Best Chiang Rai Nightlife Places In 2023– What To Do At Night

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Chiang Rai is situated in the North of Thailand and is about 200 kilometers away from Chiang Mai and approximately 800 kilometers away from Bangkok – the capital city. Chang Rai is a town of Thailand tat has some amazing scenic beauties that you would love to explore. However, the tourists are more interested in the Chiang Rai nightlife.

Once the sun sets, this little town of Chiang Rai becomes alive and you can feel the charm of this town.

The main areas of attractions as well as hotspots that are part of Chiang Rai nightlife are the Chiang rai massage parlor, the Chiang rai bars, restaurants, and also the endless shopping.

However, the town is quite impartial to the tourists and you can get some offbeat experiences and memorable nights, while in Chiang Rai.

The Clock tower in chiang rai street - Thailand chiang rai
The clock tower in Chiang rai street – Thailand Chiang rai

Best Chiang Rai Nightlife Places To Visit In 2023– What To Do At Night

Chiang Rai has quite limited options especially when we talk about the nightlife in this town. Apart from the Chiang Rai Night Bazaar, some bars as well as Chiang rai massage parlors that line the Jet Yod Street and those that can be found in and around Wangcome Hotel, visitors will not find anything more post-sunset.

Instead of some flashy pubs and clubs, what you get in Chiang Rai is a chilled out and slow experience. A lot of the bars have some large-screen television sets that have live sports broadcasts. A few bars also have pool tables.

Quite rarely will you get the chance to experience live music? Most of the time you will have to manage with the bar owners’ personal music favorites.

If you are on the lookout for A go-go bars, you can take a short trip to the private Punyodaya Road that lies to the east side of the Clock Tower, where you will find the Chiang Rai go-go bars.

Chiang rai girls - enjoy night with hot girls


If you take a stroll at night on the street, you will realize that clubbing and partying late into the night is not a highlight of this particular town. Most of the visitors intend to check out the Chiang rai Night Bazaar and lounge in the open-air garden and have a few beers in the midst of their shopping.

When you visit Chiang Rai do not have high expectations, else you might end up disappointed. you must remember that instead of the nightlife, you must enjoy the natural beauty of this place with some amazing artistic heritage.

Introduction to Drinking and Nightlife in Chiang Rai

The Jet Yod in Chiang Rai is quite a tacky drinking strip. You can find many Thai bars with a few of them having live music, in the streets that are close to The Jet Yod. For a city like Chiang rai, it has many Western-style cafes of high-quality.

This is because some of the finest coffee beans of Thailand are grown in Chiang Rai’s remote areas.

  • BaanChivitMai Bakery 

This bakery not just offers coffee made using the local beans, but also has some very authentic Western-style meals and Swedish-style sweets and sandwiches.

The Profits from this bakery go to BaanChivitMai, which is an organization running homes as well as education projects for the vulnerable, AIDS-affected, or orphaned children.

  •  Palmer Café

This is a stylish yet relaxed café that offers local as well as foreign beans. It also has a good bakery.

  • Doi Chaang Doi Chaang 

This is the best brand when it comes to Chiang Rai coffees. These days, their coffee beans are being sold in Canada as well as Europe.

Palmer Café - enjoy coffe location in chiang rai

  • Pangkhon Coffee 

They combine coffee that has been brewed using local beans and has a good view of the gilded clock tower of Chiang Rai.

  • Bar Lamyai

This simple bar can be found in the Punyodaya Lane. It has some outdoor wooden tables as well as a pool corner. When it comes to food, there are just a few nibbles and snacks. The focus here is on the drinks that are reasonable.

So, if you want some cheap drinks, live sports, free WiFi, then this is the place to be.

  • Cat Bar

This bar was opened in the year 1995 and is popular for the live jam sessions with Sam, the owner of the Bar. Every night, starting at 10.30 pm, he rocks the bar with his guitar.  The bar also has a pool table where you can meet new people and enjoy some good games.

The place is managed by the owner and his wife. The service is quite friendly. It is located on Jet Yod Road.

  • Chiang Rai Night Bazaar

Chiang Rai