Best Places To Find Hot Girlfriend In Koh Phangan 2023– How To Score A Girl?

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If you are looking for a sexy girlfriend in Koh Phangan, Thailand, Read How To Find Hot Girlfriend In Koh Phangan’s article in the below section.

There is no sex bar scene for women as big as Bangkok or Pattaya, but there is always one if you are looking for the kind of Koh Phangan girl you are looking for.

How To Find Good & Hot Girlfriend In Koh Phangan Easily

There are also many non-professionals, but in Thailand, this line can be quite blurry and it is difficult to know who you are really talking to.

How To Find Good & Hot Girlfriend In Koh Phangan

Find Girlfriend In Koh Phangan on Online Dating Site

The best way to find Koh Phangan girls who are not “working girls” is the same as finding them in Thailand with ThaiFriendly. With ThaiFriendly you can chat with more girls in an hour and then meet in person in a month.

There are some “Thai Bar Girls” on the site, but there are many ordinary girls in Koh Phangan who are just looking for a girlfriend or a date.

I think it’s better to be direct and to ask what they are looking for. In general, I start my question with a fabric softener that says I do not want to offend, just want to know who I’m facing. Then I will ask her if she will go with this man for money.

In this way, both parties know exactly what the other wants.

How To Find Good & Hot Girlfriend In Koh Phangan In No Time


The best thing you can do when you chat with Koh Phangan’s girl is being kind and letting her know that you are not stupid.

Joke and keep the conversation relaxed until you feel comfortable. Then you can ask for their number and try to make an appointment. These girls from Koh Phangan are very curious about strangers. Then you have a good idea to take them with you.

Meet the Thai hot girls online for the full moon party

If you’re a fan of Asian girls and do not like backpackers, why not meet girls online in other cities online and attend the Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan?

You can prepare a Thai friendly match and meet Thai girls from all over the country. If you are staying in Bangkok before you leave, set some dates and if you click with a girl, invite her to come.

That way, he will not argue with the other guys for dishonest white whales. You already have your sexy date in your arms, which will later accompany you in bed.

Meeting Thai girls online is very easy. Send them friendly messages, set a date, and be a good guy. You do not have to try to play them, just be a gentleman and smile a lot.

It may sound easy, but it is because it is so.

Meet Girls Online | Sex | Full Moon Party Ladies

Have fun at the full moon party on Koh Phangan.

It’s a party that all men should live for once. Keep in mind that boys are much more motivated than girls to go to the party and to have sex.

I hope there are really really bad girl-girl relationships here. The easiest way to counteract this is to take a sexy girl to the full moon party.

Good & hot girls in phuket thailand - sexy i girls in beaches

You have to be careful when taking medications here, they all take them. Remember that there is a good chance that medicines that are not made of grass or fungi are fake. So go for a walk.

Do not forget to prepare in advance when you leave in high season. Otherwise, it’s pretty easy to understand. Have fun on Koh Phangan’s Full Moon Party …….

#1 Secret Tip to get Thai Girls is to smell good because smell – or a man’s scent – has been proven through experiments to be the #1 factor for women when it comes to selecting a potential date!

Koh Phangan Nightlife

The nightlife in Koh Phangan is very different from that of its big neighbor Koh Samui: fewer Thai girls and fewer girls bars, but more backpackers and more beach bars. The island is mainly known for the Full Moon Party, where thousands of farang boys and girls in Haad Rin get drunk and go crazy.

If it is not a full moon (or a crescent moon), it is much quieter and more of a romantic hangout than a good place to meet girls for sex.

In this guide, I’ll show you where to find these places and a bit more.

Description of the Nightlife in Koh Phangan

Haad Rin is the best known and most developed beach in Koh Phangan. Every month the famous full moon party is celebrated here. There are many bars and clubs on the beach. If you walk through the streets behind the beach, you will find other bars and massage parlors. Important: In this area, there are no bars for girls or beers of this type. In some massage rooms with girls, however, you will receive a manual order for a small tip.

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hot thai girls- Happy Ending Massage in Jomtien

There is a red light district in Koh Phangan, which is located on the main road near Thong Sala. At a distance of 2-3 km, you will find about 10 girls bars as well as several massage rooms (happy ending) and even a Thai-style karaoke bar.

The beaches of the northern part of the island such as Thong Nai Pan Noi, Thong Nai Pan Yai, and Malibu also offer the same tourist style as small hotels, restaurants, shops, bars, and massages, but it is much quieter and there is no Absolutely any red light scene. There are not even many Thai girls, as most workers come from Myanmar.

I recommend staying in Haad Rin or on the main road behind Sunshine Beach. The nightlife in all other areas is much quieter and is only suitable for couples, girls or men who are not looking for girls and no sex. What I assume you are.

Let’s take a look at the different types of nightlife in Koh Phangan:

Female Bars | Find Girlfriend in Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan Girls

There are no girls’ bars in the coastal towns of Koh Phangan, but if you drive along the main road between Haad Rin and Thong Sala, you will find about 10 bars of half-naked Thai girls waiting for their customers (see map below for exact locations) to experience ).

Best place to Find hot girlfriend- beatutifull girls
Best place to Find hot girlfriend beautiful girls

Most of them are not as attractive as Bangkok, Pattaya, or even Koh Samui, but as you can see in my photos, there are always some good exceptions.

The most popular bars on most evenings are Smile Bar, Oscar Bar, and Jinis Bar. However, the best idea is to park the bike in front of Oscar and walk down the street to see the girls themselves.

Most of them stay outside and try to train you.


Very reasonable prices with beer for 80 baht in most bars. The spirits are more expensive (a gin and tonic cost about 160 to 170 baht) and the drinks for ladies are in the range of 130 to 140 baht.

Some bars, such as the Smile Bar, have an incredible system and simply add an extra 30 baht to each drink you buy from a girl.

It will be cheaper because you can only buy a beer or another ordinary drink. Many bars have free pool tables for guests.
If you decide to bring one of the girls from the bar to your hotel, you will have to pay the fine (500 baht in most bars) and 1,000 baht for a short time or 2,000 baht for a long time.

Do not be overweight, many of these girls think that all Farang are newcomers in Thailand and have no idea what price to pay (this is because many young backpackers here have no idea what price they have to pay for Thai prostitutes ).

Beach bars/discos in Koh Phangan

The good news is that in Haad Rin there are many beach bars with cheap drinks throughout the night (see below). The bad news, however, is that there are usually no Thai girls in these bars. Most of them are fat and/or unattractive western women.

find hot girlfriend in koh phangan- thailand

It will be more fun to meet a girl in one of the beer pubs (see above) and then bring them together for a drink to a beach bar.

The two most popular beach bars in Haad Rin are Cactus and Drop-In Bar. They feature fire shows every night around 8 pm. During the full moon party, there are also people in the bars, which gives the impression of being in a disco. But when it’s not a full moon, everyone sits or stands outside on the beach.

The Mellow Mountain Bar is a beautiful outdoor disco on a hill overlooking the beach, which is only open during the full moon party.

Koh Phangan Bar And as you walk through the city of Haad Rin, you will find several other bars that all look great, but again, the problem is that there are no Thai girls. Even employees are usually Burmese boys and girls, and they probably will not pick it up (most of them have friends).


That’s why Koh Phangan is a great magnet for backpackers and hippies from all over the world: you can buy a bucket of whiskey, blender, and ice for 150 to 200 Baht.

I no longer drink Thai whiskey and bought a bucket of gin and tonic (Gordon’s original gin, 300 ml) for 300 baht. It’s cheaper than 7-Eleven! There, the same small bottle of gin costs 290 baht, without tonic or ice cream.
Most Haad Rin bars also have happy hour all night with beers from 60 to 70 baht and cocktails (noisy!) From 100 to 120 baht.

Full Moon / Half Moon / Black Moon Party on Koh Phangan

The Full Moon Party is probably the most overrated tourist event in Thailand. When I found out, I thought it was a beautiful beach party with a good mix of ex-pats and tourists and hundreds of sexy Thai girls in a light dance bikini. I imagined that I would do a free blowjob in a dark place on the beach and return to my hotel with two hot Thai girls.

It’s none of that.

Nightlife & hot Girlfriend - Best Place to find hot girlfriend
Best Place to find hot girls and nightlife

During the full moon, every month Haad Rin is full of thousands of people, 90% of whom are between 16 and 35 years old. It’s a huge channel, people get drugs, buy drugs, and get arrested, and people die on mountain roads when they drive drunk on their rented motorcycles.

Yes, there are also “open-minded” Thai girls attending the full moon party, but for the most part you will disturb all those drunken and overactive kids.

As the Full Moon Party is so popular with all children visiting Thailand for the first time, they have decided to organize three more regular events: the Jungle Crescent Festival in Thailand the center of the island, the Black Moon Party at Ban Tai Beach and the Waterfall Festival 2 days before and 2 days after the full moon party.

In short: another location, same amount.

Beach prostitute in Koh Phangan

If you arrive in Koh Phangan a few days before or after the full moon, you will be lucky and in Haad Rin, you will find some “prostitutes”, ie Thai girls sitting alone or with other girls in one of the beach bars, or just Random places on the beach waiting to meet a stranger for a boom-boom.

Some will want to have a drink first and have fun with them, while others are particularly concerned about making quick money and immediately accompany you to sex in your hotel.

How much time should you spend in Koh Phangan? I would say two, a maximum of three nights. On your first night, you can discover all the beach bars of Haad Rin (maybe a massage with a happy ending before). Rent a motorcycle the next day (250 baht for 24 hours) and explore the sights of the day. At night, visit the girls’ bars on the main street.

That’s all there is for Koh Phangan.

I would even say that you can skip Koh Phangan on your travels, but as this is only a short ferry ride from Koh Samui, the trip on the island is very enjoyable: 4-5 days to Koh Samui, 2-3 Days to Koh Phangan and others. 2-3 days in Koh Tao.

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FAQs | Find Girlfriend in Koh Phangan

😍 How to date Koh Phangan Girl?

Koh Phangan girl is crazy ….!!! If you want to date a girl then follow some tips to enjoy a date. Talk girls as possible as politely Be honest with Koh Phangan girl. Go on the long drive with girl Give some cool stuff in the gift Take a lady drink for cute Koh Phangan girl.

😍 Is Koh Phangan expensive?

Yes, Koh Phangan is a bit expensive than other places in Thailand but you will find the best girls here. It will take around 10000 Bahts to Book a luxury night with Koh Phangan girl.

❓ Is Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan free?

It's mostly free to walk into a full moon party in Koh Phangan but you have to pay small entrance fees sometimes if you have not booked to stay on the island.

Conclusion: Find Hot Girlfriend In Koh Phangan 2023

This is a typical tourist coastal town so it is not difficult to develop a game plan. Party on the Full Moon in Koh Phangan. After dark, the nightlife district welcomes singles and brings girls to the beach during the day.

Do not forget to stock up on Thai Friendly before you arrive. This includes our best places to meet hot girlfriend in Koh Phangan with our dating guide, enjoy your time here.

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