How To Interact With Hot Thai Bar Girls In 2023 – 13 Secret Tips

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A lot of people have been asking me how I make my Thai experiences the best ones possible? Here, I am sharing with you how I interact with Thai bar girls and GoGo girls, something that you may also want to pick up to enjoy the best times possible when on Thai trips

Best thai bar girls pic and cost - thai girls in BK
Best thai bar girls pic and how much cost for bar girls

If all that you want is to visit a Thai bar, have a beer and take a girl home for that night, then it wouldn’t be a challenge at all. But, if you are looking for some best-ever experience for what you spend, then this article is meant for you.      

13 Best Ways To Keep In Mind For Thai Bar Girls

In this article, I intend to discuss advanced points on the Thai bar girls, especially the ones who work at the beer bars and GoGo. However, most of these points are relevant even to the freelancing girls you would see on the street. So, you can be assured to go like a pro next time if you read and follow what I write here.

The most common mistake that we guys do is go to the beer bars without proper knowledge on how to interact with these girls or how to win their interest. I was also a confused person years ago and didn’t actually know how to get close to the bar girls.

13 ways to spot a bar girls in thailand


As a result, I ended up choosing girls who turned a Long Time to Short Time or turned out to be starfishes.

With experience, I learned that Asian girls are different from Western girls when it comes to preferences. I observed that the girls in Thailand like the guys being more aggressive and direct in their approach.

With more experience, I developed skills that helped me get the best performance from Thai girls. It’s like driving your car; the more experience you get, the better driver you become.

Here Is An Extensive Guide And List Of Some Points To Keep In Mind For Thai Bar Girls

Let me get into the detailing of each point about  that you want to keep in mind while dealing with Thai bar girls.

  • Spotting the Thai Bar Girls that are Best
  • Trusting Your Gut Feeling About Bar Girls
  • Buying Lady Drinks for Thai Bar Girl
  • Allowing Thai Bar Girls to Choose You
  • Avoiding the Young Girls
  • Preparing Yourself to Pay
  • Taking Her Out as You Exit the Bar
  • Avoiding Giving Boring, Direct Answers to Thai Bar Girls
  • Being Clean and Presentable
  • Talking About Price with Thai Bar Girls
  • Getting off the Beaten Path
  • Asking Yourself Whether You Want Long-Time
  • Having a Clear Plan

Check Out the full detailed of each point in the below section and also share about how to get a Thai bar girl.

1. Spotting the Thai Bar Girls that are Best

Here, I would discuss how can you spot the bar girls that can get close to you, give you proper attention, and offer you the best experience.

Best Ways to deal with thai bar girl - Lust in bars

If any bar girl invites you to have a drink with her or waves at you with a smile, then don’t lose that opportunity because the chances are high that the girls who make a pleasant move give long-lasting experience.

Sometimes guys miss out on these types of opportunities as they become shy and walk away or think they may find a better girl if they search a little more.

For instance, a beautiful bar girl may wave at you or whistle at you. She may even walk up to you and hold your hands. If you let go of this opportunity feeling awkward or thinking you will find a hotter girl, you might be losing out on one of the playful experiences. 

Please note, in Thailand, you can’t behave like you are too special for these girls. Unless you have a drink with the girls and interact with them, you wouldn’t know who is good.

Enjoy Bangkok go-go Bars nightlife -Sexy go-go bars

Though they are all working for money, don’t forget they are also human beings with emotions and feelings.

Treat these girls just the way you would treat a girl on the first date and see whether you get close to the girl quickly. If you are lucky enough, you may even get to date cute Thai girls during your stay.

2. Trusting Your Gut Feeling About Bar Girls

When you come across the bar girls who are hitting on you, trust your gut feeling about them. If you think the girl is hot and her interest is genuine, then continue with the girl. Usually, your feeling would be right, and you might be losing an opportunity if you walk away. 

Trusting Your Gut Feeling About Bar Girls - is it thai bar girls legal

It won’t be a wise move if you spend your money on someone who doesn’t like to have a long night with you. Find that girl who also enjoys what she does with you while she is working for money. Especially with Thai bar girls, develop a connection first and then take her along.

If you have a plan to spend the night somewhere else and not in the bar, it would still be useful to enter the bar for at least 10-15 minutes and find a good bar girl who may want to spend time with you after her work in that night. It works well and turns out to a better option many times.

3. Buying Lady Drinks for Thai Bar Girl

There is something that you should know in general about Thai girls. First, build a comfort