I am 200 pounds and she is 125 pounds.

Adam Cawrse recommends Amore Beds.
We have a king size, medium, with copper cover, and it is excellent. Even more excellent is the customer service from Amore. Everything with our purchase/delivery went super smooth and Amore was very helpful in making sure we had the right mattress comfort level for our preferred sleep positions. I heavily researched pretty much every online company out there before buying, and was a little concerned to order from a newer company, but I’m so glad we did! The quality and value far surmount other options available. I was between this and the Nest Alexander Hybrid. After going with the Amore, I’m completely satisfied with the quality of construction, materials, and especially the comfort. My wife and I love the balance of coils and upper foam layers. Thanks Amore! We’re truly loving the way we sleep!

Tracy Gardner recommends Amore Beds.
Hi ,just wanna share my experience before finding My Amore bed i tried 3 other beds whom all claimed to be the best,to help with cooling while you sleep, help with painful joints etc, all 3 were returned. i was ready to give up when a friend was going on and on about how great her mattress was and how great she was sleeping,so of course, i asked what kind she had, that’s when i was introduced to Amore ,i decided to try my frds out before ordering one. i knew the minute i laid on her Amore it was diffrent then the ones i had tried., then she told me the price ,i thought she was joking!! i went home and IMMEDIATELY ordered myself one. It arrived in a timley matter ,customer service was amazing. i truly cant say enough about this mattress. im planning to order both my teenage children one!!

You might have questions like these by the end of our review: 

–  Why is it worth buying Amore bed?

– What are the benefits of buying Amore mattress beds?

– What are the drawbacks of buying Amore beds?

– What are the different types of Amore hybrid mattresses?

– Different types of beds and all they have in common

– Consumer Reviews of Amore Hybrid Mattresses

– What is a hybrid mattress and how does it compare to other mattresses?

– Why should you buy this mattress if you’re looking for the best of both worlds?

– What are some of the benefits of this type of mattress?

– How long will your new Amore Hybrid Mattress last, what’s the warranty like, and what do I need to know before buying one?

– Is it time for me to replace my old mattress or am I just being paranoid about my comfort level?

– Where can I buy an Amore Hybrid Mattress in person or online?

Amore Hybrid Mattress Features: Amore Hybrid Beds Mattress is a bed-in-a-box mattress with a combination of high and medium density foam to offer you the ultimate comfort, without feeling like your sleeping position will be outdated as your body ages.

Amore Beds Advantages: The Amore Hybrid Beds mattress offers the ultimate comfort without being overly uncomfortable. It is simply in a way that provides the right amount of support, while still being comfortable to sleep on.

Amore Mattress Benefits: You can rest easy knowing that you can trust this company with your health and safety – just like they are trusted to do everything else that they claim they can do!

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FAQs: Amore Hybrid Mattress Review 

Can I order the Amore Hybrid Mattress online?

Yes. Amore Beds has an incredible website where you can order your mattress from. The doorstep delivery details can be filled into the form available on the website for you. The best thing about ordering a mattress online is that you can always check the user reviews before making the decision of purchasing it.

Does Amore Beds have good customer service?

Amore Beds has good customer service. With the option of getting on a call for assistance, reaching out to them on the chat section on their website and also emailing them, you will feel safe knowing that they are always there to assist you with your queries. The support is open between 9AM and 5PM. Contact: 1-844-842-6673 Chat with them on You can get the email address from the chat box of the website

What is the return policy for Amore Hybrid Mattress?

Amore beds offer a 100 night trial period for you to test out the mattress. If you are not happy with the product then you can place a request for a refund online or on call. The representative will be coming to your place, inspecting the mattress and taking it back. You will definitely receive a refund in a couple of business days once the mattress has been taken from you.

What sizes are available for Amore Hybrid Mattress?

Amore mattress sizes are available for: Twin Twin XL Full Queen King California King

Is there a financing option available on the mattress?

Yes. You can finance your mattress. The option is available on their website. Amore Beds has partnered with Bread to offer great finance options for you. You can get in touch with them and get multiple offers for your purchase.

What is the Amore Hybrid mattress made of?

Amore Hybrid Mattress is made up of four layers. The first layer includes 3” of Talalay latex, the second layer is made of 2” of firmer polyfoam, the third layer is 6” of pocketed coils, and the fourth layer consists of 1” of firm, high-density poly foam.

What is the cover of the Amore Hybrid mattress made of?

Amore mattress cover is made up of the organic cotton with 1

Does the Amore Hybrid mattress offer a sleep trial?

Yes. Amore Beds give 100-Night free trial along with 20-Year Warranty.

What is Amore’s CBD infused cover?

Amore CBD infused cover has a scent of CBD oil. This is the first of its kind and comes with only Amore Hybrid Mattress. However, you need to pay an extra $150 to get the CBD infused cover.

Are Amore Beds compatible with an adjustable bed frame?

Yes. All Amore Beds are adjustable with the bed frame types.

Does Amore Beds offer free white glove delivery?

Not yet. However, you can get the white glove delivery by paying $150 extra on purchase.

Is Amore A Good Mattress Brand?

Amore Mattress are one of the premium quality mattress providers that specialise in creating hybrid foam mattress for all types of sleepers. It comes with four layers, double side firmness with an organic cotton cover. The best part is that you get 100-nigh trial along with 20-year warranty.

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Conclusion: Is Amore Mattress Good? Amore Hybrid Mattress Review 2024 

The Amore Hybrid mattress is an excellent option for anyone looking for a supportive yet comfortable sleep solution. Its combination of layers works together to provide users with comfort and support while preventing heat buildup and motion transfer.

Furthermore, the quality materials used ensure the mattress stays in great condition over time.

Based on all this, we can confidently recommend the Amore Hybrid mattress to those seeking a good night’s sleep in order to wake up refreshed and energized for whatever challenges the day brings.

It’s a product that promises true satisfaction, with features and durability that surpass expectation. With great reviews from customers so far, it looks like the Amore Hybrid mattress will become a staple for many individuals–so why not give it try? We think you won’t be disappointed!


Want to know more about Amore Hybrid Mattress?

Check out their About us and FAQs Section.

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