BedJet Review 2024: Best Air Based Cooling & Warming Sleep System (Is BedJet worth the money?)



If you compare the BedJet to electric blankets then it is better as you don't only get a device to keep your bed warm but also cold during the summers. The upgraded remote makes the functioning of the BedJet, even more, easier and more fun and the app is just great once you have synced your device.

Out of 10


  • Personalized heating/cooling
  • Easy to assemble and activate
  • Compatible with most beds and mattress models
  • A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • Wireless remotes
  • Fits neatly on the side of the bed or under
  • Does not create noise
  • Is specific to helping eliminate body moisture and sweat from the bed
  • Can work with your own sheets, or optional BedJet Comforter


  • The cord needs to be longer for differing placements
  • Expensive products


Price: $ 299

Looking for the unbiased Bedjet review? Here, we have covered the features, pros, cons and pricing of BedJet Climate Comfort System.

Hot nights, cold nights, and sleepless nights. Being uncomfortable at night can cause a whole slew of other problems in your life.

You know what happens when you try to sleep in a room with a temperature that doesn’t suit your needs? You toss and turn all night, while perspiration drips down your back, making you sweat even more.

With BedJet, you can finally stop worrying about the temperature of your bedroom. BedJet system regulates the temperature of your bed, making sure you sleep soundly all night long.

So, if you are planning to buy BedJet, you have landed at the right place. Here we talk about what makes Bedjet so popular and why it is a good choice for you.

But, first, let’s talk about what makes the BedJet climate control system so interesting! For that, we need to dig into its history and know the most interesting story behind it.

So, let’s begin!

BedJet Review 2024: How BedJet Came into Existence?

Mark Aramli, the founder of BedJet introduced his bed climate control system on Shark Tank in the year 2015 and was rejected by the Sharks. But Mark wouldn’t have it and he launched his product through a Kickstarter campaign and was able to succeed. After his success, the company is now doing really well.

BedJet climate comfort system review

BedJet has been designed to give its user the ability to control the warmth of the bed while you sleep. You get to have a climate control system that helps you get comfortable.

Since you are interested in the product and would love to know more about it, then you are at the right place. I shall break down the details of the product and try to give an honest review of BedJet.

In the year 2019, BedJet launched three exciting models that were a huge hit on Amazon, Bed Bath and Beyond and other online marketplaces and stores.

The most popular of the three models is the BedJet3 which is also the latest one on the market with newer technology.

One of the best features of the BedJet3 is the new slick remote control. You get access to a lot more controls than its predecessor hence it is very user friendly.

The remote has the option of controlling the heat and the cooling. There is a new mode that has been introduced in the new product that helps you keep your bed drier and moisture-free.

You can set up your preferred conditions on the 3 customisable buttons on the remote for quick access. The remote is also backlit so that you don’t have to keep switching on the lights to change the temperature during the night. One of the best features of the remote is the colour LCD on top of the body.

It’s not a touch screen but it gives the users all the information needed about the system and this makes the product even cooler. You can view the speed of the fan in percentage on the remote.

The timer too is pretty decent and gives you good updates on the usage. Using the remote you can set up timers so that the BedJet shuts off on its own once you are done. The remote is great and is way better than the previous versions but the size of the remote could have been smaller.

BedJet air based comforting system models
Bedjet Models

Mark Aramli is The Founder of Bedjet: NASA Suit Enginner

Bedjet inventor and founder

The BedJet and it is going with items are made by BEDJET LLC, an innovative start-up that says they’re rethinking the room and rest understanding.

The BedJet began as a fruitful Kickstarter venture and was likewise included on Shark Tank (even though it was not subsidized by any sharks amid the scene). After airing on Shark Tank, offers of the BedJet truly took off.

The idea behind creation of BedJet: 

Mark says- “Why is it we can keep astronauts perfectly comfortable in outer space, the most hostile environment in the universe, and yet so many of us (including myself) aren’t sleeping perfectly comfortable in our own beds!?”

Bedjet customoer tweets- bedjet coupon codes

How BedJet Works?

It is a climate-control system offering multiple customizable options to set temperatures for either a single person or for your partner as well.

The dual-zone setup on the BedJet3 is great as if your partner does not have the same preference for the temperature as you then you can control the temperature accordingly.

You should definitely opt for the Dual Zone bundle if you have a partner sharing the bed to make life a little easier for yourself.

The Dual Zone comes with two separate BedJets that are controlled individually for the convenience of both users. You then get the feature to have your preferred temperatures on your bed separately. There is a hose running from the top of the bed to transfer air into your bedding. You have the option to control the airflow and the temperature by just using the remote.

bedjet climate control system machine

The BedJet remote clearly states all the functions in a user-friendly way so that anyone can understand and operate the BedJet. So if you are not used to using high-tech devices you need not worry as the instructions mentioned on the remotes are pretty simple.

The BedJet has been designed in such a way that the maximum temperature that you can achieve is around 104 degrees Fahrenheit. It is not a point of concern though as the setup has clearly been designed to be as safe for human use as possible.

The Plus and minus buttons on the remote help you keep the temperature in check. For winters the heating system works wonders and gives a really amazing sleep experience. The heat that blows into the bed makes it so cosy that sometimes it gets difficult to get out of the bed. The level of comfort is just unmatched.

Also, in the summers the cooling system feels better than any air conditioning although I don’t recommend that you keep the air conditioner closed. The bed reaches almost 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Once you get accustomed to BedJet, you will start having your own likings as to how you want the temperature to be at night all year round. There is a feature on the remote that lets you save these settings for quick access just like a speed dial.

There are three customisable buttons on the remote that can be used to save these preferences. The M1, M2 and M3 buttons need to be used to save the temperature modes.

Once done, all you need to do is press the button for 5 seconds and the BedJet registers the setting and you are good to go. The LCD on the remote makes it very convenient to set up these pre-settings. You can easily set these temperatures up and have quick access to your favourite presets. There is always a concern while going to sleep that the BedJet could keep running for the entire night.

This can be controlled by setting up a timer for when you would like it to shut off automatically. The “Time” button needs to be used to set up timers.

Bedjet remote system- bedjet climate conrtol review

The BedJet team has done a remarkable job in providing great customer service. If you ever need to know what number to call or email address to email on then all you need to do is click on the question mark button on the remote and the LCD will display all the relevant information for you.

Why Should You Buy BedJet Climate Comfort System? 

Bedjet media mentions- Bedjet V3 Review

BedJet is overall a great device that provides great comfort and functionality. Here are a couple of things that I would like to mention as to why I love the product and why you should purchase it.

  • Instant Climate Control
  • Advanced Remote Controller
  • Temperature settings
  • Timers
  • The Cloud Sheet
  • Customer Support

Moreover, Bedjet has also featured in various media and authority sites:

BedJet Features:

The BedJet is a climate comfort system designed to create a cooler or warmer sleeping environment by blowing air into one of their AirComforter sheets or underneath your own personal linens.

Cloud Sheet: 

Bedjet Cloudsheets review

Though the BedJet is designed to be compatible with your existing bedsheets, I prefer the Cloud Sheet. For comparison, I tested the BedJet with my own top sheet, and then with the Cloud Sheet, and found the latter to do a better job of keeping the airflow contained.

After all, the Cloud Sheet is made specifically for the BedJet. Not to mention, it’s made from 100% cotton and feels super soft to the touch.

Remote Settings –

Not only does the remote have a sleek design, but it’s very easy to use. If you’re intimidated by technology in the bedroom, believe me when I say this remote couldn’t be more intuitive. Everything is clearly labelled, and the screen is easy to read. I also appreciate that the customer service info is easily accessible if you run into operational issues.

Temperature Range –

Ranging from 66 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit, most sleepers should be able to find their ideal comfort zone. The cool air feels like a pleasant breeze, and the warm air makes your sheets feel like they’re fresh from the dryer. And for folks who just want to feel fanned, the “dry” setting is the way to go.


In my opinion, the timer is one of the most useful features because the BedJet will turn itself off while you’re fast asleep. If you don’t want the airflow to run all night, just set your timer to exactly when you want it to shut down, and you don’t have to worry about it again.

Customer Friendly –

The Cloud Sheet is 100% cotton, so sleepers can feel free to throw it in the wash with the rest of their cotton bedding. No special wash care is required — just use a gentle cycle with mild detergent, and tumble dry on low heat. Additionally, each BedJet comes with a 60-day risk-free return policy so, if you decide the BedJet isn’t for you, you have 60 days to be fully refunded!

Rapid Climate Control –

I’m impressed by how quickly the temperature changes! I have tested and reviewed the ChiliPad (a temperature-regulating mattress pad), and my biggest complaint was that it took too long to heat up and cool down. With the BedJet, the air gets cool or warm immediately.

Does BedJet make noise?

Having a machine that helps regulate your body temperature at night may have you wondering how loud it is.

Although it is a powerful tool for regulating temperature, the BedJet is very quiet when it is in action. Noise is reduced by the use of acoustic damping technology. BedJet’s white noise sounds are similar to those of sleep apps that play white noise.

These are the measurements for settings in which the unit is placed under your bed when it is set to an appropriate dB level:

  • Noise level (BedJet off) measured at 37dB
  • BedJet Cool, 50% (highest temperature setting most usually used for all-night cooling): 38dB
  • Air Jet Cool, 100% (It is unlikely that you will use apart from short bursts): 42dB.
  • Typical heating setting at 50% (most typical high setting): 39 dB
  • BedJet Heat, 100%: (likely used in short bursts): 43dB.
  • BedJet Burst Heat, 100% (can be used for only 10 minutes before auto-shutoff): 47dB

Sleepers who require complete silence or a very light sleep should not be disturbed by this level of noise.

Does BedJet work with Alexa?

Alexa and other smart devices are compatible with the BedJet 3.

A WiFi chip integrated into the BedJet 3 allows it to work with smart home systems, whereas previous models like the V2 used Bluetooth for communication. It is also possible to set up rules for when your sheets should be heated or cooled using home automation apps such as IFTTT.

When you turn off the downstairs lights or any nighttime sequence that you have enabled, you can instruct the BedJet to begin heating or cooling automatically.

Do I need two BedJet units?

A traditional bed sheet setup and if both you and your partner like the same temperature and either sleep alone or share the same mattress, you only need one BedJet system.

The Cloud Sheets can be split if you would like to have two different temperatures on each side of the bed, however.

Does BedJet require special filters?

Yes, all BedJet models come with an air filter which ensures a clean supply of air and prevents dust particles from pulling into the unit. It is easy to remove and clean the included filter under the tap. It is a lifetime washable filter.

Is BedJet expensive to run?

Bedjet Instagram reviews

The FAQ page of BedJet claims that:

For less than a dollar a month, a cooling air conditioner can be operated every night, and for a few dollars a month, a heating air conditioner can be run.

By changing the temperature of your home, you can easily offset the cost of powering the unit. It stands to reason then, that if you are able to regulate the temperature of your bed independently by using a BedJet, the heating and cooling needs of your home will be less intensive.

Your utility bills will be reduced as a result.

Setting up BedJet: How To Use BedJet? 

Bedjet 3 buyers guide- Bedjet review

BedJet comes with a user manual and there are videos available on Youtube for you to refer to. The user manual however is very well detailed and the process is segregated in steps so that anyone can set it up.

A sheet needs to be placed on top of the Cloud Sheet of BedJet so that the airflow is better managed. If you do not place the sheet then the air will keep escaping the bed and the results will not be as desired. If you are going for the single function BedJet then you will have to pay for the Cloud Sheet.

However, if you go for the Dual Set then the Cloud Sheet comes included. The Cloud Sheet has 3 openings that help regulate the airflow better.

Everyone has a preferred area where they want most of the airflow to pass. For you to make sure that you have the right spot you need to place the Mattress Mount Base beneath your mattress in the space where you want the best airflow. I prefer that you go to the centre as it is the best section.

The nozzle needs to be attached to the hose and the Mount Base to the nozzle so that the airflow is directed the right way. You need to adjust the nozzle in such a way that it is placed directly over your bed.

The BedJet needs to be placed directly below the Mattress Mount Base and the bottom hose needs to be attached in such a way that the circular opening is in place in the right way.

You need to have an electrical plug point right next to your bed for the BedJet to function. The remote requires two AA batteries to function (A set of batteries are included).
Sync your BedJet to your mobile device using the dedicated app and you are ready to use the BedJet.

Shipping and Return Policy

There is a 60-day return policy that is offered by BedJet. If you are not happy with the product then you can return it and get a full refund.
Within the USA you are entitled to free shipping and doorstep delivery.

BedJet comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

Pros and Cons of BedJet: 


  • There is no false advertisement of the product. BedJet performs as advertised.
  • Multiple customizable options are available on the app for a better experience.
  • Superfast heating and cooling.
  • The material used by BedJet is of good quality providing great comfort.
  • Do not make loud noises.


  • The product is expensive, especially if you are going to opt for the dual setup.
  • If there is no electrical outlet close to the bed then it becomes a problem.

What Media Says About Bedjet?

Bedjet testimonials media

Brilliant BedJet Invention Could Erase The Need For Alarm Clocks- Huffpost

“You will never wake up hot and sweaty and never get into a chilly cold bed wrapped up in pajamas”  – Forbes

“Make your bed feel just right with smartphone-powered  climate control” – TechHive

“BedJet’s new brain will aim to help you sleep deeper and longer, and wake up more refreshed by automatically adjusting the temperature of the air it’s blowing throughout the night” – CNET

“It works well in the summer.  It works well in the winter.  You will find you do sleep more soundly.” – TechCrunch

What Customers Say About Bedjet? Bedjet User Reviews (4.7 Stars)

Here is what customers say about BedJet.

Bedjet customer reviews and testimonials

Bedjet system custoner reviews


Best purchase ever

My night sweats are gone and I am sleeping better than ever. Me and my husband have really enjoy the BedJet.


Great product Second Purchase
Purchased one for my daughter and she loves it, purchased another for me and I see why. Setup is very easy and set up also on the App
I bought this for my mom on mother’s day. It was easy to set up. Definitely order the sheets, as they work great. Nice and puffy and warm. I’m going to get one for myself.
Sleep Game Changer
I’m really enjoying the Bedjet the last few nights. I had to find my comfort level with the air but after adjusting and tweaking I found what works best. I didn’t get the sheets.
Soothing Sleep
Once I got the temperature set just right for me, I am getting the best night’s sleep ever. I warm the bed up before I go to sleep and it’s lights out. I adjust the temperature as needed to keep me cozy. It was one of the best thing I bought for myself in a long time. I love it!
Happy with purchase!
I love my bedjet! It is absolutely the best! Am very, very pleased. It does what it says and keeps me cool ALL night! No more raising the covers up on my side anymore! My boyfriend is getting used to it slowly haha, but I certainly am happy! And this company was the best when I asked to return the extra tubing piece I bought and didn’t need. They sent the return label and refunded me the money very quickly! Absolutely the best purchase! Happy customer here!!! Thank you Bed Jet!
Does what it says
If your issues are with too hot or too cold, the bed jet delivers. If you have a lumpy old mattress that is uncomfortable that’s another issue. The bed jet has done what it is supposed to do. I think the sheet is important. Without it, the heat or cool would be focused around the feet. With the sheet at covers the whole body. Beautifully clever and simple solution.
Best purchase I’ve ever made
I totally bought my bedjet thinking I was going to return it within 60 days because it wouldn’t help me with being hot at night, but this thing is amazing! My A/C is currently broken and it’s 80 degrees in my bedroom…I’d normally be miserable and not be able to fall asleep, but I feel great with the cool air blowing on me. This is going to save me so much money by not having to run the A/C at full blast at night in the summer.
How did I live without this?
I have not woken up in a pool of sweat since I plugged in. The cloud sheet is a game changer. After shower heat mode is wonderful. I refuse to sleep if it’s not with a bedjet.

FAQs About BedJet Review:

✅ How do I order the BedJet?

BedJet is available on all leading online platforms and marketplaces. Just by typing the question on Google, you will see the options available online for you to place your order.

🥇 Is BedJet compatible with all types of mattresses?

Yes. The BedJet is compatible with all types of mattresses however it is advised that you pay the additional fee for the Cloud Sheet as it works best for better airflow. If you are going to purchase the Dual Model then the Cloud Sheet comes included.

👉 What is the return policy on BedJet?

BedJet offers a 60-day return policy in case you are not satisfied with the product. If you are going to place the request within the 60-day period then you are entitled to a full refund.

🎉 How do I clean the BedJet?

You can clean the BedJet filters by pressing the button placed on the top of the BedJet. The grill will release it for you to remove the filter. You need to wash the filter with cool water and dry it before placing it back. That is all that needs to be done to keep your BedJet clean.

<>Is the BedJet noisy?

BedJet uses acoustic damping technology and it is one of the quietest machines to buy. It ranges from 38dB to 39dB on low and medium settings so you can sleep peacefully.

Does BedJet work with regular sheets?

Some people like the feeling of air blowing onto their skin. They can do that by using BedJet with a regular top sheet. You need to put the air nozzle into your sleep layer, which is on top of your regular top sheet.

How cold does the BedJet get?

The BedJet ranges in temperature from 66-104 degrees Fahrenheit

Can you use a weighted blanket with BedJet?

Yes, you can also use weighted blankets with your Bedjte system. They seem to work perfectly.

How much power does a BedJet use?

The BedJet uses 40 watts while in cooling mode. If you use the BedJet less than 8 hours each night, it cost $1.02 per month to cool your bedroom. This is less than if you use air conditioning for 8 hours each night.

Can you control BedJet with Alexa?

Yes, Bedjet version 3 can be controlled using Wi-Fi, voice commands and Alexa voice assistants.

How loud is the BedJet 3?

Bedjet3 is a little noisy, but not as loud as a box fan or some ceiling fans. It's easiest to sleep in the tent if you put it under your bed. The airflow is strong enough that it will keep you cool inside the tent.

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Does the BedJet Trap Odors Beneath the Sheets?

How does BedJet cooling mode work?

How Does the BedJet 3 Work?

Do I need two BedJet units?

Does the BedJet make noise?

Does the BedJet Pose Any Danger to My Pets?

How Much Money Will I Save Using the BedJet?

Is the BedJet Compatible with Adjustable Beds?

Is the BedJet expensive to run?

Does the BedJet work with Alexa?

Does BedJet Offer Financing?

How cool does BedJet feel?

Can Couples Use a Single-Zone AirComfort Cloud Sheet?

Is BedJet worth the money?

Is the BedJet noisy?

Conclusion: Is Bedjet Worth The Money? BedJet Review 2024

If you compare the BedJet to electric blankets then it is better as you don’t only get a device to keep your bed warm but also cold during the summers.

The upgraded remote makes the functioning of the BedJet, even more, easier and more fun and the app is just great once you have synced your device.

The top of the BedJet is quite comfortable and you do not feel as if you are sleeping on any external device. I did have a problem with the soft buzzing sound that would come in the beginning but now the sound has reduced a lot and I have gotten used to it. It’s just like using your fan or the air conditioner.

All in all, you will get the best sleep once you start using the BedJet as it makes the temperature of the bed very comfortable and cosy.

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