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This post is about Kamphaeng Phet Nightlife 2024.

Kamphaeng Phet is a town located around 300 km to the north of Bangkok. It is halfway to Chiang Mai and is a province capital city. Many of you might not have heard about life there, but this article enlightening you and show you what all you can see and do there as a tourist. Kamphaeng Phet Nightlife is famous for Night Park.

This park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is known as the “Historic Town of Sukhothai and Associated Historic Towns”. 

If you visit here as a tourist, you will be delighted to see what this city can offer. There are a lot of activities to do here, even after the sun has set. You will be pleasantly surprised with the nightlife here, which is booming much more than the Sukhothai and Phitsanulok nightlife

Nightlife in Kamphaeng Phet | Bars & Night Clubs

A tourist coming to Thailand always aspires to experience amazing nightlife and booze. And coming to Kamphaeng Phet nightlife will give you immense pleasure. You will find several bars and clubs in the downtown area, on the eastern side of the Ping River. This area lies in the south of the small island called Koh Klang.

Nightlife in Kamphaeng Phet - Spend time with girlfriend

You might not spot Farang-oriented areas like you find them in Bangkok and Phuket. Kamphaeng does not get much Farangs inflow, but since it has a university you will see many cute chicks here, which is definitely a good sight. 

Here is a list of all the bars and clubs, if you want to enjoy Kamphaeng Phet Thailand:

  • Kamphaeng Phet Bars

The Studio Café, which is a semi-outdoor place, is the most famous bar in Kamphaeng Phet. It has got beer towers with girls, live music, and great food. You can sit and relax at this place while enjoying the view of the bar girls dancing, and the view of the most happening main road – Tesa 1 Road. 

There are other great bars here like the Rong Diam and Together Restaurant, where you can have a nice, relaxing time. the price of a big bottle of Leo will cost around 85 Baht, which is so cheap. 

  • Kamphaeng Phet Night Clubs

The most popular night club of Kamphaeng Phet is 189 Pub. It is always packed and lively with young local Thais grooving and partying to the tunes of the live band. The band plays Thai pop and rock songs.

This place is not to be missed if you happen to visit Kamphaeng Phet. Also, youngsters and people who are looking for something more to make your night exciting, then they should not give this nightclub a miss. I am sure you will return happy and satisfied. 

Kamphaeng Phet Night Clubs - Kamphaeng nightlife

Another night club, right across 189 Pub is the Banana Club. This club is famous among students and you are sure to spot some sexy and seductive young Kamphaeng Phet girls.

The club has a classic Thai style setup, with live music every night. You will spot round tables all over the place, where a group of friends hand out together and dance. Fridays and Saturdays are the busiest days in Banana Club. 

The prices of the drinks are reasonable here, like a big Singha beer costs around 120 baht per bottle. A whiskey bottle costs around 100-1400 baht, depending on the brand you choose. 

  • Night Market in Kamphaeng Phet

The night market in Kamphaeng Phet is a lovely sight and a place for the people who never sleep. It is located on Tesa 1 Road, near River Promenade.

This area hosts most of the bars in town. This area also has a lot of fashion shops, street restaurants, snack stalls, etc. you can relish the mango with sticky rice in just 50 Baht, whereas you will pay to double this if you were in Bangkok.

This area is pretty cheap and affordable for all kinds of tourists. 

Night market in Kamphaeng phet - shopping advice

Then there is the Phitsanulok area, which is 1 hour from Kamphaeng Phet, where you can enjoy and explore some historic places and nightlife. Thailand has many places which have great historical and cultural importance, but only a few foreign tourists come o visit them. Phitsanulok is one such place. This place is around five hours from Bangkok if you are traveling via “Special Express”.

At first, the place might seem pretty ok, but once you start exploring it you will find what all it has in store for you. 

  • Downtown Phitsanulok

Phitsanulok is a cheap place to stay, as the guest house room rates are 350 baht for a room with fan, and 450 Baht for a room with aircon. They have several budget hotels in the area like Lithia Guest House.

You will also get high-end hotels like the Grand Riverside Hotel, which is also a very popular hotel in Phitsanulok. The beach area is breezy and relaxing. You can visit the three most impressive temple complexes. They are all located nearby, a 20minutes walk from the railway station. 

  • Wat Phra Sri Rattana Mahathat (Wat Yai)

Wat Yai is the local name of this place. It is an eminent temple in Phitsanulok and the province: Wat Phra Sri Rattana Mahathat. This temple is very famous and was built in 1357. It has one of the most copied images of Buddha, Phra Phuttha Chinnarat, which is the second most important after the Emerald Buddha in BKK’s Grand Palace.

The Buddha’s face in this temple gives a solid impression because the head is a bit wider. Its casting is done in the late Sukhothai style. The ticket to this temple costs 100 Baht for foreigners. One needs to put 40 Baht in the box to worship and pray the idol with lotus bud, joss sticks, small sheets of gold leaf, etc.

  • Wat Nang Phaya

This is similar to Wat Yai and but a little smaller than Wat Yai. It is located on the eastern bank of the Nan River and was built during the 1448-1488 reign of King Trailokanat. This temple has serene and calm surroundings, with lovely paintings mounted on the walls. 

Wat Nang Phaya Temple - Si satchanalai

  • Wat Ratchaburana

This temple complex is not mostly visited by tourists, but if you are visiting this province then this place must not be missed. There are many wonderful monuments and replicas in this temple’s complex.

This complex was built in 1463 when King Trailokanat of Ayutthaya shifted the capital of his empire to Phitsanulok. In today’s time, the only chedi remains from the initial construction. There is a sacred tree with ladders where visitors climb to leave an offering and ring a bell, repeating this three to nine times.

There is a 700-year-old golden Buddha next to this tree in the wi-Hahn. There is no admission fee to this temple complex. 

Phitsanulok Annual Long Boat Racing Festival

Right in front of the Wat Phra Sri Rattana Mahathat, in the Nan River, happens a boat racing event once a year during the Thai Buddhist Lent Period in September or October. This is the time when the river is on high tide. Women dance and make merry while the race is going on. 

  • Nightlife in Phitsanulok

The above things can be done and experience during the day time. Now, we come to the Phitsanulok nightlife. There are surely no go-go or Farang-oriented bars, but the nightlife is still happening. Along the riverbank, there is night bazaar where you will find several cool outdoor bars and some indoor bars and pubs.

Girls and Bars in Phitsanulok

The wood Stock bar is the ideal spot for comfortable and hip partying. Its furniture is set with the 60s and 70s era furniture. They have live music every day from 9:30 pm onwards. This bar has yummy Thai food, two big TV screens showing live sports, hot local Chang Export, Tiger and Heineken beer girls. 

  • Phitsanulok Girls

The young crowd of this place comes to the riverbank near the night market to chill out and party. As mentioned, there are several bars and pubs on the eastern side of the river, with great seating, view of the Nan River, food, and booze.

On crossing the Naresuan bridge, you will see two more places – Sabai boat and Carlito. You will end up having a great time at these places. 

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  • Phitsanulok Nightlife

The nightlife of Phitsanulok is pretty good. It has got live rock and pop music, and some of the gorgeous looking girls, who hang out at night time with friends. You will find people sitting together, eating, drinking, and chatting.

Do not compare it with places like RCA in Bangkok, but you may find hot girls who are easy going. But do not jump on to them, instead, you can make an effort to strike a conversation with them over drinks and then ask them out. 


7 Reasons to Spend Time in Kamphaeng Phet

  • Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park

Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park is an enchanting archaeological site, which was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1991. The whole park has ancient temples and ruins, which are very fascinating to witness. You can walk around leisurely and walk up the temple stairs. But, avoid climbing onto anything which has a Buddha image.

Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park - Visit Here
Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park – Visit Here

The historical park is divided into two sections – the first section has ancient walls surrounded encircled by a gully, and the second section is outside the walls and is a forest. The entry fee to this park is 150 Baht. If you do not prefer much walking then you can rent a bicycle from the ticket booth at 30 Baht for a day. 

  • Night Markets

The night markets in Kamphaeng Phet are superb for the food choices they offer. The whole market in this area has tables and chairs set up permanently, where you can sit and relax in the open-air. You can dine here and enjoy the hustle-bustle of the city. Another best part of the night markets is the availability of yummy food at cheap prices.

Must go best night markets in bangkok - Bangkok Shopping

Like a big plate of fried rice with vegetables will cost just 30 Baht. The menu serves only authentic Thai food, which is finger-licking good. While strolling along with the night market, you can just stand at some popular place and look for any dish that arouses your taste buds, and then order it for yourself.

  • Fewer Tourists

Kamphaeng Phet is a very quiet town, where you will not find many farangs. This town is very less visited in Thailand by tourists. Even the most popular guest houses will have hardly 3 to 4 tourists in it and the local people usually share-friendly stares with tourists because there are not many.

This can prove to be helpful if you need a quiet holiday where you can explore the ancient culture of the country.

  • Cheap

Kamphaeng Phet is a very affordable place for maximum things. You must know that the prices of South Thailand are double than in North Thailand. For example, a room with an attached bathroom will cost around $10 in Kamphaeng Phet, whereas the same will cost much more in places like Bangkok. Even the food at night markets is dearth cheap and yummy.

So there is no chance you will starve here on less money. No place can beat the costs at which things are available here. Thus, this makes it ideal for people traveling on a tight budget.

  • Hot Springs and National Parks-

For people who like nature and adventure, you have Phra Ruang Hot Springs, which are amazing and the place is near the town. The set of natural hot pools has remedial benefits if one bathes or swims in them. And if you are a trekking person, then at a very short drive from Kamphaeng Phet there are Khlong Lan and Mae Wong National Parks.

Hot Springs and National Parks - Enjoy hot bath with thai girls

You will witness some beautiful waterfalls here, which will be a treat to watch for nature lovers. You can reach these places via a hired scooter as no public transport is ventured till here. 

  • Fantastic Location

The location of Kamphaeng Phet is ideal, as it is located between Bangkok and Chiang Mai. One can take a halt or a break of two days here while traveling to this route. You can also take a pleasant break here while going to North Thailand.

So, if you are not bound by the number of days you ware holidaying in Thailand, you can surely make a visit to this classic and enjoy its hospitality and warmth. 

  • Friendly Local People

This is a very striking feature in Kamphaeng Phet. The local people of this town are exceptionally friendly and accommodating. Their gestures are very sweet and will make you feel welcomed. Since you will not find many farangs here, the local people can easily make out who a tourist is.

They also do not take the wrong advantage of you being a tourist because they do not overcharge you for anything, unlike people in big Thailand cities like Bangkok and Pattaya. The locals here feel happy to see the tourists coming and sometimes go out of their way to make the tourists feel safe. 

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FAQs | Kamphaeng Phet nightlife 2024

❓ How can one enjoy Nightlife in Kamphaeng Phet?

For living the popular nightlife in Kamphaeng Phet, you can visit several bars and clubs in the downtown area. The Studio Café, the most famous bar in Kamphaeng Phet, is a semi-outdoor place. There are other great bars also, like the Rong Diam & Together Restaurant

❓ Are Night Clubs in Kamphaeng Phet good?

Yes. The most popular night club of Kamphaeng Phet is 189 Pub. It is always packed and lively with young local Thais grooving and partying to the tunes of the live band.

❓ Where can I stay in Kamphaeng Phet?

Phitsanulok is a cheap place to stay, as the guest house room rates here are 350 baht for a room with fan, and 450 Baht for a room with aircon.

Conclusion: Kamphaeng Phet Nightlife 2024 | 7 Reasons to Spend Time

Kamphaeng Phet is a wonderful Thai town that is classic and ideal in culture, history, friendly people, nature, and cost. You may not find many attractions here as compared to other cities, but you will surely love soaking up in the town’s love and warmth.

This town is less frequently visited by tourists because their main focus is to explore big cities like Phuket, Pattaya, Bangkok. But if you can add Kamphaeng Phet to your itinerary, you will see what gem of a city this is. 

Hope you enjoyed this Kamphaeng Phet Nightlife review of 2024.


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