Nightlife & Hot Thai Girls In Hat Yai, Thailand | Clubs, Bars & Shopping Tips

There are a lot of reasons why you should visit Hat Yai. For a few people, this place might just be a short stopover in between their travel to Malaysia from Thailand, Hat Yai is the closest town and check out Hat Yai nightlife here.

The place is quite popular amongst the Singaporeans and the Malaysians who visit it during the weekends. Hat Yai is famous for various reasons other than cheap shopping.

Irrespective of whether you will be spending just a single night in this town or if you wish to explore the town for many days, once the sun sets, you can find a good place to have some good beer, or live music or any other entertainment.

Thai Girls and Nightlife in Hat Yai – Everything you Need to Know

This article is like a HatYai Nightlife guide for those intending to explore Hat Yai.

hat yai nightlife - How to get Cheap Sex in Bangkok? - Thai
How to get Cheap Sex in Bangkok? – Thailand

  • Girly Bars in Hat Yai

If you are wondering what to do in Hat Yai, then the Thamanoonvithee Road has the highest number of bars in the town. There are a few places located near the railway station and also Lee Garden Plaza, but these are Farang oriented. You will find a lot of local Thai bars if you move closer to the university located at the road’s east end.

The majority of the Thai bars have live music every day that begins from about 9 pm and a few bars have pool tables as well as TV screens that show live sports (mostly football). However, the bars located in Hat Yai cannot be compared with the ones some of the major cities in the South of Thailand, such as Krabi or Phuket.

Hat Yai Nightlife - how much to pay for thai bar girls in thailand

Also, you can find just a few Thai girls working in all these places not mean that there are fewer Thai ladies who are open-minded, a few of them will be freelance hookers and a few will be ready for fun. Some of the very well-known bars that are foreign-oriented and located on the Thamanoonvithee Road are the Pub, the Post Laser Disc, The Moon Bar, The Rock Palace, and the Lion Bar.

On weekdays the bars in Hat Yai are generally very quiet in contrast to that on the weekends where a lot of the young crowd can be found in bars, like office workers and students.

There are about 5 popular girly bars in the town of Hat Yai and you can find many Hat Yai girls and you can find these in Thammanoonvithe Road. Some of the best bars in the area are:

  1. Post LaserDisc

In case you wish to try out the girly bars in the Hat Yai nightlife scene that plays western music then you should visit Post Laser Disc. This bar has live music by a Thai Band and besides this, you get a good meal and good drinks while you watch the Hat Yai girls. This makes your night in Post Laser Disc complete.

  1. The Lion Bar

This bar is located in Thammanoonvithe Road and is quite a good bar where you get local as well as imported drinks. This is the specialty of the Lion Bar and the beers are available at an affordable price as well. If you are on the lookout for some hot Hat Yai girls, this bar is good as most of the students visit it.

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Enjoy Bangkok go-go Bars nightlife -Sexy go-go bars

  1. The Pub

If you wish to finish your dinner before you head for the all night long party, you have to try out the place known as The Pub as it is a good bar and restaurant as well. This place has a live band as well and it is good for foreigners who wish to have a great experience when it comes to Hat Yai nightlife and you can check out some Hat Yai girls too.

  1. The Rock Palace

The name itself describes the place. The Rock Bar has its very own band which performs for the bar and this is one such place that is amongst the best for partying all through the night. It is amongst the best Hatyai nightlife places to be at.

  • Hat Yai Soapy Massage Parlors 

Hat Yai actually has a lot of soapy massage parlors and at present, there are two main soapy massage parlors that are really good and you can meet a good, hot, and beautiful Hat Yai Pink lady in these places. 

  1. Pink Hotel

The Pink Hotel was previously popular as the Pink Lady Complex and this soapy massage parlor can be found in Lee Garden Plaza itself. When you visit this hotel, you will find that it is in a small market and this makes it difficult to locate it. You have to take a stroll in the market before you locate the ‘Pink’ sign.

The receptionist takes you to the hotel lobby and you will be asked to select from the  HatYai girls who sit, through the fishbowl. The girls are very beautiful and hot.

The Hat Yai girls are divided into two groups. The first group of Hat Yai girls is very beautiful. The second group as extremely beautiful girls and irrespective of which Hat Yai pink lady you select from which group, you will only get the best.

Pink hotel - Central Point Bangkok, thailand

The Hat Yai girl prices the soapy massage anywhere between 2000 baht to 2500 baht for a two-hour massage. The experience of getting a massage from these beautiful Hatyai girls is amazing. In case you intend to move to Bangkok, you can find some of the best Pink massages in Bangkok.

There is much more to the Hat Yai  Pink Hotel than simply the soapy massage which is why it was originally known as a “complex”. In this complex, there are two types of sexual entertainment, in addition to a big bar that has working girls. Downstairs you will find a big stage that has many comfortable couches wherein the customers can hang out and you can watch about 70 hat Yai pink ladies performing dances and songs. 

When they do not perform on stage, you can find them hanging out with male customers who are buying them garlands or drinks which is a way of tipping them for their performances. They will also accompany you if you pay for their services.

Pink Hotel also offers other kinds of sexual entertainment. There are Hat Yai girls who sit on a big stage and these girls are hired by the owner of the hotel. However, they do not have a salary. The girls earn when there is a client who takes them home and pays them for their services. You can check out some of the Hat Yai pink ladies in this hotel.

  1. Chaophya 4

This place is located in Thamanoonvithee Road as this is the HatYai nightlife area. The parlor has Hat Yai girls whose prices are similar to the Hatyai girl price in the Pink hotel. However, the Pink Hotel has prettier girls in contrast to this Hat Yai massage parlor.

Also, this Hat Yai parlor has lesser girls in comparison to the other hotel. you might have to wait a bit before you find a girl that matches your preference.

In case you are on the lookout for a Hat Yai massage parlor which provides Hat Yai massage as well as sex for a cheaper price, you can visit Atami and Chintan. The Hat Yai girl price in these parlors range between 1400 baht to 1800 baht.

  1. Amani

If you visit Amani you will notice that the best Hat Yai girl price is about 1800 baht and you can get a good massage along with 2 shots. The price is quite reasonable and is good for those who wish to just have fun with the Hat Yai girls. You could visit some Thai girl shows or the Hatyai tiger show if you want to check out some beautiful Hatyai girls.

III] Hat Yai Happy Ending Massage Parlors

As mentioned earlier, Hat Yai also has some happy ending massage parlors ad it is a good Hat Yai nightlife destination wherein you can select from the services offered – Thai massage as well as oil massage. The Happy ending massage parlors can be found near Thamanoonvithe Road and the Lee Garden Plaza area and all you have to do is take a stroll in these areas.

Best Thai massage in bangkok - Book Thai massage

The Hat Yai massage parlors that offer a Thai massage would charge you approximately 300 baht. In case you wish to have a good happy ending massage, then you must opt for the oil massage which would cost you about 400 baht. You can pay a tip of anywhere between 300 baht to 500 baht and avail the additional services.

You must also make note that every girl in the happy ending parlors will not offer such services, so it is better to ask the girl before you select her.

Generally, it is very obvious to check out which girls will give you a good handjob for a small tip of about 300-500 Baht once you complete the Hat Yai massage. However, you must not keep high expectations of having the hottest masseuses. The average quality will be lower than what you find in Phuket. However, you can find a few young as well as attractive Hatyai girls.

  • Other Hat Yai Nightlife Venues

In Hat Yai, there are many nightlife venues that are male-oriented. You have the Kiss Channel and this is a mixture of the coyote bar and the nightclub. It has live music along with some sexy dancers performing some “sexy shows” in great hot outfits. If these dancers are not performing, you will find them hanging out with their male guests.

You can also check out the Hostess Cafe situated in Sakura Grand View Hotel, which is amongst the most upscale venue for entertainment and is mainly oriented to the Asian businessmen who do not have care when it comes to splurging money. These men spend most of their money on some of the beautiful and hottest girls in Hat Yai.

In this place, the girls will be singing various karaoke numbers on stage, and they appreciate tips in the form of garlands and drinks.

Right next to Skura Grand View Hotel, you will find The Star, and it is the opposite of Hostess Cafe when it comes to the setup, furniture, and fixtures. It is a huge karaoke bar and a few of the girls here are very attractive. This place is also oriented towards the  Asian clientele however, Farangs are welcome as well.

spend night with hot thai girls in red light district
spend night with hot thai girls in red light district

One of the very famous Ladyboy Cabaret in Hat Yai is the Hansa Entertainment located on Raj Uthit Road. The shows are conducted every day from 6 pm – 10 pm. Post this, you will find the girls dancing on stages till 2m. It is popular for those who wish to attend the cabaret and dine in at the Chinese restaurant that is situated behind the building.

There are also other Hat Yai nightlife venues located right next to the Hansa Entertainment like the Paragon which is a huge night club, or Bar Berry that offers sexy shows or the Hansa Karaoke wherein you can select a sexy Thai girl who will sing in a VIP room with you or the Sotus Pub that has many beer girls.

There are a few strip clubs that are foreigner oriented in Hat Yai. One is known as Valentine and is located right behind My House Hotel. The entrance fee for this club is 400 Baht. The other bar is known as Hawaii which is situated near the Diana department store. 

  • Hat Yai Ladyboys

In Thailand, no matter where you go, there will be ladyboys in every place. Even if the towns are not very touristic, they will have ladyboys that you can get naughty with, in case that is your intention. Hat Yai is also no exception when it comes to ladyboys.

Generally, in the girly bars of Hat Yai, you can find about 1-3 ladyboys. If you visit Moon Bar, you will be surprised to find the hottest transgender in this Bar. You can also find some street hookers walking in Thamanoonvithee Road quite late at night (maybe around 11 pm or so) however, they look a bit scary.

You can meet many attractive or normal ladyboys (not prostitutes) through the well-known ladyboy dating sites.

  • Live Music

There are some bars that have resident bands and the musicianship quality is very good. In Asia, it has become an art to copy things and Thai bands that perform some popular songs are also no exception. They do quite a good job, however, the word pronunciation by the vocalists is rather dodgy. Many of the places encourage the audience to request songs.

However, you will soon be tired of songs like Hotel California and many songs of the Eagles, as most of the live bands perform these numbers. You will find these bars on Thamanoonvithee Road.

thai nightclub to enjoy night - with ladyboy

  • Kate 8 (Kate Bpairt in Thai)

This area is outside the central Hat Yai and is popular for the activities after-dark.

  • Bar Berry, Hat Yai

Paragon is a huge disco, no doubt; however, Bar Berry gives you the ‘sexy shows’ that consist of some really pretty Thai girls who parade around in different states of undress, but they are not naked (the girls re not naked for the shower show as well).

The Sotus Pub has some really pretty waitresses and beer girls, and the Hansa Karaoke allows you to sing songs with some pretty girls in the VIP room. 

You will not find many Farangs in this area, so be prepare for some strange looks when you venture here.

The people who work here are mainly girls but there are some ladyboys as well. Most of the girls are from Isaan (which is normal) but some girls claim to be locals, and a few claims to be from Bangkok.

These girls give company to men who drink and sing, however, their behavior (drinking, smoking, tattoos) and appearance indicate that they earn from other activities as well.

  • The Highbrow Culture

For those who love theatre, ballet and opera, the town of Hat Yai is not the best place. There are some art or photography exhibitions staged in the pavilion which is in the Municipal Park and you will not find any crowd at these places. If you do visit these exhibitions you can chat with the photographer or the artist on their work.

These events are not promoted or advertised very well. The local municipality generally puts up a few posters in the town, however, it is in Thai, so if you do not understand the language and cannot read Thai, it would be meaningless.

The students of the University of Prince of Songkla Nakarin or Mor Or put on some performances related to classical Thai music, theatre or dancing sometimes, however, it is difficult to beware of such events unless you have some great local connections.

Enjoy day with thai Girls - Speed time

On the contrary, the sexy shows that take place in the bars and night clubs are promoted all over, in every nook and corner. Almost every taxi driver or hotel bellboy will be able to give you details of these shows.

Now, Hat Yai is nowhere close to Paris, Vienna or London. Most of the night time entertainment in the town of Hat Yai is all about prostitution and ogling at the girls who are partially-clad while you guzzle on bottles of beer or some cheap Thai whiskey. This is what the visitors to Hat Yai wish to do and the locals happily supply the requirements.

  • Hat Yai Nighttime Shopping

There are mainly two-night markets in the town of Hat Yai. One is the tourist-oriented market which is right in front of Robinson or Lee Garden Plaza. The market sells almost every single thing from handicrafts,  brand clothes that are fake yet of good quality, and football jerseys as well as cheap, pirated music, computer games, video games, and movies.

The other kind of market is the more local market which is situated about two blocks away from Robinson and in this market, you will find numerous street restaurants as well as snack booths, some flower vendors, and different kinds of clothes as well as accessory sellers.

hat yai nightlife - Best ladyboy gogo bars in thailand

The most popular hangout places where you could spend some time in the evening either for dining, watching shows, shopping, or cinema movies are the different shopping malls like the Lee Garden Plaza or the Robinson (they are open from 9 am in the morning to 9 pm in the evening).

You can also check out the latest sophisticated mall for shopping which is known as Central Festival ( it is open from Monday to Friday and the timings on weekdays are10:30am to 9 pm and the timings on Saturday and Sunday are 10 am to 9:30 pm). Though these shopping malls close early at 9 pm, you can watch movies till midnight.

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FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

❓ What place in Hat Yai has most umber of bars?

The Thamanoonvithee Road has the highest number of bars. There are a few places located near railway station & also Lee Garden Plaza, but these are Farang oriented. You will find a lot of local Thai bars if you move closer to the university located at the road’s east end.

❓ What are the popular girly bars in Hat Yai?

Some of the best bars are Post LaserDisc, The Lion Bar, The Pub, and The Rock Palace in Hat Yai.

❓ How can one enjoy Hat Yai Nightlife?

You have the Kiss Channel and this is a mixture of the coyote bar and the nightclub. You can also check out the Hostess Cafe situated in Sakura Grand View Hotel. Here, girls will be singing various karaoke numbers on stage.

Conclusion: Enjoy Hat Yai Nightlife With Some Opera & Ballet Shows 2024

Hat Yai might be just another small town to venture out. However, for the single men, you can check out the Hatyai red-light district where you can get a massage done from a Hat Yai pink lady. you can also watch the Hatyai tiger show or the Thai girl show, based on your interests.

The Hat Yai nightlife might not be as interesting as that which you can find in Bangkok, Phuket or Krabi. However, you can enjoy a good soapy Hatyai massage and meet some beautiful Hatyai girls. The rest who just wish to explore this little town can enjoy some good meals and drinks at restaurants, enjoy live music, and visit the shopping markets or shopping malls and check out the various offerings of this place.

However, the place is not good for those who wish to enjoy some opera and ballet shows. Hat Yai is a place good for people who wish to have some fun with the Hatyai girls.


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