Can Bad Pillows Cause Back Pain: Is Your Sleep Position Causing You Back Pain?

At a certain point in life, nearly everyone will suffer from either back or neck pain. It’s practically very tough to escape pain as you get older because the usual wear and tear of the joints makes you extra prone to it.

However, if you concentrate solely on the way you sleep at night, you may take measures towards prevention and eliminate any uncomfortable signs you may be suffering.

Can bad pillows cause back pain?

Pillows for back

Because the improper pillow can aggravate back pain, it’s critical for back and neck pain sufferers to pick their pillows carefully. The incorrect pillows will give insufficient support, causing the neck and head to be at an awkward position. A loft which is excessively high or too low, or a cushion that isn’t the correct hardness for the sleeper, may cause this.

Customers must select a pillow that is appropriate for their sleep pattern and body shape, considering head size as well as shoulder width.

The Importance of Sleeping

Given that you will spend one – third of your lifetime in bed sleeping, it makes perfect sense to take measures to ensure that you are falling asleep in a healthy position.

Sleeping on Pillow- how to choose the right pillow

If you allow your chiropractor to assist you in correcting your sleeping position, you will be able to alleviate any present painful symptoms as well as take a significant step toward preventing future complaints.

The way you sleep is essential in preventing back and neck pain, however the pillow you utilize at bedtime is also a typical source of discomfort.

Different pillows for different people

You must be familiar that resting on your back or sides is the greatest posture for your spine, however do you realise that every sleeping position needs a unique pillow?

Yes, it is absolutely correct!

If you lie on your back, look for a pillow that will not let your head to tip up or back when you are sleeping straight. Your head and neck should be coordinated with your spine and body, however your neck pain could be caused by using a pillow that is too rigid, too low, or too elevated.

If you lie on your side, you will need to have a pillow that closes the gap between both the mattress and your neck while turning your head either way or the other. In order to keep your neck neutral when sleeping, you will need to have a pillow that would be four to six inches in height.

What Kind of Pillow Should You Get?

Contoured pillows are ideal for back sleepers.

They provide neck stability by closing in the area between your neck and the mattress, ensuring your spine is aligned with the rest of the body.

Down pillows are a fantastic option if you sleep on your side. These pillows follow the natural curves of your neck, preventing back and neck aches in the morning.

Do pillows affect your back?

Yes. Back pain can be made worse by a pillow that is too hard or one that puts the head and neck in an uncomfortable position.

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