How To Interact With Hot Thai Bar Girls In 2024 – 13 Secret Tips

A lot of people have been asking me how I make my Thai experiences the best ones possible? Here, I am sharing with you how I interact with Thai bar girls and GoGo girls, something that you may also want to pick up to enjoy the best times possible when on Thai trips

Best thai bar girls pic and cost - thai girls in BK
Best thai bar girls pic and how much cost for bar girls

If all that you want is to visit a Thai bar, have a beer and take a girl home for that night, then it wouldn’t be a challenge at all. But, if you are looking for some best-ever experience for what you spend, then this article is meant for you.      

13 Best Ways To Keep In Mind For Thai Bar Girls

In this article, I intend to discuss advanced points on the Thai bar girls, especially the ones who work at the beer bars and GoGo. However, most of these points are relevant even to the freelancing girls you would see on the street. So, you can be assured to go like a pro next time if you read and follow what I write here.

The most common mistake that we guys do is go to the beer bars without proper knowledge on how to interact with these girls or how to win their interest. I was also a confused person years ago and didn’t actually know how to get close to the bar girls.

13 ways to spot a bar girls in thailand


As a result, I ended up choosing girls who turned a Long Time to Short Time or turned out to be starfishes.

With experience, I learned that Asian girls are different from Western girls when it comes to preferences. I observed that the girls in Thailand like the guys being more aggressive and direct in their approach.

With more experience, I developed skills that helped me get the best performance from Thai girls. It’s like driving your car; the more experience you get, the better driver you become.

Here Is An Extensive Guide And List Of Some Points To Keep In Mind For Thai Bar Girls

Let me get into the detailing of each point about  that you want to keep in mind while dealing with Thai bar girls.

  • Spotting the Thai Bar Girls that are Best
  • Trusting Your Gut Feeling About Bar Girls
  • Buying Lady Drinks for Thai Bar Girl
  • Allowing Thai Bar Girls to Choose You
  • Avoiding the Young Girls
  • Preparing Yourself to Pay
  • Taking Her Out as You Exit the Bar
  • Avoiding Giving Boring, Direct Answers to Thai Bar Girls
  • Being Clean and Presentable
  • Talking About Price with Thai Bar Girls
  • Getting off the Beaten Path
  • Asking Yourself Whether You Want Long-Time
  • Having a Clear Plan

Check Out the full detailed of each point in the below section and also share about how to get a Thai bar girl.

1. Spotting the Thai Bar Girls that are Best

Here, I would discuss how can you spot the bar girls that can get close to you, give you proper attention, and offer you the best experience.

Best Ways to deal with thai bar girl - Lust in bars

If any bar girl invites you to have a drink with her or waves at you with a smile, then don’t lose that opportunity because the chances are high that the girls who make a pleasant move give long-lasting experience.

Sometimes guys miss out on these types of opportunities as they become shy and walk away or think they may find a better girl if they search a little more.

For instance, a beautiful bar girl may wave at you or whistle at you. She may even walk up to you and hold your hands. If you let go of this opportunity feeling awkward or thinking you will find a hotter girl, you might be losing out on one of the playful experiences. 

Please note, in Thailand, you can’t behave like you are too special for these girls. Unless you have a drink with the girls and interact with them, you wouldn’t know who is good.

Enjoy Bangkok go-go Bars nightlife -Sexy go-go bars

Though they are all working for money, don’t forget they are also human beings with emotions and feelings.

Treat these girls just the way you would treat a girl on the first date and see whether you get close to the girl quickly. If you are lucky enough, you may even get to date cute Thai girls during your stay.

2. Trusting Your Gut Feeling About Bar Girls

When you come across the bar girls who are hitting on you, trust your gut feeling about them. If you think the girl is hot and her interest is genuine, then continue with the girl. Usually, your feeling would be right, and you might be losing an opportunity if you walk away. 

Trusting Your Gut Feeling About Bar Girls - is it thai bar girls legal

It won’t be a wise move if you spend your money on someone who doesn’t like to have a long night with you. Find that girl who also enjoys what she does with you while she is working for money. Especially with Thai bar girls, develop a connection first and then take her along.

If you have a plan to spend the night somewhere else and not in the bar, it would still be useful to enter the bar for at least 10-15 minutes and find a good bar girl who may want to spend time with you after her work in that night. It works well and turns out to a better option many times.

3. Buying Lady Drinks for Thai Bar Girl

There is something that you should know in general about Thai girls. First, build a comfort zone and have a fun time with these girls. It will earn you their interest in you.

Don’t have second thoughts on buying lady drinks for the bar girls. But, if you think the bar girl is only interested in getting the free drinks and not getting close to you, then it would be wiser to move on finding a good girl rather than keep on buying more drinks for her.

Girlie bars in bangkok - Lady Drinks for thai girls

I can assure you that these girls will give a better performance if you spend some fun time with them, giving your fullest attention. You are spending your money, so try to get the maximum pay off.

4. Allowing Thai Bar Girls to Choose You

Usually, as a customer, you may want to choose your service provider. But, what you don’t know is when it comes to Thai bar girls, you might be enjoying a better experience when you allow the girls to choose you.

If a girl finds you attractive or appealing, then the chances are high that you will have a fun night. But, at times, the interest shown by the lady may not be genuine, especially if you are at the naughty bar.

Thai bar girls - how to meet thai bar girls

There are no specific characteristics that you should have to be liked by the Thai bar girls. While some girls prefer young men, others like experienced men. While some girls like men with good weight, others may prefer lean men.

But, there will be some girls who will choose you over the other boys out there. And, when she wants you, she will be best at her performance.

5. Avoiding the Young Girls

I feel that when we aim to enjoy better sex, taking an experienced lady could be a better decision. Of course, the younger the girls are, the better they would look; however, the advantage is that most of the Thai girls look way younger than their actual age.

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how to deal with young thai girls in thai bar - go go bars

So why not choose a girl in her late 20s who is far more experienced and can offer good sex than choosing an inexperienced young girl? 

When it comes to bed, the experience can give more pleasure than freshness. We shouldn’t forget that irrespective of the profession, an experienced person is better on the job than a fresher.

6. Preparing Yourself to Pay for Girls of Thailand 

Do not forget that when you want better service, you should be ready to pay a higher price. Usually, the bar girls who are good at what they do will be in higher demand. Their customers would be generous on them to buy their service.

The girls who are used to enjoy better prices will naturally hike their rates. Hence, prepare yourself to pay more if you want good sex.

Thai bar girls sex - how much to pay for thai bar girls in thailand

You may complain about the rates these girls charge, but it’s natural for anyone to try to maximize their earnings, especially when there is demand. You may get confused about whether to pay more than other customers or pay over the odds. But paying a higher amount will ensure that you get to go to bed with a hotter lady. 

Imagine you back home and recall your last trip to Thailand only to remember that you missed out on the opportunity to enjoy a good time with the hottest lady in the bar because you didn’t want to pay that extra amount she asked. Wouldn’t that be a regretful memory?

7. Taking Her Out as You Exit the Bar 

Is that all that you want is to go to a Thai bar, find a girl, take her to your hotel room and finish the job? Or are you wanting to have good sex that can offer you more pleasure and fun for the money you spend? Spending a nice time with the lady before you take her to your hotel can ensure you are getting a better experience in the bed. 

You can always take her out once you find the girl and exit the bar, maybe for a drink or to an eatery. You may even ask her for suggestions as to where to go, which will make her feel more comfortable.

how to get good sex in thailand - Pay for Girls of Thailand 

However, there are people who think that you are already paying the girl for service, so you shouldn’t be spending on building a connection. It’s up to you to decide what is better for you. 

If you are like me who is more keen to enjoy better performance than spend some time, then you wouldn’t worry too much about spending some extra money to build a rapport.

8. Avoiding Giving Boring, Direct Answers to Thai Bar Girls

The Thai girls may find you boring if you do not throw enough challenges at them. From my experience, I can say that they like you being funny and naughty. When you do more playful talks, they get more attracted. If you look very desperate to go to bed, they may find it unattractive. 

how to get good sex in thailand

One attitude that can assure you the best time in Thailand is you are there to have fun and enjoy with or without the bar girls. This attitude makes these girls open up better and get naughty with you.

9. Being Clean and Presentable

You don’t have to dress up rich, but ensure you are neat and clean with a good smell. Your appearance can play an important role in attracting hot girls in the bar. 

Thai girls or any girl, for that matter, is very sensitive to how you smell. Don’t be careless to take a shower, thinking you would do so before going to bed.

Nightlife & Hot Thai Girls In bangkok - Bars and Clubs
Bars and Clubs Nightlife With Hot Thai Girls

Never forget to take a shower and smell good before going to the Thai bars, as the girls in the bars are particular about the bad smell. Well, not to forget that you may still find ladies who count on money above all.

10. Talking About Price with Thai Bar Girls

Assuming that you have identified the bar girl you would want to spend time with and have begun to interact, you will now have to discuss the price, but how to start the topic? It becomes easier to ask the price when she has shown some interest in you or has made a move on you in the beginning.

If you ask me, I prefer to wait until the girl initiates the topic. Usually, the question like ‘what are you plans for the night?’ crops up, and I make use of that situation to find out the bar fine from her.

how much cost of thai bar girls- Thaifriendly

If you are new to the word ‘bar fine’, let me explain to you that it is the money you have to pay to the bar in Thailand when you want her to go with you for the night.

Don’t look very desperate as it will make her charge you a high price. Carrying an attitude like you can leave the bar without a bar girl any time can help you find the right girl for a good bar fine.

11. Getting off the Beaten Path

When getting inside a beer bar in Thailand, keep in mind that these bar girls may go multiple times for that night and may show some urgency to finish the job and get back to the bar at the earliest. It is very commercial in some of the bars in Thailand.

If you want to take it slow and enjoy the night to the fullest, you should identify those Thai bars that are quiet, not crowded, and do not have norms where the girls are bar fined multiple times in one night.

Best sex in thailand

Well, it could also be dependent on whether the bar girl you have chosen is willing to spend a long time with you or not.

Nevertheless, some of the bars like the odd bars in soi 7 and soi 8, bars near soi 20, bars in soi 22, and soi 33 are best to consider when you don’t want to be rushed or left early. 

Also, when there are fewer customers, the chances are high that bar fines are less too. The girls who do not get picked often give a better service than the ones who get regular jobs.

12. Asking Yourself Whether You Want Long-Time

As there has been high demand and growing customers, the long-time has become a thing of the past. It would be hard to find Thai bar girls who will go with the customers all night.

Some years ago, many of the bar girls were not achieving their monthly target of around 10 barfines a month. So, they used to be keen on keeping the customer hooked on until his Thai stay ends. But today, the scenario has changed. 

thai girls pic - ease to Impress thai girls

Thai bar girls are in so much demand that they take a call on how long they want to spend time with the customer. If you really want to have the girl for a longer time, you may have to spend 2x or 3x amount, money that she could make from multiple visits that night.

The other way of having the girl for a long time is to have a fun time with her, build a rapport and connection, and then pitch in the idea of a long time to her. Believe me, and it works most of the time.

It is said that you may find the bar girls in Pattaya beer bars, especially the older ones being ready to spend a longer time.

13. Having a Clear Plan

To make your trip more fruitful, having a clear plan helps. You should be aware that there are different types of venues in Thailand if you want to meet the bar girls, each operating differently. Understand their mode of operation, offers, and price in advance before making your choice. 

Best bar in thailand

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FAQs | How To Interact With Hot Thai Bar Girls?

❓ Should I approach a girl if she waves at me?

Yes. Some shy guys generally miss this opportunity and walk away. If any bar girl invites you to have a drink with her or waves at you with a smile, then don’t lose that opportunity

❓ Can I buy drinks for Thai Girls?

First, build a comfort zone and have a fun time with these girls. It will earn you their interest in you. Then you may go for buying them drinks.

❓ Do Thai girls look younger than their age?

Yes, most of the Thai girls look younger as compared to their age.

Conclusion: Is It Easy To Deal With Thai Bar Girls?

Interacting with Thai Girls will not be tough if you know your motive. So, approach the right kind of girl for the kind of fun you are looking for. You find everything in Thailand, thus give your wildest fantasy wings as these girls will make them come true! 

If you want to watch the girls dance in bikinis, then GoGo bars are the ones to go. However, not all of these girls can be barfined. Already, there is a notion that GoGo bars are more for entertainment than for finding bar girls to spend the night. It wouldn’t be a surprise if, soon, none of the GoGo girls is barfineable.

If all that you want is to be pampered, Thai-style massage parlours should be your destination. But, if you are looking for the bar girls, either you can take escort services to help you find the girls who can choose you, or go to the freelance bars to find a bar girl within budget. 

However, if you are in search of a girlfriend or lady love, then Thai bars are NOT meant for you.

If you want to online chat with hot Thai girls. I recommend ThaiFriendly. Try it and also share your opinion in the comment section, Also share in social media.


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