AsianLadyOnline Review 2024 ❤️- Is It Best Dating Site? Find Young Asian Chicks

AsianLadyOnline Review


AsianLadyOnline is an online dating website, where you can surely meet your dream bride. The huge number of beautiful Asian ladies is growing every day. You have a comfortable setting.

Out of 10


  • Many useful functions are available on the site.
  • No hidden payments
  • Free version available
  • Service is good
  • Prices are affordable


  • Credits are sold in packs only.


Price: $ 6

Do you want to date an Asian? If so, you should read this AsianLadyOnline Review.

AsianLadyOnline is a website that offers Asian women to men who are looking for love. Asian ladies on this site have been carefully screened and offer varied qualities from both their profiles and the messages they send.

There are many people who wonder if they can find someone of the same race to date online. The truth is that it’s not easy but there are a few sites out there that specialize in helping people with like interests connect.

In this post, we will talk about one such site which is, and how it might work for you. We’ll also provide some links where interested readers can get more information on their own particular needs or questions about dating Asian singles online.

Let’s face it: life is short and love is precious! You owe it to yourself to at least look!

Bottom Line Upfront: What are the Pros and Cons of AsianLadyOnline? Is AsianLadyOnline Real or Fake?

AsianLadyOnline is a social networking site for Asian singles in the United States. The site has members from all over Asia and around the world, including China, India, Philippines, Thailand and Japan.

asianladyonline customer

With this dating app you can chat with people that have similar backgrounds to you or like your interests.

It’s free to download the app and join an account but if you want some help getting started then we suggest our paid membership which includes more features like more advanced search options and unlimited messaging!

 AsianLadyOnline is an online dating website, where you can surely meet your dream bride. 

Checkout AsianLadyOnline now.

Why Trust Us for Dating

Are you curious to know what this review covers? You must have a look at these questions:

  • What is AsianLadyOnline?
  • How to find date on AsianLadyOnline?
  • How to register on AsianLadyOnline?
  • Is secure?
  • What are the features of AsianLadyOnline?
  • How to register on AsianLadyOnline?
  • What are pros and cons of AsianLadyOnline?

Table of Contents

AsianLadyOnline Review 2024– Is It Legit Or A Fraud?

Asian Women Gif

About AsianLadyOnline

AsianLadyOnline is a website designed to establish international relationships for Western men and Asian women. Being in the market for 10 years, the website proves to have admirers and still going on well.

Finding love or a partner definitely needs a good platform, which you will get from a good service provider like AsianLadyOnline. People coming here again and again to find their love proves its success.

This site has a good rating on the internet. After passing a few tests, this site turned out to be a venue of good quality and a great way for finding your potential spouse.

A lot of success stories of happy customers were shared on the site. They were totally happy with the results from the site.

If someone is dreaming of getting an Asian Wife, then visiting AsianLadyOnline is a must. As the site was created for romantic communication, considering this option of communicating to the new members appear there, every day, is a brilliant idea.

What is attracting them to the site? This complete review can help you understand better.

AsianLadyOnline Review Homepage

How Is Member Structure at AsianLadyOnline?

AsianLadyOnline has a smaller number of users because of the narrow specifics, compared to other similar sites. Over 8000 Asian single ladies on this site are interested in foreign men over the age of 35.

So, most of the women on the site being 35+, aspire to meet their true love, get married, and build relationships.

Most male users in this platform are from countries such as the US, Australia, Canada, and the UK. this diversity allows finding brides at any time during the day.  Females from all the major Asian countries are also present here.  

What are Special Features of the AsianLadyOnline Site?

  • Communication Tools

To help users communicate with their matching profile conveniently, AsianLadyOnline has various tools like other online dating websites. The options available are live chats, instant messages, mailing, call service, sending virtual and real gifts, and video calls. These tools help to enhance the dating experiences on this site.

  • Easy to Use

Newcomers don’t have to worry about the usage of AsianLadyOnline, as it is very customer-friendly. The design of the interface doesn’t irritate and it’s very simple. The light color is pleasant to the eyes and doesn’t cause any discomfort.

Unlike other sites, there are no annoying advertisements. So, it is better than other sites.

AsianLadyOnline Review SignUp

Guessing the usage of a website’s function is very easy as you can navigate around AsianLadyOnline intuitively. So, even first-time users won’t get confused.

  • Personal Meetings 😘

Allowing its users to meet in person AsianLadyOnline: helps to take the user’s relationship forward. However, this feature can be enjoyed by the Premium members only.

If you find a match close to your location, then this feature is considered to be the best one.

  • Free Trial

A free trial period can be tried by the users to get the idea of premium characteristics for the upgraded account.

AsianLadyOnline: Profiles and their Quality

AsianLadyOnline has a huge database of impressive female profiles. The chances of finding your perfect match are very high if you share your dream of finding a life partner on the dating site. A lot of Asian women register here with the strong belief that they can find a soulmate online.

  • AsianLadyOnline Profile 

AsianLadyOnline usually shows ladies who are online. The number of ladies online can be more than 70000! Now you can imagine the number of conversations you can have with the ladies at a time.

You might be wondering to see some of the professional female photos, and ask if they are real people or no. to your shock, yes, they are real people. In your case, it’s just you who sits in Infront of the system and texts women. But it’s different for the ladies.

Asian Lady

For them, it is a bit difficult. Women get full assistance on creating a profile, getting the translations, and so on, by the special agencies. As they are offered to get a professional photo session by the agencies, their picture would look great for dating.

It’s a way to be more confident and attractive, so don’t be surprised if you come across any professional pictures. That can also be confirmed by just given her a video call and you will clarify all your doubts.

  • First Impression 🥰 

Though AsianLadyOnline looks like a regular dating website, it has a lot of beautiful pictures of pretty Asian ladies. These pictures attract customers right from the start. Too many bright colors are not used and the design is simple and nice.

Through your intuition, you can freely use its functions. You can easily understand where to click minutes once you enter the site.

AsianLadyOnline Website:

  • How do you register on AsianLadyOnline?

Registering your profile is fast, easy, and free on AsianLadyOnline. To have your personal account on the site, you just have to mention your very basic information about yourself. 

To create your personal account, you need:

👉 Your first and last name

👉 Gender

👉 Date of birth

👉 Email address and password

After you share the above-mentioned information, you are welcome to the site. After that, telling more about yourself will make your page interesting for the Asian beauties.  The visual image takes everyone’s attention. So, for the major attention adding photos to the profile will be the best.

  • How do you Search for Asian Ladies Here?

Users can search in a way they like it more, for finding the Asian brides. AsianLadyOnline allows you to search in your way and also allows you to see as many ladies as you want. There are many filters on the site to help those who want a narrower and more precise search.

Asian Lady

For example, ladies can be chosen and sorted by their age, appearance features like height, or hair color. Picking a woman by the country she lives in, her marital status, or any other options are also possible. AsianLadyOnline verifies the user’s accounts as they care for the conversations. You can always choose to look for the verified accounts only.

  • Choosing Asian Lady 😍 

Communicating on AsianLadyOnline

All the necessary communications tools are provided for its customers. Hence, instant messages, live chats, and mailing can be used to test your bride. A voice call to talk to her can be used or even video calls can be used if you wish to see her, which is a perfect option for a long-distance relationship. 

Some of the popular services of AsianLadyOnline are: 

  • Gift Delivery
  • Date Organization
  • Message Sending on AsianLadyOnline

Is there a specialized mobile app?

This site doesn’t have any mobile applications, but still very good in use. AsianLadyOnline has a good image. The design and setting of the site allow its use on any device without any troubles.

You can use the functions of the site in a couple of clicks, as they are very easy. It can be done even without the app.

A Free Version of AsianLadyOnline

The free version doesn’t allow much as the paid version of AsianLadyOnline, of course. However, there are somethings which can be done without money.

For instance, registration on the site is free and you can have your personal profile on the site without spending single money. Moreover, you can make use of the site to wander around and read important information keeping in mind the useful tips about dating.

Also, it’s easier to look for the female profiles with pictures to choose an Asian mail-order bride for yourself.



💰  Price


😍  Pros

Free version available

😩  Cons

Credits are sold in packs only.


AsianLadyOnline is an online dating website, where you can surely meet your dream bride. The huge number of beautiful Asian ladies is growing every day. You have a comfortable setting.

Rating 4/5

What do you get from Paid Membership?

As the AsianLadyOnline is a paid website, the quality of the service provided is shown which is a good sign.  No dating sites would do it for free if they are the good ones.

Hence, a paid membership allows users to use all the communication tools online. Users who own paid membership can see who viewed their page and watch the videos of ladies.

AsianLadyOnline Review Logo

AsianLadyOnline encourages the credit system, and the prices are:

  • $21.00

3 credit pack $7.00 per credit

  • $ 52.00

8 credit pack $6.50 per credit

  • $96.00

6 credit packs $ 6.00 per credit

❤️ Visit AsianLadyOnline Site Now[/button-red

Pros and Cons 💯


  • Many useful functions are available on the site.
  • Special and Interesting Services.
  • No Hidden Payments.


  • Credits are sold in packs only.
  • No chance to communicate with women for free.

Customer Support

The users can get the help of AisanLadyOnline customer support 24/7, whenever needed. Just by pressing ‘contact us’ and describing your problem, you will get answers to any questions you ask them.

AsianLadyOnline Alternatives

1)  EasternHoneys:  

easternhoneys review

The most significant advantage of the website is the majority of accounts of photos. You may waste hours scrolling at the photographs of beautiful Asian females.

On search results pages, A profile icon displays a girl’s picture and information: gender, age, verified user and online statuses, the number of photographs, and the appearance of any images.  


They work on the credit system. To give you a rough idea, you will have to spend two credits for 1 minute of a live chat and 625 credits to send a request.

  •         $ 9.99 – 20 credits
  •         $ 19.99 – 50 credits
  •         $ 44.99 – 125 credits
  •         $ 69.99 – 250 credits
  •         $ 149.99 – 750 credits


  •         Only verified IDs are allowed
  •         Communication is speedy


  •         They do not have a mobile application

2)  AsianDating:

asiandating site

In comparison to several other platforms, has a comprehensive correspondence mechanism that enables you to select matches dependent on various factors, including racial and cultural backgrounds.

Additionally, the matching scheme determines the disposition of a potential delayed match. This is a specific requirement that is absent from the majority of dating pages.


They have two types of memberships,

Gold membership –
  •         $ 119.98 ($ 10 per month) – 12 months plan
  •         $ 59.99 ($ 20 per month) – 3 months plan
  •         $ 29.98 – 1 month plan
Platinum membership –
  •         $ 149.99 ($ 12.50 per month) – 12 months
  •         $ 69.98 ($ 23.33 per month) – 3 months
  •         $ 34.99 – 1 month


  •         A lot of security features included
  •         Legitimate and safe


  •          The interface seems complicated to new users

3)  Asiame:

asiamenet dating site

Women and men can register for free on the web by completing a brief registration form and answering a few questions regarding the desired woman.

This method is worthwhile since only approved users have access to the website’s profiles. This one is considered, secure and hardly any fake profiles are observed. 


This website also works on the credit system.

  •         $ 3.99 ($ 2 per credit) – For 2 credits
  •         $ 96 ($ 6 per credit) – For 16 credits
  •         $ 399 ($ 3.99 per credit) – For 100 credits


  •         With the profile on this application, you can access accounts with other Qpid dating sites as well
  •         A lot of attractive women are available here


  •         Without a subscription, communication is difficult

4)  AsianDateNet:

asiadatenet website

If you live in Asia or anywhere else globally, the dating app makes it simple to meet attractive single women.

However, they’d like to bring you to the most practical method of locating them: an anonymous Asian dating app. You just open your tablet or phone and use a few quick clicks to look for these singles.


  •         Fast and free login
  •         The interface of the website is pretty simple


  •         No mobile application is available

5)  EastMeetEast:


EME Hive is a highly popular forum that facilitates the development of happy, passionate, and satisfying relationships.

145,852 individuals have sought partners across our platform so far, owing to EME Hive’s strong matching ratio among the Asian community in North America. EME Hive is unique among dating services and websites. 


This one has two options for you. This one is entirely free for women. The prices mentioned below are only for males. 

Premium membership –
  •         $ 34.99 – 1 month
  •         $ 68.97 ($ 22.99 per month) – 3 months
  •         $ 197.94 ($ 32.99 per month) – 6 months
  •         $ 143.88 ($ 11.99 per month) – 12 months
EME coins –
  •         $ 4.99 – 1,800 coins
  •         $ 9.99 – 4,800 coins
  •         $ 24.99 – 18,000 coins


  •         They offer a lot of free services unlike other dating websites
  •         Great SSL protection


  • No android application

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FAQs | AsianLadyOnline Review

😄 Is AsianLadyOnline safe?

AsianLadyOnline ensures that only genuine users belong to the platform. So, it is a secure site that takes care of user verification enormously. This shows the responsible attitude of the site.

🥰 How many members do AsianLadyOnline have?

More than 8000 women are available on the site, as per the latest data. Most of them are predominantly looking for single men. Their dream is about serious and strong relationships.

👅 Can I Use My Profile on AsianLadyOnline Anonymously?

Don’t be upset by the fact that no users can use the site anonymously. In reality, the tricky profile regime is not a need. Moreover, some basic information, such as your name is necessary for dating online.

😍 How Do I Delete My Profile from AsianLadyOnline?

You can contact the admin of the site to delete your profile. You will be guided by the specialist to make everything quickly and correctly. You will not be under the doubt at all. Alternatively, your account can be deleted by going into the setting.

😘 How Long Does It Take for a Profile to Get Approved?

As the site is extremely concerned about your success in finding the partner, it approves the profiles instantly. As a rule, no need to wait for approval on a dating platform like AsianLadyOnline.

🇮🇳 Are there any hot Indian women on Asian Lady Online?

Yes, there are plenty of Indian women on this website. Most of these women are either divorced or single. Most of the profile pictures looked steaming hot and alluring. Not only mature women, but you will also find al of sexy amateur young Indian chicks on this website.

🌍 Which country are people there the most on Asian Lady Online?

There are girls from all the countries of Asia including, India, China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Japan, Russia, Korea, and many more. Also, there are guys from different countries like UK, Canada, Australia, the US, and many more.

💬 Do women on Asian Lady Online initiate conversation?

Yes, most Asian women on this website are bold enough to text guys first. Due to the many girls on this website and fewer guys, they have a tough competition. So, they do message guys a lot. The sexier you create your profile, the more girls will message you. The dirtier you create your profile, the more, the hornier girls will message you.

❤️Why is Southeast Asia the Easiest Place to Get Laid in the World?

The primary reason behind this is Thailand, the sex capital of the world. Thailand had a rough past, so women here started engaging in prostitution, and slowly, this became a trend. Today, Southeast Asia has the highest sex tourism across the world.

🤷‍♀️How to Pick Up Girls in Asia?

Asian girls can sometimes be very hard to get. It won't be that easy, but if you use the tips mentioned above in the article, you do have chances. The key is to use the tricks and keep trying. That is the only way you can score a hot Asian chick.

👉Are there any risks in hookups in Asia?

Asian males are famed for cock-blocking. While Muslim nations in Asia, including Bahrain, Indonesia, and Pakistan, tend to have conservative female populations, approaching such women might lead to problems. Other hazards differ from region to nation, but one danger may affect anyone: getting a female to blackmail you for money.

❤️Are there chances of me getting HIV or STDs in Asia?

STDs are pretty widespread in Southeast Asia, especially gonorrhea. You should always practice safe sex. Always carry condoms, and if you feel you've been exposed to anything, get immediate testing. The safety level in Asia varies greatly. The continent's major tourist attractions are usually located far from any conflict. Conflict and general lawlessness occur in several locations, however. East Asia, a very secure place, has political difficulties as well.

😮Can I do weed and drugs in Asia?

For sure, weed is enormous in Asian nations. Also known as Ganja, Hashish. Citizens from these nations enjoy it. You can even find Happy Pizzas in Cambodia. Be especially careful when using heavy drugs since they are banned in many countries, and punishments include life imprisonment and death.

🌹Can I go to casinos and gamble while in Asia

Gambling regulations differ by nation. In Asia, nations such as Macau and Singapore lead the gaming globe. Also, Japan and Vietnam have good casinos. Also, Malaysia has excellent casinos. In these nations, gambling is banned.

💜Can you give me some dating tips for Asian girls?

Dating in Asia may be a good and pleasant time. helps you meet locals in Asia and know them before you visit. Creating an account is quick and straightforward; after that, post some photographs and describe yourself. Start figuring out each other's desires in advance so you may have more time to spend together once you arrive. Asian girls want unique dates. Going to a fine restaurant and treating her to a glass of wine would be a new experience. Asians prefer to go outside, too, so you could want to take her to a park or beach picnic.

🤩Is there scope for kinky and BDSM in Asia?

Bondage partner hunting while traveling? is a global network of like-minded individuals. BDSM and fetish activities such as live sex dates are popular with our users. You may find an abundance of play partners for all your fetish interests when traveling in Asia.

✅Will I meet sugar babies and gold diggers in Asia?

Many gorgeous young women are searching for a Sugar Daddy in Asia. The easiest and safest method to meet a Sugar Baby is online. There are plenty of older gentlemen seeking a good young lady at SecretBenefits. To meet these ladies, you may go up and talk things over. Everyone can be a sugar daddy. Start enjoying an extensive range of Sugar Babies with a free membership at SecretBenefits.

💏Will I get a chance for swinging and naturism in Asia?

There are several nude beaches in Asia, including Thailand's Leela Beach, China's Dadonghai Beach, or Japan's Onsen pools. Swingers' gatherings are widely distributed, although they are kept undercover.

😘How to Get Laid as Soon as Possible?

If you're smart, it's not difficult to get laid in Asia. Don't get overeager and, if one female doesn't return your approaches, go on to the next. Be courteous. Acting ostentatiously will help you achieve sex as well. Make sure to respect their culture. Don't disrespect Asian folks.

🤔Can I meet cougars and mature ladies in Asia?

Coupling with senior females is very different in the West. Cougars in Asia are often up for a bit of mischief, but they keep it on the down-low. Online dating applications, such as Tinder or Badoo, are your best bets. The age restriction may be adjusted as you like and searched for on Tinder.

🔥What Kind of Guys Have the Best Chances?

Showing wealth is vital in Asia. Wearing plenty of money gets you laid. In Asia, white males and European males farewell. Men who dress well and speak several languages have the most excellent shot.

💕Do Japanese women like Indian men?

Most women in the world like Indian men because they are a little shy and great in bed. They obey the women and stay polite with them generously and fuck them aggressively too when asked for.

Final Words | AsianLadyOnline Review 2024 😍 

No woman in the world can match the dusky, bold, and sexy looks of Asian women. This application majorly has a vast database of Asian women willing to talk to you for hours and days.

Women here are desperate to meet men of all ages. They are looking forward to finding smoking hot partners who can lure them and entertain them in their dull lives. Here, you can pick up some gorgeous chicks and chat with them. Long dirty talks and kinky chats are their weaknesses.

We hope you found this information helpful. Don’t forget, if you are looking for a good platform to find your love or partner in life then AsianLadyOnline is the best choice because we have helped many people and they come back again and again. You can also be one of them!

Think about it, it’s not too late!

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AsianDating On  Social Media AsianDating On  Social Media

EastMeetEast on Social Media:

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  1. Seriously No woman in the world can match the dusky, bold, and sexy looks of Asian women. There are plenty of women available here that are ready for dirty chats, hookups and one night stand

  2. Best site so far. I talked to many girls they were genuine. I highly recommend it

  3. Easy to understand and use user interface pricing is a bit high but worth it. Privacy is maintained. Variety of women are available to chat and talk

  4. I met the love of my life 2 years before on AsianLadyOnline we dated for 20 months and are now happily married

  5. I had totally abandoned discovering somebody. I was beginning to acknowledge I may be single for eternity. I met numerous ladies on this site. Then, at that point half a month in the wake of surrendering my pursuit, my Zoe discovered me. She informed me and disclosed to me she discovered me on AsianDating. What’s more, from that point it’s set of experiences. She needed every one of the things I needed throughout everyday life. She simply needed somebody to remain close by. We began as closest companions and in the long run fell head over heels for one another. Indeed, we haven’t had the chance to have an in person date. However, we have had numerous online dates watching films together. She’s the cutest when she watches motion pictures. Simply an arbitrary any desire for not being distant from everyone else.

  6. I at last discovered somebody genuine here that I truly love. He is so good, stunning, faithful and I chose to leave the site for him. This development is additionally to show to him how genuine I am and I love him to such an extent. Much obliged to you AsianDating for being a scaffold for us two.

  7. I’m appreciative with you I get an opportunity to meet a decent individual here. This site is acceptable and has more individuals, genuine individuals.

  8. I tracked down my Twin-soul. We didn’t wind up in a RELATIONSHIP…like the rest here. Be that as it may, what we have is a FOREVER FRIENDSHIP. Exceptionally clever, we met in the EMERGENCY of the clinic in Makati, Philippines…for an eyeball. We clicked coz we are both “Insane People” we get each other’s joke…

  9. We met here and it begins all with a “Hey how are?” and since this day we make discussions consistently and in December I flew right to her to meet her, and our affections for one another turned out to be much more grounded than previously and we turned into a couple. We need to spend the remainder of our coexistences. Much thanks to you AsianDating for assisting us with discovering the way to one another. It was the greatest day of my life and like a blessing from heaven. I was searching for a dating site and when I discovered this site, I was expecting to discover here the one I will spend the remainder of my existence with. ❤️

  10. AsianLadyOnline is a site that I’ve been using for about two years now. It’s great because it has everything you need to find your perfect match: live chat, video chat, and instant messages. You can also just browse through profiles of other people who are looking for love in Asia, or halfway across the world! AsianLadyOnline will help you find your special someone no matter where they are on earth.

  11. I’m a man living in the U.S., looking for an Asian wife. Finding my future bride was not easy, but thanks to this website I finally found her. Currently we are married and have children, and it feels really great!

  12. I have met so many great people and made some really close friends. The app is easy to use, there are even singles from every country in Asia! I will never go on another dating website again

  13. I never had any luck with Internet dating. I don’t know, it just seemed creepy. But then a friend told me about AsianLadyOnline! There are hundreds of beautiful women on this site, and sure enough I found my dream bride-to-be on the first day! If you’re looking for love, Asian Lady Online is your new best friend!

  14. Meeting new people is always exciting. That feeling of uncertainty, and the thrill that comes from getting to know someone and figuring them out. AsianLadyOnline spreads this anticipation by giving you the opportunity to meet thousands of beautiful women in Asia every day. Browse through profiles, make connections with our chat system, and find your perfect woman!

  15. “I was nervous to put myself out there at first, but when I finally changed my profile info and signed up for a membership, I instantly got three messages. It’s like the site knows me!”

  16. I have had a great experience with Asian Lady Online. I met someone the other day and we got really hit off well,

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