Top 10 Most Affected Countries by Coronavirus COVID-19

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The COVID-19 coronavirus has affected about 100+ countries and it has been declared a pandemic by the WHO. We have shared the list of the most affected countries by Coronavirus.

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Coronavirus case is said to be due to human-to-human transmission and has infected over 2.4 million people worldwide causing 100,000+ deaths.

List Of Countries Affected By Coronavirus Cases 

Below is the list of top 10 Most Affected Countries by COVID-19 coronavirus:-

  1. USA

USA tops the list of the country affected by the coronavirus with 678,031 active cases currently. The country has been the worst hit, with 40,000+ deaths.

Coronavirus cases in USA
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The USA is facing quite a shocking situation related to the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak. The first case in the county was detected on 21st January and then the number of cases surged by the third week of February.

USA has also increased the testing of coronavirus cases significantly, but there has been no lockdown yet.

  1. Spain

In terms of the number of cases, Spain has surpassed Italy as of now.

As of 9 March, the cases were nearing the 1000 mark even when the first case was detected on 1st February. The coronavirus cases in Spain have rapidly increased to cross 100,000 as of 19 April. It is the second most affected country in Europe.

The King, as well as the Queen, is being tested for the virus.

The death toll due to the virus attack has reached 20,000. The nation has been in lockdown and companies have been advised by the government to permit employees to work from their homes.


  1. Italy

Italy has been severely hit by the COVID-19 and the death count has increased at a rapid rate in contrast to other countries in the world.

Italy Extends Coronavirus Lockdown
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The reason for the spread of the virus has been due to people travelling to Italy as well as the Italians who were travelling to different countries at the time of the outbreak.

The entire nation has been in lockdown mode in order to limit the spread of the virus. As of 19 April, the number of deaths has crossed 24,000 in Italy.

  1. Germany

The cases of the COVID-19 virus in Germany have crossed 95,000. Just like France, Germany has banned all the public events that involve a lot of crowds so as to stop the spread of the virus.

Coromavirus in germany

Various events have also been postponed due to the outbreak.

The death rate due to Coronavirus in Germany is comparatively less with about 4,000+ deaths as of 19 April.

Germany has efficiently tested most of its citizens and is continuing to do so.

  1. UK

The coronavirus cases in the UK have surged of late, thereby pushing it into the list of top ten countries affected with coronavirus.

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases has reached 107,000 as of 19 April whereas the death toll has risen to 16,000+.

Even the UK Prime Minister was detected with the virus and has recovered finally from the COVID-19. The cases in the UK have surged from 25th March to April even when it’s on lockdown.

  1. Iran

Iran has about 59,000 or more confirmed cases.

There have been about 5,000 deaths. It is suspected that Iran might have delayed the revelation of coronavirus spread in their country and might be under-reporting cases as well.

A lot of politicians as well as government officials have contracted the coronavirus, and a few have also died.


  1. France

France is the fourth nation in Europe which has outdone South Korea when it comes to the number of COVID-19 cases.

Coronavirus cases and symptoms

In France, the number of cases has crossed 97,000, whereas the death toll has touched 264. Public gatherings, events have been banned by the Government.

The Louvre Museum which is in Paris has been temporarily closed. The city of Paris has reported positive cases of the COVID-19 coronavirus with many other regions that include the Amiens, Eastern Haute-Savoie, and Bordeaux.

In Disneyland Paris, a worker was reported to have contracted the virus. The city has got close to 20,000 deaths now.


  1. China

The country that was affected the most is China, inclusive of Hong Kong as well as Macau.

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There have been about 4,000 or more deaths in the country.

Though the percentage of those affected by the virus were about 74% on 9 March, the percentage quickly came down to 40% on 18 March, and the epicenter shifted to Europe. The city that had been affected the most and had about 67,000 cases in Hubei.

China has now less cases as compared to European countries now.


  1. Turkey

Turkey has now crossed over 75,000 cases in coronavirus. The deaths in the mainland country have reached 2,000+.

The testing has been efficient enough with over 6,73,000 tests done in the country.

  1. Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the very popular tourist destinations in the world and is the fifth country in Europe which has been affected by the coronavirus outbreak.

The number of positive cases of COVID-19 in Switzerland has touched 27,000 as of 19 April. Many major cities like Geneva and Zurich, also have reported many confirmed coronavirus cases.

The number of deaths have touched 1,400. The hotel and tourism industry in the country is definitely going to be affected in case the situation of the COVID-19 prolongs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

✅ What Is The Recovery Time For Coronavirus?

For the mild patients, the recovery time is a minimum 2 weeks whereas for the sever patients, the recovery takes around 6-8 weeks.

🔥 Which Countries have no cases of Coronavirus?

While most of the countries are worst-hit by the coronavirus, there are few countries with no cases. These include Lesotho, Turkmenistan, Comoros, Yemen, Solomon Islands, and Vanuatu.

💥 Can a Person Test Negative and Positive For Coronavirus?

In the CDC test, a person at the early stages of infection may show a negative test. Also, the positive test will also be detected after 14 days.

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Conclusion: Most Affected Countries With Coronavirus Cases 

The coronavirus epidemic continues to spread worldwide at an alarming rate.

In any case, those who are already infected should wear masks.

Anyone who has no respiratory disease, i.e. H. Cough or sneeze, shouldn’t wear a mask, especially a surgical one and should not hoard on the same.

There are a few more countries in Europe that have witnessed a rise in the cases of COVID-19 like the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Sweden, and Norway.


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