Dorney Park Coupon Codes 2024– Get 50% Off on Tickets

Dorney Park Coupon Codes, Want to have fun with family and friends? We have got the most amazing amusement park tickets at the most discounted rates. Yes, we are talking about Dorney Park, which gives full entertainment of two parks at the cost of one.

Whether you are a teenager or an adult, you will have unlimited fun at the park enjoying its amazing rides waterpark and eateries. It is indeed the best amusement park in Pennsylvania. Let’s check out the Dorney Park Coupon Codes June 2024.

Dorney Park Coupon Codes

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How To Grab The Dorney Park Coupon Codes?

  • Go to the Dorney Park website by clicking on the discount icon.

To Grab The Dorney Park Coupon Codes

  • Explore the website and check the tickets for the park.
  • In the ticket session, you will see the various passes like- Season pass, Group Tickets, and Daily Tickets.
  • Click on Buy Now and check the various passes available.

To Grab The Dorney Park Coupon Codes

  • If you choose to have Season pass, you will avail of additional benefits for the season.

To Grab The Dorney Park Coupon Codes

  • Add the number of people and then press Next.
  • Fill in your personal info, address, and photo
  • Now press Continue and fill up the rest of the details related to meals, parking, etc.
  • Enjoy the park at the booked date.

To Grab The Dorney Park Coupon Codes

Why Dorney Park?

All Kinds of Fun for One and all.

This season, Dorney Park presents more excitement than ever before. From the most adrenaline-pumping trips and glides to the most thrilling events all season long, Dorney Park is the place where you all should go.

Everyone will enjoy the park as the rides are suitable for all age groups. From roller coaster rides to kids rides, the park offers an amazing experience for everyone in the family. The pass includes fun at two parks for the price of one.

Waterpark fun is included with your Dorney Park admission. From the heart-beating speed of python Plummet to the lazy boat ride along the wild water river, Water Park has it all.

Not only rides, but the park has more to offer, like the culinary experience of food trucks, to the spine-tingling frights of Haunt in the fall, you won’t miss the single minute of fun.

So just, slide, ride, eat, and repeat everything as and when you want. You will get the individual passes, family passes, and group pass to enjoy the park.

Why Dorney Park

What’s New To Explore?

For those who have visited the park before, they might not be aware of the new developments and additions have taken place recently.

  • Free Pre-K Pass Registration The pass grants complimentary admission to the children aged 3 to 5 years, for the entire 2018 session.
  • Tidal Wave Café A fresh nautical themed park restaurant coming to Wildwater Kingdom.
  • Limitless Fun If you are missing the fun due to some reason and want to have it now with an unlimited number of times, DP has covered it for you. With the Season Pass, your craving for high-octane rides and thrills can be enjoyed all year-round.

What’s New To Explore

Park Information 

You will get the entire information related to park timings, events, and directions on the website. Calendar and hours section will allow you to plan your visit and book the park at the particular timings.

Park map and directions section will help you to reach the spot without any struggle. FAQ section will have answers to all your queries related to the visit.

Enjoy the fun at the park with the different kinds of rides like roller coaster, kids ride, family rides, and group rides.

Enjoy drinks, dinner, special shows, live dinosaur’s events, waterpark slides and other attractions for the best experience ever.

You can save more when you book for corporate groups, students, youth groups, and group celebrations.

If you want to add more fun to your life, then book more days and stay in the hotel near the Dorney park. You can take advantage of the packages which offer everything in one go.

So, discover the best rates on lodgings close to the fun place along with special discount ticket packages that make your entire trip even more reasonable.

Park Information

Dorney Park Admission

Book online and get more discounts on the front gate entry deals. Various tickets are available online like:

  • Season Passes -offers unlimited visits to the park along with exclusive discounts and free parking.
  • Daily Tickets– offers one-day admission, fast lane bundles, and advance parking, and much more.
  • Group Tickets– offers great discounts on big groups from 15 to 99 people.

Dorney park Admission

Dorney park Admission

Admission Add-Ons

You can add more fun by adding a few more things to your pass like

Customer Support & Help

Customer Support & Help

If you have any kind of query to ask before visiting the par, the FAQ section will provide you with the best solutions. If you have any guest who is disabled and need assistance along with a wheelchair, you will get it as and when required.

In case you want to measure the rides height and need the safety guide, all the information is available on the website. They maintain the best safety records in the industry.

If you or your friends need any info regarding the directions and nearby places like airports, hospitals, etc., you will get it with a single click.

You can contact the customer care anytime or email them as and when required. Even if you or your friend lost something in the park during your visit, you will find it with their online help of Lost and Found by filling up the form.

Also, Check 

FAQ:- Dorney Park Coupon Codes

Can you bring water into Dorney Park?

For everyone's safety, guests are not permitted to bring coolers or outside food or beverages into Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom with the exception of one factory sealed bottle of water per person. ... Picnic tables are provided in select locations of the parking lot for outside food consumption.

Does Dunkin Donuts have Dorney Park coupons?

You must take the coupon to the gate and purchase the ticket. Coupons for discounted admission to Dorney Park are available at participating Subway, Dunkin Donuts, Taco Bell, Wendy's, and Burger King stores. ... Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom does not offer single Park admission when both Parks are open.

Is Dorney Park cheaper after 5?

There isn't a ticket after 5 pm, there is everybody's pay kids price that costs less than a normal ticket. We bought a evening ticket at Hershey park (30 USD after 5 pm), for Dorney park we bought tickets online during Christmas promotional period (entrance+fast lane plus).

Conclusion – Dorney Park Coupon Codes 2024

I hope you found all the information to be useful and plan for your visit to Dorney Park. You will surely enjoy the place as it has got lots to offer to you and your family and friends.

Even kids and physically disabled individuals will make the most of the trip at the Dorney park with their exciting rides and assistance. So, come and enjoy and have the most wonderful experience of your life.

Enjoy The Dorney Park Coupon Codes And Save On The Tickets


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