Do You Need a Box Spring Mattress? Everything You Need to Know

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The age-old topic, “Do you require a box spring? may have crossed your mind. Your search has ended.

How can you tell if you really need a box spring when there are so countless choices available for bed frames and mattresses?

This question has a basic and complex solution to it, depending on who you ask. Your bed frame and mattress will determine whether or not you have to have one.

A few bed frames do not have enough support for a mattress to hold on its own, as well as some mattresses are better off without a box spring altogether.

Do You Need a Box Spring Mattress?

Box springs are made from wood and coils as well as provide a strong foundation for most mattresses. In the center, coils provide a little give and absorb shock, whereas the wood offers a frame close to your mattress’ size and shape.

Box spring mattress

As opposed to other kinds of mattress support, box springs could still be useful at times.

You can get away with having an unboxed bed if you have some other type of support underneath it. Depending on your preference, this support can be given by a platform bed or base.

Reasons to Use a Box Spring

For mattresses made of coils, box springs played a vital role in the early days of mattress manufacturing. As a result of the sitting, lying, and bouncing they were subjected to, they required additional support and shock absorption.

Although the coil mattress evolution is starting to wane, knowing whenever a box spring is a good investment still seems to be helpful. They were originally designed to raise the height of your bed as well as support your mattress, and they do so presently, along with just a few other small advantages.

Improved Airflow

Box springs are hollow except for the coils and wood support inside. With a box spring, extra air circulates over your mattress, and air can also pass through the box spring if it’s well-designed and positioned.

Flow of air is very important in continuing to keep you cool at bedtime and supporting you to sleep more comfortably, so don’t take it for granted.

Increased Height

emma mattress for couples

However, given the ongoing trend of having your bed closer to the ground, most individuals are still seeking for something that is a little taller. An extra-long box spring also can help you to reach a convenient height if you are tall, suffer from joint pain, or even have trouble getting out of bed in the morning.


A few bed frames do not even give your mattress the necessary support, which can cause it to droop over time.

Box springs are sometimes required by coil spring mattress warranties in order to extend their life. It’s a good idea to confirm your mattress warranty to make absolutely sure you don’t miss out on any advantages because you didn’t use a box spring when it was actually needed.

Shock Absorption

Having a box spring also has the advantage of helping to absorb all the shocks. Because of the box spring, once you lie on the ground on your mattress to rest or if your dog or cat leaps up for a snuggle, a little force is taken away.

As a result, the box spring aids in increasing the life span of your mattress for its durability.

Unless you have a box spring underneath your mattress, there is hardly anything to absorb the force. As a result, you could discover yourself discarding your mattress quicker than you might have otherwise.


Is it OK to not have a box spring?

Ans: It is not bad to have a mattress without a box spring. You can use platforms or foundations, but if you want, you can also just put the mattress on the floor.

What kind of mattress does not require a boxspring?

Ans: Platform beds do not require box spring. A platform bed doesn’t use a box spring because there are slats that hold the mattress. Platform beds are popular because people don’t have to spend much money on them.

Can I use a mattress as a box spring?

Ans: A mattress needs a good foundation. Like a box spring or something like that. You can also use an air mattress if you want to. It will be better for your sleep and it is supported by the bed frame and box springs, too!

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