Intellibed Review 2024 : Are These Mattress Worth The Price? | (Top Pros & Cons) Intellibed Gel Mattress Review and Complaints

Intellibed Mattress


I would totally recommend you to try Intellibed for 90-Nights and decide for yourself.  Intellibed has a great lineup of beds that offer incredible support and comfort while sleeping. This has great value in today's date due to the importance of sleep. We are substituting more sleep time for work which means that we are left with very limited sleep time.

Out of 10


  • Gel Matrix technology gives extra comfort
  • 90-night trial period
  • 20-Year Warranty
  • Coiling system is a big plus.
  • Variety of mattresses
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Mattress has temperature control
  • Great for side, back and stomach sleepers.
  • It provides Financing options.


  • Intellibed mattresses are usually high priced.
  • Shipping chartges could be high.


Price: $ 249

Looking for the unbiased Intellibed Review? We got you covered with this Intellibed Mattress review.

When was the last time you had a really good night’s sleep?

Do you know the kind of sleep where you wake up feeling refreshed and genuinely excited about getting out of bed?

A bad night’s sleep can leave you feeling like someone packed your skull with cotton wool. You can’t concentrate, you feel irritable and no amount of coffee will clear the fog in your brain.

Are you one of them who had various sleepless nights and people ask you the same question every time. Have you slept well?

And, I know your exact expression must be…

If this is a regular occurrence for you, you need to know about the Intellibed Gel Matrix mattresses. You won’t be sleeping. You’ll be floating, with perfect support all night long.

I am super excited to write this review for you. This detailed Intellibed Review will give you an idea of how a luxurious bed can come at a much affordable cost.

I have heard various positive reviews about Intellibed not only on the Internet but also from my friends and colleagues. That’s why I decided to put this mattress to the test.

Just like any other test, it is vital that you ace this one as well and the best preparation for this is a good night’s sleep.

In my Intellibed Review, I have shared every tests and aspect of construction about this mattress.

Bottom Line Upfront:

So, Intellibed mattress is a gel bed mattress that is designed mostly for soft sleepers. The bottom line is that Intellibed gives an incredible value for money at the quality it gives. There is no real criticism that I found about the Intellibed while doing my tests.

Intellibed tweets- intellibed customer reviews

From quality to construction and coiling, Intellibed is an excellent alternative to Puffy mattress and Saatva mattress. Lastly, I love the massive collections of Intellibed; from legacy to luxury that is designed keeping every sleeper in mind.

One of the USPs of Intellibed mattress is that it comes with a 90-Night Trial and 20-Year Warranty.

Checkout Intellibed Bed Mattress and Know More About Its Features

Table of Contents

About Intellibed Mattress : Intellibed Review

Intellibed is the partner that can help you ace this test. It is just like it sounds, an intelligent bed for you. It is a moderately firm mattress that adjusts itself to your body and its needs.

Intellibed mattress review

Intellibed is a company that keeps developing and innovating its Gel Matrix mattresses for its customers and is considered a pioneer of the industry as well. It uses multiple layers of various materials to make a mattress that will give you the sleep of your life every night. 

So, if you are looking for something that can make every night of yours a little piece of heaven, read to the end of this blog to find out if this is for you.

Intellibed is a company that has been innovating in the industry of mattresses since 2000 and is on the mission of making a bed from the future.

This mission has led them to create some of the proprietary bed materials that adjust themselves to the body of the sleeper over time and give the highest level of comfort.

The mattresses from Intellibed offer features like pressure relief, contouring, and comfort to its extensive line of mattresses. These features are possible due to the vast layers of material present in the mattresses themselves and the research behind it.

The company is also into manufacturing other accessories like pillows, adjustable bases, sheets, mattress protectors, and box springs.

However, in this review, we will stick to the mattresses themselves since you have come here looking to read about them.

Now, not everyone knows about using Gel mattresses? That’s why, my Intellibed gel mattress review will answer all the questions for you such as: 

– What is the Intellibed Mattress made of

– How does it feel to sleep on Intellibed?

– Who should buy this mattress?

– Pros and cons of the Intellibed Mattress

– Where can I buy one from?

– What is the best way to set up your Intellibed mattress and what are some common mistakes people make when setting up their new bed?

– How does Intellibed compare to other mattresses?

– How much money you can save with an Intellibed mattress purchase vs a traditional spring mattress?

– If Gel bed mattresses like Intellibed are worth the money?

Intellibed Review : Who Is The Man Behind Intellibed?

Intellibed is founded by Bob Rasmussen who worked in collaboration with Colin House– sleep expert and founder of sleep genius app. The two entrepreneurs combined their passion, expertise and determination to share the healing benefits of Intellibed’s Gel Matrix.  Intellibed has also been featured in New York Times  and PRNewswire.

Intellibed founder mattress- intellibed review

Before I start with the Intellibed review, here is a special deal for you on Intellibed mattresses with 25% OFF.

Intellibed Mattress Special Discount 2024

Intellibed mattress review-Intellibed special discount deals

Intellibed Review : What is the Intellibed made of?

To look at how many layers the Intellibed generally has and what material they are made of, let us have a look at the Relief Perfect Intellibed model offered by Intellibed.

There are four main layers that can be seen in this bed which are made of both proprietary and non-proprietary materials from Intellibed.

Layers of Intellibed Mattress

Let us take a look at these layers now.

  1. The first layer, that is the topmost layer is made of organic cotton and has a natural silica fire blocker to keep the mattress safe from fires and yet provide a soft feel. This layer ensures no off-gassing.
  2. The second layer is that of the Intelli-Gel which is the proprietary gel of Intellibed. This gel is of medical grade and is hypoallergenic. This layer also contributes to the no off-gassing of the bed and also finds out what your pressure points are to relieve them of any stress. This is the layer that is responsible for temperature neutral technology that I will explain further in this blog.
  3. The third layer is the latex foam layer. This layer ensures that the mattress itself is durable for a long period and that there are no impressions of the body left on the mattress.
  4. The fourth layer is a laced innerspring layer which is made out of steel. The purpose of this layer is to provide superior alignment to the user’s back and provide durability to the mattress.

Now after we know what all is present in the Intellibed, let us find out if you are someone who should definitely get an Intellibed, or is there a better alternative for you.

Intellibed Review : Who Intellibed is Best Suited For? 

Intellibed is a perfect choice if you want a long sleep and durable mattress. Its coiled mattress and extravagant quality make Intellibed one of the best alternatives to Puffy and others. 

Itellibed gel mattress reviews

You should get Intellibed if:

  • People who want mattress for a long: If you are someone who wants their mattress to last a long time, you should definitely go for Intellibed because the mattresses from the brand are such great value for money even after their high prices because they last a long time. If you are someone who changes mattresses every few years, it is best if you find a different option because the Intellibed is here to stay with you for at least 20 years.
  • Those who like sleeping hot: If you are someone who likes to have a moderate temperature when you sleep, Intellibed is the best option that you can have. The Intelli-Gel that the mattresses use has the ability to adjust to your body temperature. So, in case you are hot and the bed is cold, it will slowly absorb your heat to make the bed the same temperature as your body. Similarly, if your body is cold, it will end up adjusting the temperature to you.
  • People who want comfortable sleep: If you are someone who wants both, comfort in their mattress as well as support, Intellibed is a good option for you. Intellibed mattresses are rated as moderately firm so they offer great support while still providing enough comfort. This is unlike what most mattresses offer. If you buy a mattress for comfort, there is a chance that you get stuck in it in the morning (not emotionally but physically) making it a nightmare to get out of.

If you are someone who wants the bed to take the shape of your body and stay the same even after you have woken up, I can assure you that there are better options out there for you other than Intellibed.

Yes, the Intellibed models have memory foam but the company gives priority to other features over this and that is what has made it such a successful brand.

Intellibed mattress construction- Intellibed mattres review

Intellibed Review : What Products Does Intellibed Offer?

Intellibed offers many models and even the models come in an extensive list of sizes. There are 14 models of the Intellibed mattress available on the website of Intellibed. And almost all of these models come in 8 sizes: 

This configuration offers you an insane amount of options to choose from. You can choose from almost a hundred models and variants to choose from. Like the long list of variants, their pricing of the mattresses also varies quite a bit.

The models on offer are spread across three collections which are Legacy, Signature, and Limited. The Legacy is the most common option available and the Limited is the most exclusive collection available.

Signature collection comparison Intellibed mattress products

Similar to the availability, the pricing is also the same. The Legacy collection is the one most affordable in the lineups but is by no means an affordable mattress. The Limited collection costs you the most due to the features that it offers and the exclusivity that it has.

The most basic model of Intellibed comes in at $2699 whereas the flagship mattress from Intellibed comes in at $15,998. As I said, these are by no means affordable mattresses but they provide good value for the price and come with a 20-year warranty.

Intellibed Midnight mattress

Intellibed midnight mattress

The Intellibed Midnight mattress is a gel memory foam mattress that can give you the support and softness that you want. This foam pillow top has more than enough layers of support, comfort, and convenience to make it an excellent choice for your bed. It has 2½” gel matrix layer and 1¼” Layers of Gel Matrix.

This mattress also has to say about itself: both firm and soft at the same time, non-toxic & hypoallergenic gel matrix. The Midnight mattress is breathable, so it remains cool as you sleep.

Intellibed midnight mattress reviews

It has a phase change cooling technology which makes it comfortable for use all year round. The Intellibed mattress comes with 100% Talalay latex which is a luxurious and durable material that gives the top firm support. It has five coil zones and a quantum edge for maximum motion control. Its 20-year “no-nonsense” warranty protects your purchase.

Intellibed Signature Collections

The Intellibed Signature Collection includes four models: The Matrix, the Deluxe, the Supreme, and the Grand. All four models are hybrid mattresses – which means they combine Gel Matrix, pocketed coils, and other materials.

The Signature Collection consists of hybrid models that combine Gel Matrix, pocketed coils, and other materials. The Matrix is the lowest-priced option in the line, while the Matrix Grand carries the highest price tag.

Intellibved signature collection mattress

The Matrix model includes high-quality fabric and a Gel Memory Foam for optimal softness.

This mattress is also designed with top of the line pocketed coils- which are coils that is individual, forming pockets and allowing for varying levels of firmness throughout the bed. The gel memory foam and pocketed coils work together to provide even weight distribution as well as optimal firmness.

The Matrix Deluxe is a durable model that features advanced memory foam and high-quality coils. In addition to these features, it also has a plush microfiber cover and an integrated gel infusion which makes for optimal airflow and breathability.

The end result is a sound sleep surface with very little motion transfer.

The Matrix Supreme is the most durable of the four models and works best for people who like a firm sleep surface. The coils are taller than those in other Intellibed Signature Collection mattresses, ensuring you can enjoy deeper levels of comfort without bottoming out.

This model also includes a plush microfiber cover, which makes it both resilient and comfortable.

The Matrix Grand is the most expensive model in the line. It also includes advanced foam, taller coils, and a plush microfiber cover to make this mattress durable as well as comfortable. The gel infusion has been updated for even better airflow and temperature regulation than before.

Intellibed Nightfall Mattress

The Intellibed Nightfall mattress is a premier, all gel foam construction that provides the best of both worlds – softness and support. Designed to be slept on by every member in your household, from kids to adults.

Sleepers won’t sink into the IntelliBed but will feel enveloped in comfort at the same time. It is a 14” mattress designed with three coils for added support.

The coils are reinforced to prevent squeaking and minimize motion transfer from your partner. The Nightfall mattress is available in twin, full, queen, king and California king.

Intellibed nightfall mattress reviews

You can customize the height of your bed to meet your needs with options for 9” or 11” bed height. The IntelliBed is perfect for any room, including your guest bedroom or children’s room as it meets and exceeds CAL132 fire safety standards. Each mattress comes with a 20-year warranty that includes free shipping and returns on all mattresses.


The Best Gel Matrix mattress that comes with coiling system and longer durability-Intellibed is unique mattress of its type.

💰  Price


😍  Pros

20-Year Warranty

😩  Cons

Pricing might be high.


Intellibed has a great lineup of beds that offer incredible support and comfort while sleeping. This has great value in today's date due to the importance of sleep. We are substituting more sleep time for work which means that we are left with very limited sleep time.

Rating 4/5

The Intellibed Buying Experience : My Intellibed Review

 Now, if you have decided that you are someone who should buy one of the Intellibed models, let us have a look at what the buying experience is like since a bad experience could change your mind before you even buy the mattress.

In the review, I have shared every factor that is best for comparison with other mattresses. 


For me, this mattress gives a feel-good factor as a mattress. This mattress gives me great relief against the back pain with a firm feeling. Even for the side sleepers, the mattress turns out to be a great stress-reliever.

intellibed mattress reviews-mattress firmness

Even if you sleep on your stomach, Intellibed Gel provides an amazing experience with its firmness and soft coiling.  To me, this mattress was as responsive as the latex mattress giving me an impeccable experience.

Construction : 

Intellibed mattress review-Intellibed product gel matrix

I tried the Legacy Azure mattress for few weeks and my experience with them was quite satisfactory. During my use, I found out that the mattress is perfect for cold sleepers and it gave me a comforting sleep throughout.

The top layer of the mattress is Intelli-gel followed by the second layer of high-density polyfoam. Intelli-gel in these mattresses is effective against reducing the back pain and effect pressure points.

This is attributed to their zero-gravity material and soft coil that makes the sleep comfortable. To know further about the Intellibed mattresses and their construction, I had to explore their website further. Most of their mattresses were found to be made up of Foam, gel mattress and coil.

Trial Period :

Intellibed offers any of its customers a 90-night trial period for trying out any of their mattresses. This trial period requires the customer to use the mattress at least for 30 days out of the 90 days in the trial period. In case you are unsatisfied with the mattress, you can have your money back.

However, there is a catch. The mattress should not have any stains on it and only then will the company take the mattress back. In case you want to shift to a higher model than simply return your model, Intellibed has you covered for that as well.

You just have to pay the difference in the prices of the two mattresses and the shipping cost of the new mattress and the company will pay for the shipping of the old mattress.

Intellibed Warranty :

Intellibed takes its customers very seriously and believes in their products and thus offers any customer a straight 20-year warranty that they term as No Nonsense.

This means, that if anything happens to the mattress in 20 years, they will repair it for you without any repairing costs.

Intellibed Review : The Shipping & Delivery Experience :

The shipping charges for a non-adjustable and adjustable mattress from Intellibed are $269 and $369 respectively. These charges are for the United States only and shipping to Hawaii or Alaska is different.

shipping and return policy

The mattress itself is shipped through a third party that works with Intellibed and they will set it up for you too. They will also take away your old mattress if you want to get rid of it, just for $99.

The shipping itself takes around a fortnight and you could speed up the process but it would cost you more or less depending upon where you live.

Intellibed Review : Does Intellibed offer financing options? 

Intellibed now gives the financing options from Wells Fargo Bank credit system for 6,9 and 12 months. The complete information for financing is available on the Intellibed finance page.

Intellibed Availability:

 Intellibed mattress store location

Intellibed has a vast network throughout the United States. You can order an Intellibed straight off the internet on their website or walk into any mattress or furniture stores that offer Intellibed solutions and pick your favourite one.

Pros & Cons : Intellibed Review


  • Intellibed mattresses come with a proprietary and new technology called a gel matrix. This technology is created after extensive research and is made of a latex-like structure that consists of gel.
  • The materials used in Intellibed mattresses are of great quality. Right from foams to cooling gels including phase change materials and latex are top-notch and thus you get the best quality product in any of the ranges. 
  • There is a wide range of models in various sizes so that you change you choose the perfect model and size for your use. 
  • The company offers a 20-year warranty on its mattresses.
  • You will also get a 90-day trial period.
  • Top layer of the gel makes it more comfortable and durable.
  •  Intellibed mattress is available in 8 different sizes. So, it’s a great choice for any size of room.
  • Intellibed offers financing options with 6,9 or 12-month finance available.


  • The Intellibed mattress feels a bit too firm, especially for people who are used to or want a plusher feel from their mattress. 
  • The prices of Intellibed mattresses are quite high and it might be difficult for most of the potential customers to shell out that much.
  • The shipping charges of the mattress are also quite high which might be a deterrent for a lot of customers looking to buy this mattress. 

Intellibed Review : How much is Intellibed?

Intellibed Original Gel mattress has pricing depending onthe size of the mattress. I have prepared a table for you that gives the pricing of Intellibed gel mattress.

[table id=2 /]

However, the pricing of Intellibed Signature collection and limited collectioon mattresses may differ and I consider it a bit pricey.

Intellibed Signature collection pricing ranges from $4,299 for Matrix to $7,499 for the grand matrix mattress.

In the Intellibed limited collection, the Starlight mattress costs $3,599, the Nightfall mattress costs $4,699 and the Midnight model costs $5,899.

My Honest Intellibed Review :

According to me, there are three things you should judge an Intellibed on. They are firmness, pressure relief, and motion transfer. These three things because end up making the Intellibed what it is.

Intellibed models are generally rated as a moderate firm. This means that the mattress is supposed to provide comfort but shouldn’t lack support either. The mattresses feel perfectly right for what it is rated. Any bed is rated for firmness based on the lift and give that it has and Intellibed strikes the absolute right balance between the two.

If you are someone who keeps switching between your back to the sides and back again like me, this mattress is going to be one of the best that you have ever slept on.

Pressure relief is something that a mattress does with its composition that relieves the tension and stress from your body while you sleep.

 Intellibed mattress store location

This can be particularly felt around the hips, shoulder, and back. What I found out with my Intellibed is that it offers great lumbar support and was able to relieve the stress from my back.

Similarly, when I slept on my sides, the mattress worked wonders with my shoulders as well. It offers a pleasant feeling when I switched my sleeping position from my back to the sides and vice versa.

When it comes to sleeping on my stomach, I had some mixed feelings about Intellibed. It might be okay for some but I don’t think I can recommend it to people who like to sleep on their stomachs.

Motion Transfer is something that lets the mattress move to one side when excess pressure is applied to it. The lesser the motion transfer is, the better it is. Consider that you are sleeping with a baby or a pet on the other side of the bed.

If you end up putting pressure on your side of the bed, it shouldn’t affect the person or pet sleeping on the other side.

Considering how bouncy the bed is, it offers a great amount of control when it comes to motion transfer. It let minimum impact pass on to the other side of the bed which was a relief. This is especially good for someone like me who sleeps with a cat on the other side of the bed.

Now that we know how good it is, let us have a look at what the Intellibed complaints are.

The biggest complaint that I have about Intellibed is how expensive it is. Like it is really pricey. It is not in everyone’s budget and while it offers great value for money, and is still expensive.

It offers a decent amount of contouring for the body but for something that costs thousands of dollars, they could have definitely done better. 

 Intellibed customer reviews and testimonials

Intellibed Customer Reviews & Testimonials: (Intellibed Review)

Customer Service


★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars. Tatum
Exceeded my expectations
We’ve had our intellibed for a few months now and let me tell you I was skeptical at first. I thought it was too good to be true. My husband and I both have back problems and every morning our backs would hurt. The day we got this bed was the day they stopped. I sleep like a baby every night. We are both heavyset but the bed fits us so well. Only thing is I do feel a little movement when he gets up if I’m awake otherwise I have not idea he has moved. I definitely recommend this bed if you’re wondering if it’s worth investing on! It’s soft and firm in the best ways!

★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars. Mike
Love it!
My only regret about getting an IntelliBed is that I didn’t do it sooner. I have struggled with sleep disorders my whole life and in the couple of weeks since I’ve had my new bed I find that I am sleeping longer and better. It has been a difference maker in my life! I would recommend IntelliBed to anyone.

★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars. Elise
Amazing mattress
It took a few nights to adjust as my Sleep Number mattress had worn out and provided zero support, but WOW what a difference sleeping on such a firm mattress! The firm but soft technology in my Intellibed is amazing and I would 100% recommend to anyone looking to replace their current mattress!

★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars. Brenda
Love this bed
This is the best bed I’ve ever slept on, just after 1 night of sleeping on the starlite by intellibed , I awoke feeling well rested and no back or joint pain (both hips replaced and herniated disk in low back)
Wonderful product.

★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars. Andy_Utah
Worth Every Penny
My wife and I took a leap of faith and bought the Midnight king mattress. She suffers from terrible back issues and somehow, this mattress actually eases her pain. This was the selling point the clerk sold us on and I wouldn’t have believed it until we experienced it. The weight distribution is unreal. Laying on this mattress is so much more than just comfortable. It’s therapeutic, soothing and blissful.
A note to other buyers – it takes a couple of weeks to fully adjust to sleeping on, especially if upgrading from a traditional mattress. Give yourself a little time to get used to the new sleeping experience.

★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars. Danny
Best bed ever!
I rarely write reviews, but I’m taking time to write one now in hopes that it’ll help someone else with their mattress purchase decision. We bought our mattress just over a year ago, I wanted to give it time before reviewing. I love this bed! I’ve had chronic lower back pain for decades.

I’ve tried all kinds of mattresses, pillows, medication, stretches, etc. While some of these methods provided some relief, I would always wake up after 3 to 4 hours of sleep with horrible back pain. I often would get out of bed just because my back hurt so much. I did a lot of research on mattresses and was slow to purchase the Intellibed due to the cost. After visiting the store and learning about the 20 year warranty (twice as long as other expensive mattresses) and also trying the bed, I decided to give it a try.

One year later i couldn’t be happier. My back actually feels it’s best after a nights sleep. I often walk past the bed during the day and long to get in it. My sleep quality has vastly improved over the last year (I use a sleep app that tracks my sleep). This bed might not work for everybody, but for me, I couldn’t be happier.

★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars. Anonymous 

Exactly what I wanted
I needed a new bed that fit the remodeled master bedroom on our home and also needed a bed that was comfortable for me to recuperate from surgery. I have been in the bed 20 to 22 hours a day for the last week and it is perfect. No backaches, works wonderfully with the adjustable base, easy for me to get in and out when I need to. I couldn’t be more satisfied.

★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars. SaraEmily
You’ll never want to leave your bed again…
I got an intellibed about 3 years ago. A member of my family had one… and I tried it once and realized I needed it in my life. Now I am the one who give others jealously when they try my bed. People literally can’t help but remark about how wonderful it feels. I sleep so well on it too. I absolutely love to travel… but I hate to leave my bed.

It truly is the only thing I miss when I leave home. It is like my best friend. With the pandemic and working from home I find myself sometimes needing to move to work in my bed when my partner needs to have a call in a shared living space, except sometimes I am found hours later, deep into a nap. It is a dangerously good mattress. I am also glad it seems to be holding up so well because I am young and not very rich yet . So I am excited about not having to invest in another mattress for hopefully about 17 more years.

Intellibed Review : Intellibed vs Purple mattress :

intellibed vs purple mattress comparisons

Intellibed has been the leader in gel memory foam for over 10 years. Based on the patented IntelliCoil system, Intellibeds offer an unprecedented level of comfort and support without motion transfer.

If you are looking for a mattress that you will never have to flip again, than look no further!

Purple Mattress has been coined the “anti-mattress” because of it’s unique construction, which features a hyper-elastic Polymer material top layer that contours to your body like an adjustable weightless glove.

This ultra-firm mattress is not for the faint of heart, but if you need some serious support and don’t mind sleeping on a bed with no bounce, this mattress is for you.

Intellibed Review : Intellibed vs Tempurpedic

Intellibed vs Tempauredic

Intellibed is a mattress with a patented adjustable design. The mattress is designed to provide the best comfort for the sleeper. Tempurpedic is a leading brand of mattresses in the market and rightfully so.

This company has been able to maintain its quality and attention from customers over time thanks to their conservative marketing.

Intellibed is a new kind of mattress that doesn’t use memory foam. Instead, it uses NASA technology to cradle the sleeper in a cocoon-like cloud while also keeping them cool and comfortable.

The company claims that their product can hold up to even the most rigorous sleep schedules with ease. With different levels of firmness available, the Intellibed can be customized to any preferences.

Setting the mattress up is a simple task achieved in a couple of minutes by simply plugging it in and letting it inflate.

The company also uses adjustable airflow chambers to keep the body cool while one sleeps. Finally, each Intellibed comes with its own individualized profile so that the company can track one’s sleep habits and help improve them over time.

Tempurpedic has become synonymous with “best mattress” in consumer reviews for good reason. It can be customized to fit any preferences just like Intellibed, but it also conducts heat very well to ensure that the sleeper is comfortable through even the hottest summer days.

The guarantee made by the company states that it will be firm for at least 20 years, and people are still reporting this to be true even after 10+.

The main drawback of Tempurpedic is its own marketing success. With so many people in pursuit of a mattress as comfortable as the Tempurpedic, there have been many knockoffs that are flimsy and cheaply made in order to take advantage of the brand name.

As with many other products, people should be careful when looking for a Tempurpedic alternative because they may end up paying full price for an imitation (or a little less) just to have it break within weeks of use.

FAQs : Intellibed Review 

Is Intellibed worth the money?

People needing mattress for long time need Intellibed. This mattress provides incredible value of money with durable mattress and comforting sleep.

What are Intellibed mattresses made out of?

Intellibed is made up of the gel matrix and consisting of food grade mineral oil. This gel matrix is great for the side sleepers, back and stomach sleepers.

What is the firmest Intellibed?

Intellibed Midnight is the most firm gel mattress for me. It offers amazing firmness featuring a Gel matrix material. The upper layers are cooling, responsive and provides great relief to spine. The coiled system makes it more firm and relaxing.

What Type of Sleeper is Best Suited to an Intellibed Mattress?

Intellibed is best suited for the all type of sleepers including back sleeper, side sleepers as well as the stomach sleepers. All of these mattresses relieve pressure points against all type of sleeping positions.

Is Intellibed Non Toxic?

Intellibed is a non-toxix mattress and avoids the use of any toxic material like antimony and boric acid.

Is IntelliBED organic?

IntelliBED is not an organic mattress but even better than the organic mattress. It is non toxic and provides 100% certified support.

What is the difference between Intellibed and Purple?

Intellibed and Purple use gel-polymer technology in the top layers of the mattress. However, the layers below this one are different.

How comfortable is the Intellibed?

Intellibed is a great mattress that gives comforting sleep. It has various layers that provide comfort and firmness at the same time.

How do you break in Intellibed?

Due to the Intellibed's high density foam and gel matrix, Intellibed is hard to break in.

Do you need a special bed frame for Intellibed mattresses?

You do not necessarily need a special bed frame with Intellibed mattress. You can use it with any sturdy bed frame, box spring, or slat system.

How long does an Intellibed last?

Gel matrix are durable than other types of matrix materials. It won't even melt or crumble. Intellibed mattress may last as long as 20 years.

Is Foam or Spring mattress better?

Intellibed spring mattress provide support to sleepers which are best for the heavy sleepers. Also, foam mattress can be great for the side sleepers.

Which type of mattress is best for body?

Innerspring gel mattress are the best for all types of pain that helps against the pressure points.

Is Intellibed good for back pain?

The Intellibed is firm but soft. It helps align your spine and helps with pain. The bed was designed for therapeutic use and is perfect for people with any type of chronic pain.

Does Intellibed make a mattress topper?

Yes. Intellibed also makes the mattress topper. If your current mattress is too hard, or you can't afford a new one, then you can buy a mattress topper. It will give you more cushioning support.

Does Purple own Intellibed?

Intellibed and Purple use gel material inside their mattresses. It is not a coincidence. What many don't know that Intellibed actually licenses the technology from the founders of Purple!

What sheets fit Intellibed?

Intellibed has various sheets such as the Bamboo sheet set, Artisan sheet sets, cotton sheets and others.

Do gel mattresses sag?

Gel mattress do not sag for years as there is little space between the high-density foams so that there is less chance for sagging.

How deep is an intelliBED?

Intellibed thickness may vary from type of gel matrix. On an average, the depth of Intellibed gel mattress is around 12 inches.

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Mattress Pressure Testing : Intellibed vs. Innerspring vs. memory foam vs. air chamber

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Intellibed- non-toxic & hypoallergenic mattress?

How Long Will Intellibed Mattress Last?

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Conclusion: Is Intellibed The Right Choice For You? Intellibed Review 2024 

I would totally recommend you to try Intellibed for 90-Nights and decide for yourself. 

Intellibed has a great lineup of beds that offer incredible support and comfort while sleeping. This has great value in today’s date due to the importance of sleep. We are substituting more sleep time for work which means that we are left with very limited sleep time.

It is crucial that this sleep time has the best quality as possible for a good day every day otherwise a little down the time lane, we would start having health issues. Thus, it is vital that we start investing a bit into our sleep as well.

After analyzing the Intellibed Gel Matrix mattress, my opinion is:

Features: Intellibed has high-density gel matrix, with patented technology. Intellibed Gel Matrix is a perfect solution for people who want to sleep better and breathe easy.

Advantages: Intellibed Gel mattresses are the only bed that can provide you with the natural support you need for your back and front muscles while asleep.

It uses a strong, yet pliable gel matrix to make it feel like a solid mattress. The high density of the gel matrices helps in eliminating hip and shoulder pains on sleepers by providing decent support.

Benefits: The Intellibed mattress provides you with the support and comfort you desire when sleeping on a regular basis, thereby making it easy for you to get into a comfortable state of relaxation at night.

Furthermore, It’s cheap and easy to get your mattress delivered straight to your door, without having to buy any boxes or shrink-wrap packaging.

Intellibed is a good place to start investing in your sleep. The company offers great value with their product and yes, the products are a bit pricey but when a mattress is going to last you for 20 years straight, isn’t it worth investing a few thousand dollars in it?

 reviews by customers

The mattress along with its durability also offers comfort and comes in with a few features that we haven’t seen before. These features are not just gimmicks but offer some real value. You can also check the Intellibed home page for more information. 

Intellibed gives various discounts and offers. Follow Intellibed on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the latest updates.

Hopefully, this Intellibed Review might have helped you in selecting a comfortable sleeping mattress for you.

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84 thoughts on “Intellibed Review 2024 : Are These Mattress Worth The Price? | (Top Pros & Cons) Intellibed Gel Mattress Review and Complaints”

  1. I have had insomnia for about 17 years and have tried everything to sleep better. I thought this bed was one of the best decisions that I ever made because it lets me not toss and turn. It also allows me to get deep sleep. Because I have less back pain, I am able to sleep more comfortably than before. All of these things make it a great purchase- so much so that we got pillows, sheets and a comforter for our tent trailer too!

  2. The Intellibed Gel Mattresses have been giving me such a great night’s sleep every single day. There is no pressure on my back, it just feels like I’m floating on a cloud and the mattresses really conform to the contours of your body. There are so many benefits sleeping with an Intellibed mattress – not only does it come with a one-year warranty, but you also get 2 pillows for free that lock into your headboard so they can’t go anywhere! My girlfriend even said how happy she was with her new mattress and has less neck pain since switching to this gel infused foam technology.

  3. I am so happy with my purchase of an Intellibed! The materials are high quality and they have a 30 year warranty. Their mattresses feel pressure-free, temperature neutral, and durable. I trust this mattress will be supportive for my back while still being comfortable to lie on top of.

  4. I am a part of the Intellibed family and I can assure you, it has been an amazing experience. From the day of install, I could tell that they are all about ensuring comfort and support for their customers – everything from their bedding to their customer service is phenomenal. It cost me much less than its competitors, but it not only feels like the more expensive mattresses out there – personally, I believe that one cannot truly compare!
    You don’t want just any mattress- you need an Intellibed gel mattress! You won’t regret your purchase if you buy this amazing new technology…it will change how you sleep forever.

  5. The mattress is 11 inches tall, which startles me at first. But when I try to stand on one end of it with my two feet, the edge lets go and doesn’t feel any taller than 9 or 10 inches. This means that you can use this bed without worrying about waking up every time your partner shifts around or gets out of bed in the middle of the night. And if you do happen to fall off and land so close to the wall that there’s no room left for a person next to you before landing back onto those bouncy gel pads, then just know that they’ll be as safe as ever! Bouncy! Gel-filled! Soft enough for babies but strong enough for adults.

  6. I’m not usually one to boast about a product, but I really want people to know how much I love my new Intellibed. It’s the perfect balance of comfort and support.

  7. I just recently acquired an Intellibed mattress for my house and I am so happy with it. I had been shopping around, doing tons of research reading reviews to try and find the perfect mattress that would suit me best. All in all this was easily one of the hardest decisions because there are a lot of factors you have to take into consideration when going about looking for a new mattress – softness levels, design styles, materials used – but at the end of my search I found myself making a list of five mattresses that really stood out from their competition on some level or another. At first glance people might look at price as what will determine if they purchase this product or not, but don’t let cost be your deciding factor since someone

  8. I slept much better on my new Intellibed mattress than I had for a long time. The company was really easy to communicate with which made me feel good about their customer service and the product that they were going to provide me. It’s been a few months now and I can say it has not flattened out, overheated, or sagged in any way! In fact, the thing feels as comfortable as when I first laid down on it.
    In describing an Intellibed mattress from our company, it is important to remember that we strive for perfection in every aspect of this well-designed mattresses – from lifespan durability tests to design choices including memory foam chambers and support rails.

  9. I’ve had my Intellibed Posture Perfect Lo-Motion Mattress for six months now. I was excited to give one of their mattresses a try because all that I’d read about the company pointed to their mattresses being quite unique. Purple is the only other mattress I’ve heard of that uses this same technology.

    For my needs, they were perfect—my partner and I switch sides frequently during the night which made finding a mattress that either side could feel comfortable on difficult. The other side would be too plush or too firm depending on who was sleeping there. So far, we haven’t found another mattress with this technology, but it has been well worth learning how an Intell

  10. I had problem with my knees and hips. My arms hurt when I woke up from a bad position. I bought an intellibed bed and after awhile, I felt much better. The pain in my neck and back also disappeared. Now, I will buy this bed forever! It’s perfect for me because it is lightweight- only 95 lbs- so it was easy to put in the RV that has storage under the bed. Thank you intellibed for your wonderful customer service and good product!

  11. The mattresses would feel like marshmallows or clouds if you didn’t know what they really were. The gel in the comfort layer is unlike anything I’ve ever felt before and feels similar to how muscle relaxers make your body feel. It was a very gentle sensation but also created enough pressure relief to help me sleep well for three nights in a row.
    I probably would have liked this as much as I do had it not been such an overwhelming sensation that just distracted from my ability to focus on sleeping, which kind of defeats the purpose, honestly.

  12. The most amazing thing about the Intellibed is how it works so well to relieve pressure. I think this is because of the rubber core that really distribute my weight evenly. And another thing I have nothing but great things to say about are the ventilation holes in each side of my mattress, they work really well at keeping me cool when I’m sleeping on hot summer nights.

    What do you get with an Intellibed? You get a mattress that contours to your body shape which means my back doesn’t hurt anymore! Plus you won’t feel any motion transfer with this sturdy and durable bedding system backed by a 10-year warranty! They even come fully assembled and all you need to do is just sleep.

  13. I hated everything about my old mattress. It was too soft, I couldn’t move without waking up and it got uncomfortable to the point where all I could think about when lying on it are disappointments in life. The Intellibed gel mattress is different for me, because you can go from a softer-than-normal feel to a firmer one if desired. And yes! You don’t get stuck in the bed; sleep has never been better thanks to this amazing product

  14. You can tell that out of the two Intellibed owners who have reviewed this mattress, one of them is someone who has been sleeping on it from the beginning. One reviewer said they are disappointed and another reviewer said they’ve been really happy with their purchase so far. If you choose to pull out a credit card for an entirely new bed then I would go ahead and get something that will last you 10 years instead of 2!

  15. I was a little hesitant to spend so much on my mattress, especially without trying it out. But I knew after one night that I would never return this bed! It’s just amazing. No more aches and pains in the night in my hips or backaches! The Intellibed pillow is surprisingly great for sleep too – it helped with neck pain when I wake up in the morning. Pricey but worth every penny!!

  16. I was hesitant to spend this much on a mattress, but I am so glad I did. My husband and I sleep great now. It’s like floating on a cloud. The company is very good with customer service too!

  17. I cannot believe how amazing this bed is! I am so glad that I did not let the other reviews on here stop me from ordering it. This mattress is comfortable enough to suit discriminating tastes in a temperature sensitive material.” “The gel matress has been responsive and supportive even after prolonged use which is something you can’t say for many high quality mattresses with similar features.

  18. My old mattress was causing me a lot of pain in the joints–especially my neck. I spent months looking for a new bed that would give me ultimate comfort and support at an affordable price. I found that with Intellibed! It has helped my joints so much, and it’s holding up really well long term as well. And my back feels great too!

  19. The first thing I noticed when I peeled back the attractive, but admittedly a little bulky packaging on my new oasis of an Intellibed Posture Perfect Lo-Motion mattress was that there’s a lot going on inside. The gel material provides pressure relief and more even weight distribution for laying or sitting in any position. Gel is also better at temperature regulation than foam, which means it doesn’t heat up too much when you lie down for bed time. I found myself feeling greatly relieved by this because many mattresses will make me sweat due to their heating capabilities, things are heated during manufacturing process after all!

  20. Yes, I know the reviews on here are mixed, but take them with a grain of salt because all mattresses have their pros and cons, especially if they’re affordably priced. For me personally though, after purchasing Intellibed Gel Matrix bed from Sleep As You Live Company through online negotiation…I think it’s safe to say that this is one product review post someone actually cares about.

  21. Intellibed has been a great choice for these nights. I have always had trouble with back and neck pain because of my sleeping habits. The mattress was firm but gentle on the spine and did not require me to constantly adjust more positions to find comfort. It also dissipated heat from my body which made it easier for me to sleep through the night without waking up often.

  22. After being in search for the perfect bed for over a year, we have finally found what we were looking for. And it was right under our noses this entire time. The Intellibed Gel Matrix bed is just as comfortable at home as anywhere else. It has been scientifically designed to provide you with customized comfort that will relieve aches from your back or hips and disturb less throughout the night so you can get more restful sleep which in turn leads to increased energy levels during daytime hours! You deserve the best, do yourself a favor and invest today!

  23. The Intellibed Gel mattress has to be the best sleep investment I’ve ever made. The gel material temps with my body’s natural body temperatures, providing me a gentle feel that does not interrupt coziness levels for both myself and bed-sharing partners. This luxuriously supportive comfort is delivered via its four individually wrapped layers of pillow top residing on a sturdy foundation: covered by 4 inches of gloriously thick memory foam; topped by 1 inch of reflex foam; then supported by 2 metal rods crisscrossed to balance weight relief. To combat morning stiffness, this dream mattress offers an innovative twist: it cycles air in pockets (patented Celliant) to inflate/deflate each layer as your head hits the pillows.

  24. Intellibed mattresses are hands down the best of the market. I’ve been on my new Intellibed for six months and I sleep better than ever. Intelli-gel keeps in a nice cool temperature, it’s not too firm or too soft. This mattress is made to last a long time with its durable materials and tough construction. Now you don’t have to let your mattress go unused when moving from place to place, because this one is super easy to transport!

    The Intellibed mattress is perfect for people who want something that’s going to stay cool at night but also very durable.

  25. I love my Intellibed mattress. I have had it for 10 years now and have slept comfortably on it every night. In the warmer summer months I sometimes turn off the AC in order to maintain a neutral sleeping environment. It’s just as comfortable cold as hot! All of the construction materials used are top notch and durable, so this will likely be my bed set purchase for years to come.

  26. The bed is very comfy and I like it, but 60 days is not enough time for your body to adjust to it. Sometimes I sleep well on the bed and other times I wake up with pain from the bed. As of now, it is 50/50. Sometimes I wish that I had picked a softer one instead though! But then there would be consequences- so what do you do?

  27. The most exciting thing about these mattresses is that they can be personalized to your preferences. It’s always a pain to buy a mattress and then realize the pillow top is too deep for you, or the firmness of it makes your partner uncomfortable, or there isn’t enough bounce in the foam like you like.

    I really enjoyed that this company had no less than 15 different comfort levels! This made choosing with ease as I was able to select one designed for my own preference.

  28. I love this mattress! I can feel the quality in my bed. The Intelli-Gel foam is temperature neutral, so you’ll sleep cool with this mattress no matter how hot it’s outside. And that’s not even the best part…with an Intellibed, I don’t have any back problems waking up because these mattresses are made to help decompress your spine and relieve pressure points on your body. One of my favorite features of sleeping on an Intellibed is how easy it is to get out of bed every morning once i’m done with work! Honestly, there isn’t a better feeling than laying down on an Intellibed after a long day at work.

  29. I always thought that you could not get a better nights sleep than in your own bed. But wow was I wrong! Intellibed threw out the old rules and replaced them with up to date technology like cooling gel matresses made of supportive foam/latex as well as modern materials like coils or pocketed coil system. It’s incredible, so many people say they have such a great night’s sleep here, and these are some of the newer mattresses on the market so it can really compare with anything else.

  30. The design of the mattress, with its different firmness levels that can be chosen to suit your personal preference, was really cool. I had it out of the box and set up in minutes thanks to the easy-to-follow instructions they provide on their website.

    What is so interesting about this company’s mattresses? They use gel in the comfort layer instead of foam which they say helps you breath easier while also providing great pressure relief without adding bulkiness or making any noise whatsoever–something I’ve never seen before!

  31. Is a mattress a product you can purchase and forget about? I used to think so, but now I’m convinced the quality of your sleep is very important. Intelli-Gel has been clinically shown to create temperature neutral sleeping conditions. That means less overheating and more restful REM cycles. Along with patented Goodnights technology for ergonomically sloped comfort that’s perfect for all age groups, what does any old futon have going for it these days?

  32. After being in search for the perfect bed for over a year, we have finally found what we were looking for. And it was right under our noses this entire time. The Intellibed Gel Matrix bed is just as comfortable at home as anywhere else. It has been scientifically designed to provide you with customized comfort that will relieve aches from your back or hips and disturb less throughout the night so you can get more restful sleep which in turn leads to increased energy levels during daytime hours! You deserve the best, do yourself a favor and invest today!

  33. I love this bed! I have been sleeping on it for a year and a half. It is non-toxic and has a 20 year warranty. It was worth the money because I was able to sleep well every night. But it took me some time to get used to the bed because my body had to get used to real support from the mattress instead of just resting on something soft. The pillow wasn’t good, so I went back to my old one that is made out of down feathers.

  34. I was excited to give one of their mattresses a try because all that I’d read about the company pointed to their mattresses being quite unique. Purple is the only other mattress I’ve heard of that uses this same technology.

    I ended up trying out one of the higher-end options, the Posture Perfect Lo-Motion mattress. The first thing I noticed when lying down on it for testing was how soft it felt! As soon as my head touched the pillow layer, I could tell how inviting and relaxing this bed would be at night. Not only did it feel soft to lay down on, but there were no dramatic pressure points like some other mattresses can produce.

  35. The Posture Perfect Lo-Motion mattress was set up for me before I arrived and had a gel material all along the bed to cut down on any pressure. The mattress is 15 inches thick and has more than 3,000 individual pocketed coils that provide wonderful body contouring and movement as you sleep.

    The first night sleeping on the Intellibed Posture Perfect Lo-Motion mattress was pretty great! It offered great support but also allowed my own specific comfort zones to sink further into it with each turn or toss. Almost like there were three separate mattresses in one with memory foam at the top half, gel at one corner of my hips, and softer versions of those two materials where they nestled snugly around my upper back.

  36. The Intellibed is the best mattress I have ever used. The quality of materials and construction are top-notch. It sleeps cool. The company offers a 30 year warranty, which to me says they know they’re doing this right!

  37. Intellibed is perfect for us. We tried many beds but they were either too hard or too soft. This one has the perfect mix of both, which is what we wanted. We said we liked it when we tested it and now that we have had it for a couple months, this bed is even better!

  38. I bought this mattress for my wife and myself, because we were looking to buy a new one after 10 years with our previous sleep set. We actually ended up taking the old bed frame down and now use it as seating in what will be our dining room once it’s finished (!). The IntelliBed has been an incredible investment, especially since we got the package deal where they delivered quickly with installation! My life is so much better now that I am no longer waking up at 7am to go work every day. I used to think nobody could truly appreciate good mattresses until you don’t have one anymore.

  39. Well, True!
    I am so happy with this mattress. I will never go back to memory foam again. It flexes and conforms when you get in bed, yet offers incredible support for your entire spine all night long. It has eliminated my chronic neck pain and hip pain at the fraction of the price of what a lot of these other beds cost me before! You can trust me; it’s worth every penny!

  40. I switched to IntelliBED because of major back pain and an intolerance for sleeping hot. I found the Intellibed bed at a conference and gave it a try. I can’t be happier. My back no longer aches, my sheets stay cool all night long, and the support that this mattress offers is wonderful. I’ve never slept better!”

  41. I have been using Intellibed for 3 months now. Here is what I found: If you have ever had to wake up with the pain from a bad night’s sleep, then you know how important having a bed of your own that’s perfect just for you is. I can’t think of a better description for the Intellibed Gel Matrix bed than calling it “perfect”–and if one person has had to suffer through another good night by using an old mattress they’re happy enough with because they don’t want to spend money on something new, this review will make them never go back!

    The Sleep Aid Rating: 10/10
    The Quality Ranking: 9 out of 10
    Cost vs. Value Score: 8 out of 10

  42. The second I laid down on the Intellibed for 10 minutes, my mind was made up. This is the way to go! You couldn’t pay me enough to buy a foam mattress after how great it felt and slept on an Intellibed. And with this company’s 30 year warranty, sleeping soundly never looked so good.
    The Intelli-Gel in the mattresses make them temperature neutral, which solves that pesky issue of people waking up sweaty or overheated from their body heat activating increased blood flow and causing an increase in breathing via an inability to cool down like we can during sleep.

  43. I’m in love with my new Intellibed! It’s so elegant and the design is just what I was looking for to replace our old mattress. The gel foam material feels amazing, and it molds to your body when you sleep. My back never aches anymore, so I continuously wake up with a smile on my face feeling completely refreshed! And have you seen that double pillow? OMG, I wish we had this before because it cradles your neck as if they custom sewed a terry cloth around me while sleeping. This bed has totally changed my life – no need to look any further than Intellibed for comfort or style!

  44. Thank you Intellibed for giving me a great sleep! I was having issues with my back and had been looking into expensive mattresses. Intellibed wanted to do something as they can see how important sleep is in today’s date. I reluctantly tried the mattress but ended up falling asleep, waking up refreshed, and no pain in my back! My whole family now sleeps on it – even our new dog that has always refused to sleep anywhere else but curled up next to us at night. Thanks again guys!

  45. My wife and I bought a new mattress in December, but our back still hurt in the morning. The reason why is because we were sleeping on a cheap foam bed. After countless nights of tossing and turning, we got rid of it and ordered an Intellibed Mattress (easiest purchase ever). We get really deep sleep now; no more waking up with pain!

    Expert commentary: Sleep experts love the Intellibed specifically for its temperature-neutrality factor. It has gel layers that help you stay cool all night long without any dreadful heat trapping to keep you up all night !

  46. My wife and I sleep well on our IntelliBed bed. We have the King Size IntelliBed and we slept on it for four months. The first night was hard because it is different than our old mattress that was made of foam, but after a few days, the bed felt natural to us. After using this new bed for a few weeks, we both felt so rested in the morning that it is wonderful!

  47. I have been sleeping on this mattress for a while and I am still having back pain. But then we were on vacation for a month and slept in different beds. My back was not hurting at all! Now, I am sleeping on this bed again and my back is getting worse every day.

  48. I’ve been sleeping on a Posture Perfect Lo-Motion mattress for the past few months and can say that I love my Intellibed. Never had such an amazing sleep before like these give me!

    The most unique thing about the company is that it uses a gel material in the comfort layer that they say is better than foam at pressure relief and durability. When I first received this product, I wasn’t sure what to think of it given how different it looked from any other mattresses I’d seen. The manufacturer recommends rotating this bed every six months to keep things fresh so with each rotation you get new bedding out of their blue design set, which has enough sheet sets included.

  49. The first thing I noticed about this mattress is how insanely comfortable it was. It’s so good, in fact, that the only way to describe it to someone else would be by saying “I wish you were there with me to try it!”.

    It’s light and breathable too, which means that overheating won’t be an issue for anyone who uses this bed. The one downside (for some people) is that because of how thin the material is, you might end up feeling like you’re lying directly on top of the mattress rather than sinking into its spacey embrace – but truthfully I loved sleeping without having any filler between my body and the really nice foam-like material underneath me.

  50. I am not going to jump on the bandwagon and say that this mattress is better than my old set. Honestly, I just wanted something new with a similar feel. It turned out that Intellibed mattress was the right choice for me because of their incredible support system and cool gel layer. All in all, I’ll give it five stars!

  51. The mattress was really awesome! I fell asleep with ease and woke up feeling refreshed. As for the durability of the mattress, it’s better than most that I’ve tried in stores or just about any other mattress on the market because you can sleep all night without your hips drifting down too far until they touch the side of the bed.

  52. This is the best mattress I have ever slept on. The gel material is so cool to sleep on and it eliminates pressure points. It’s also really easy to clean which makes life so much better!

  53. After many nights on the Intellibed mattress, I can say confidently that it has alleviated all of my back aches and allowed me to wake up refreshed. Yes it is a little more expensive but for someone who values their bed as much as myself, this was no question. Granted I have not been able to test out how well the mattresses handles wear and tear -but- heck, if you buy a $1200 computer that may last 3 years, why wouldn’t you spend just a few extra dollars? It’s worth every penny!

  54. I bought this mattress to replace my old memory foam mattress. I had tried out a couple of different types, but was never satisfied with the degree of support and comfort for me as a side sleeper. I got an Intellibed from its website after reading reviews from previous customers who said they were pleased with their purchase.

    I am excited to report that I can now say that not only do I have a comfortable bed each night–but it’s also durable, affordable and provides excellent quality sleep every night!

  55. I was excited to try out one of these mattresses. I’ve never heard of anything like it before, but the reviews said that this mattress was well worth looking into. I ended up deciding on trying out their Posture Perfect Lo-Motion mattress because it seems to have all the features you’d want in a bed for being both comfortable and supportive, no matter how long you sleep at night. The gel foam they use is very different from what most other companies are using – so if you’re tired of your old pillows or old beds give Intellibed a chance!

  56. I was excited to give one of their mattresses a try because all that I’d read about the company pointed to their mattresses being quite unique. Purple is the only other mattress I’ve heard of that uses this same technology.

    I ended up trying out one of the higher-end options, the Posture Perfect Lo-Motion mattress. Immediately when I sat on top, my whole body weight sunk into it and felt like marshmallowy goodness. The bed doesn’t take long at all to recover which means you can quickly change how firm or soft your layers are if desired–rather than waiting for slower beds with plush padding to take shape again, this will adjust much faster so changes happen immediately.

  57. Intellibed is a company that offers very unique mattresses, using their patented gel-infused comfort layer–a cotter point they say is better than foam at pressure relief and durability. I was excited to give one of their mattresses a try because all I’d read about the company pointed to them being quite unique. Purple is the other mattress I’ve heard of that uses this same technology.

    I ended up trying out one of the higher-end options, going with the Posture Perfect Lo-Motion Mattress. When it arrived in just a few days after ordering it online, I have to admit my anticipation for sleeping on this new mattress had built so much.

  58. Ever since I started using Intellibed, my back has been a lot more comfortable. It also helps me go to sleep faster and rest better. Plus, it’s easy to clean!

  59. For both my girlfriend and I, this mattress felt amazing. We’ve fallen asleep in the middle of a movie before because it was so comfortable, which is great if you have to be up for work or something at 6am. It comes with an unmatched warranty that makes me feel secure when I lay down for bed.

    The coolest thing about the Posture Perfect Lo-Motion mattress is that there are no pressure points when you use it! None! Not even any where you think they should be common areas because of the way your body lays on them – but not these mattresses!

  60. I switched to foam after years of my old mattress. I finally found the right thing when I tried out the Intellibed. It feels like sleeping on a cloud with perfect versatility – it’s supportive where you need it, but just as cozy in other places. They do say that they’re better than memory foam because there’s no break-in period or smell, which is true for me so far! Compared to most mattresses that feel too soft, this one really does feel ideal for both hips and shoulders. A breeze here will disturb sleep almost instantly on many beds but not here…all night long without interruption.

  61. I was excited to try out this mattresses because unlike some other companies, they do not sell the same mattress in all ranges. The company also does not use upsell pages just to get you to buy one of their expensive options. Rather- the more expensive option is simply a better designed mattress that will last longer with cooler features while still being comfortable. I ended up trying out one of their higher end choices, and my favorite part about it was the gel material used in its comfort layer; it basically puts pressure on your hips and back like no other mattress I’ve tried before!

  62. I’ve always had a sleep partner. One of the worst things about my mattress was that it made sex difficult because it lacked in breathability and had substances on the surface that would get sticky from time to time. I wanted something more natural, with a washable cover, and temperature neutral. I found Intellibed after some thought, sent them an email full of questions about their process and materials used — they were super prompt in responding each time–and followed up on all of my concerns so what seemed daunting ends up being a no-brainer decision! With little effort needed for maintenance either for cleaning or replacing.

  63. I had my doubts about an in-a-box mattress at first, but the Intellibed proved me wrong. They want to help people sleep cooler and better than most foam-based mattresses I’ve seen. It has a high quality fabric that feels great and seems like it will keep its properties for years and not feel lumpy or anything like this over time. The gel memory foam is definitely the coolest part of the mattress! And don’t fret if you need more cushioning underneath your back – all their covers are made with layers of pillowtop moisture wicking coverings so you won’t be lacking in soft surfaces under these harder ones! Spreading out on this bad boy is a dream come true.

  64. When it comes to sleep, nothing matters more than having a mattress that stands behind you. The founders of Intellibed know this better than anyone else. That’s why they insist on using top quality construction and materials before stopping at anything less but the best comfort levels a product can offer.

    When I first started my search for a new bed, I went in thinking finding one would be hard because the pillow-top mattresses have been all over store shelves for years—I guess people out there just need something familiar? Lucky for me, that wasn’t the case with Intellibed mattress! Great bed

  65. You’re at the beginning of your search for a new sleep, and you know that sinking deep into comfort shouldn’t come at the expense of quality. You need more than just foam or springs – this is why Intellibed mattresses are perfect choice if you want something for life, love sleeping hot, and want both comfort & support without compromise. Intellibed offers a unique product in crowded mattress market. We’ve slept on some crappy mattresses before- high priced with subpar construction led to lukewarm impressions by day’s end. With Intellibed pressure relief was really remarkable & m had feel unlike any other mattress I’ve ever used before!

  66. Intellibed technology is unique. The mattress responds to pressure points that cause pain by individualizing the material for your body’s response. IntelliBed mattresses are designed to be comfortable AND supportive without sacrificing either feature!

  67. When I was looking for a new mattress, all I wanted in the perfect balance of comfort and support. The Intellibed made it possible from day one – from zero lumps to zero complaints.

  68. The Intellibed offers a unique product in the crowded mattress market. It was really remarkable how it offers both cushioning yet still has a high level of discomfort throughout use. I found this to be exciting and different from many mattresses on the market, but was also worrying for me as users don’t always know what they are getting into when purchasing such products. The materials Intellibed uses can be looked up by independent research and if you were looking for long-term investment, then I would certainly recommend taking a look at them first before making your decision about whether or not to purchase their mattresses.

  69. Intellibed is a perfect choice if you’re looking for a long-term investment with uniquely supportive feel and breathable surface. With the current market flooded with the same mattress over and over again, it can be difficult to find one that is not just different, but what you need as well.
    What defines Intellibed as an amazing alternative to your average memory foam design? Pressure relief is really remarkable and feels unlike any other mattress we’ve tried on yet! Having this type of support along with highly breathable material creates a sleep experience like nothing else weve used before. We think they offer incredible value whether thats mattresses or pillows (or even bed frames). It’s worth giving them a look next time.

  70. Intellibed is an innovative mattress that combines the best of modern materials with the lowest pricing. The pressure relief was really remarkable and it had a feel unlike any other mattress. I would encourage people to do independent research into the materials they use, and if they are looking at their next mattress purchase as a long-term investment, then I would certainly give Intellibed a hard look.

  71. Intellibed mattresses feature a unique ILD/ILD ratio that provides a great mix of performance and durability. That’s not all, but it is what stands out the most about this brand. If you’re looking for something to last for years or perhaps decades, Intells can fulfill your needs with minimal complaints from those who have been fortunate enough to experience our product. Imagine lying down at night on a bed that supports your weight evenly no matter which position your body takes…perhaps even giving back as much as you take from it!

  72. The Intellibed Mattress is perfect for those who want a quality mattress, don’t like sleeping hot, and want both comfort and support without compromise. Unlike other mattresses on the market that are too firm or not supportive enough for many people’s needs, the pressure relief was really remarkable with this product. The feel of it felt different than any other mattress because of its unique materials composition.

  73. Intellibed is a great mattress for anyone looking for an investment that will give them years of sound sleep. This product stands out in the crowded and, sometimes untrustworthy, marketplace due to its long-lasting comfort and support without compromise. Intellibed produces mattresses with pressure relief that feel unlike any other due to their myriad materials and unique design. If you’re considering your next bed purchase as a long-term purchase, I would certainly recommend Intellibed since it offers really remarkable benefits after some time; this one won’t disappoint!

  74. What I love about Intellibed is that Intellibed features a top layer of air designed to regulate temperature, allowing for cooler sleep. The Intellibed also has a puncture resistant durable cover that won’t tear or scratch your sheets. You can even get either soft, medium or firm mattress feel depending on what you prefer the most…even though they are all hypoallergenic!

  75. Intellibed is one of the most technologically advanced mattresses on the market today. Not only is it made to reduce both pressure and heat, but it also has a very high durability and comfort level. If you’ve had trouble falling or staying asleep in recent times for any of these reasons, Intellibed may be perfect for you!

  76. Intellibed offers a good, affordable mattress for people looking to make a long-term investment. You’ll get both comfort and support from Intellibed – it doesn’t matter if you sleep hot or cold. The best thing about this product is that there’s no compromise between these two elements. I was really impressed by the pressure relief on the bed and would urge other buyers to do their research into what goes into making their next purchase.

  77. I’m the type of person that suffers from sensitivity to pressure and I never thought this mattress would be different. But it did just that: Stop pressing on my back and give me the support required for restful sleep! Worth every penny.

  78. Intellibed creates the perfect night’s sleep for any age group, including kids. One lovable kid shopping their Intellibed mattress with her dad says she loves it because “it doesn’t make noises like my old bed did when I would walk on it or jump on it! And I also like how cool and comfortable this bed is-I get cold really easy but I don’t get cold in this bed at all!”

  79. I could tell from the first time I laid on it that Intellibed would be an ideal mattress for me. With no pressure points and amazing, back-supporting firmness, this mattress is guaranteed to get you a better night’s sleep and out of bed refreshed and ready for your day ahead.

  80. I’ve been sleeping on my Intellibed for over a year and I never want to go back! The bed is so comfortable and has helped me sleep better than ever before. Who knew that by getting the right mattress, my whole life would change?! With an Intellibed you can finally be able to look forward to going home after a long day of work.

  81. IntelliBEDs are the future of mattresses. They’re made with cutting-edge technology that conforms to your body and gives you optimal support for every type of sleeper. With Intellibed, different sleep positions mean nothing! I can sleep on my stomach or my back all night long with perfect comfort and support under me, meaning that not only am I out like a light but when I wake up in the morning it still feels like night – uninterrupted by light or sound! And forget about tossing and turning all night long – IntelliBED’s Gel Matrix cushions me even more efficiently than before so there’s no more waking up sore at 5AM on one side of my body while the other is completely numb.

  82. I got this mattress to replace my old one, and it’s honestly the best purchase I’ve ever made. The first night I slept on it felt like heaven; no more waking up with a back ache or stiff neck. And there was absolutely no need for getting out of bed every few hours in the middle of the night since this is an Intellibed – not a spring bed that has cold spots due to indentations from springs. If you’re going shopping for a new mattress, do yourself a favor and get one from Intellibed!

  83. It’s really unfortunate that I was so used to my old mattress, but boy did this feel good. Being an athlete and sore all the time, it took me a while before I could sleep through the night without waking up. After two weeks of getting used to Intellibed’s gel matrix technology, my body finally adapted and now I’m able to go back to sleeping like a baby!

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