Nightlife & Hot Thai Girls In Phang Nga, Thailand | Clubs, Bars & Shopping Tips

This blog is about Phang Nga nightlife 2024.

Phang Nga is a province, located in the north of Phuket. North of Thailand is famous for its cute and sexy girls. It is a small and beautiful town enclosed by huge limestone hills.

A majority of the sex workers in South Thailand usually work in tourist places for money. Phang Nga is a conventional western tourist destination where you will find pretty girls wooing you.

Nightlife & Hot Thai Girls In Phang Nga

Even if you see hot chicks in Southern Thailand, like in Koh Samui, all of them come from the Northern part. And I am pretty sure why you are here because you want to know more about those sexy girls and about the nightlife you are going to experience when in Phang Nga. 

Phang Nga is a tourist destination famous for its wild and rowdy nightlife. Phang Nga nightlife is unlike Phuket and Pattaya’s nightlife which has rocking bars, go-go bars, loud music discs, etc.

Phang Nga Nightlife | Clubs, Bars & Shopping Tips

Here, the nightlife is pretty soothing and laid back. Tourists who visit here usually make Khao Lak as their base, which has three main villages around it that offer an exciting nightlife.

Other parts of the area have restaurants and live music bars. Khao Lak is an easy-going place in high season and almost asleep in the low season. 

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Nightlife & Hot Thai Girls In Phang Nga

  • Opening Hours

Earlier there was no time limit for the bars, they could open for as long as they had customers. But, in 2001 the Thai government enforced a ‘social order’ law, wherein they ordered all the bars to be open only till 1 am.

This law was brought to avoid drunkenness and drug abuse in Thai youngsters. Moreover, apart from the official orders the bars in Phang Nga close by 1 am due to less demand from the tourists.

This is because the Phang Nga nightlife is not so active which in turn decreases the need for the bars to be open after 1 am. Although, people who still want to loiter around at night may want the time limit to increase from 1 am to maybe till sunrise. 

  • Alcohol – Beers and Wines

A trip to Thailand is incomplete without booze. People who want to relax and enjoy the nightlife here cannot do without alcohol. It is an integral part of a holiday, especially in Thailand.

There is the import duty on alcohol in Thailand, due to this most beers are brewed locally here. Brands like Singha, Chang, Heineken, Tiger, Leo, and San Miguel are the major selling brands here. Thai people like strong beer with around 5% alcohol content. They also have imported beers like Guinness, brewed in Malaysia and costs around 300 Baht a glass. 

Alcohol – Beers and Wines

The quality control on locally brewed beer is not stringent, which is why the alcohol content in them differs between batches of the same brand. The superiors brands here are – Singha, Heineken, and San Miguel, and range from 60-120 Baht for a bottle of 330ml.. other brands like Chang, Leo, and Tiger are cheaper costing from 50-80 Baht for a bottle of 330ml. 

When it comes to wines, Thailand has some good quality imported wines. Due to the import duties, the costs are high, almost equal in cost you will find in the restaurants in the west. For almost a decade now, even Thailand is producing its own wine, but quality-wise it has some way to go. Their wines are sweeter than western palettes, but one can try them for the experience. 

  • Khao Lak

The nightlife of Khao Lak is pretty decent, in terms of food, booze, and music. The beachfront area is mostly taking n up by hotels which provide breath-taking sea view to their guests. They have fantastic restaurants with live music and alcohol. But, the prices here are more as compare to other roadside restaurants.

Alcohol – Beers and Wines

The best thing about these hotels is that they allow outside guests as well to stroll around the beachfront or enjoy tasty food at their beachfront restaurants. The ambiance is relaxed and cozy, and soft live music adds on to comfort. You can spend a leisurely, laid back evening in this pleasant atmosphere. 

If you want to save money on food, then you can get away from the hotel’s area towards the main road, which runs through the main villages of Khao Lak. There are several independent restaurants in this area that serve authentic Thai as well as international food. You may not get the same beach view from here, but the prices here are affordable. You will also find bars and nightlife places in this area to leisure around.

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Now, let’s learn more about the three villages which surround Khao Lak:

  • Bang La On

Bang La is one of the villages around Khao Lak and is the most urbanized villages out of the three. This is the reason you will locate most of the western style and international hotels and restaurants. The main road of this village has bars and funky restaurants along both sides.

Alcohol – Beers and Wines
Alcohol – Beers and Wines

The Happy Snapper is the peppiest bar that starts playing live music from 10 pm and by midnight the atmosphere is hot and thrilling.

If you are visiting this province, then you should not miss Happy Snapper for sure. Another good venue is the Tarzan Bar where people form queues to get entry. It has a big screen showing sports upstairs and lives music downstairs. 

  • Bang Niang

As compared to Bang La On, the night scene in Bang Niang is very relaxed and soothing. It is focused on Thai style. The most famous bar here on the main road is the Degree Bar. It is designed in a typical Thai style and has a live music band every night.

Alcohol – Beers and Wines

It is open on both sides and has wooden décor. It is the perfect place to relax and soothe your body with the booze they offer. The bar comes to life around 11 pm when the band goes crazy and this goes on up to 2 am at night. If you want to go bar crawling, then Jerung Street is the best. It has some perky live bars with blaring music.

You can let your hair down and groove on to some hot numbers with your partner. You are sure to have a good time at Jerung Street. 

Other main attractions at Bang Niang are the ladyboy shows. Tourists crave this kind of fun and Bang Niang will not leave you disappointed.

Bang Niang

Ladyboy Cabarets are very popular here, where they are dolled up in gorgeous costumes. They imitate classic female songs and entertain the crowd. One of the best ladyboy shows is the Moo Moo, which is on the main highway.

This show starts at 9:45 pm, so grab this opportunity when visiting Bang Niang. 

Another good attraction here is the Thai boxing stadium. Every Friday night from 9:45 pm you can enjoy Muay Thai fights, which are real and intense giving you an adrenaline rush. Enjoy the show while sipping along with a chilled beer. 

  • Khuk Khak

Where nightlife is concerned, Khuk Khak is the quietest village of all the three. They have got Thai-style nightlife with options of Thai restaurants and bars. You will not find much action in these places as they are very quiet and serene. So, if you like silence and quietness then Khuk Khak should not be missed. 

Phang Nga Girls

I know when it comes to discussing nightlife, we cannot miss on girls. It is clear that Phang Nga nightlife is not as exotic as the nightlife like Phuket, Bangkok, but it won’t disappoint you with the girls working here in the sex trade. There are not many go-go bars or beer bars where you can find a sexy girl easily. Here, prostitution happens in massage salons and karaoke bars.

These girls are not so attractive and gorgeous as they are from the Southern areas like Phang Nga, Nakhon Si Thammarat, and older Isaan girls. These girls have hard competition in Phuket, which is why they end up in Phang Nga. 

Let us now discuss what Phang Nga proffers after the sun sets:

  • Normal Bars in Phang Nga

Phang Nga has a university here, which means more youngsters who want to hang out at night time with friends. But, the options they have are very little because even the normal bars here are like restaurants. Ku Hu bar in downtown is one such place which is pretty popular amongst youngsters and tourists. It is a pure Thai place where you can enjoy a sumptuous dinner.

The not-to-miss dish here is Fried Garlic Pork with Rice and Egg from Grandma. For dessert, you should not miss their honey toast. Their prices are cheap like a pizza can cost around 225 Baht. 

Normal Bars in Phang Nga
Normal Bars in Phang Nga

Another normal bar, right across the street from Ku Hu is the Low Life bar. It is a bar cum café, where local people love to hangout. Tourists sometimes find it uncomfortable to sit on their small wooden stools and drink beer for hours. 

Other exciting bars in Phang Nga are Seventy on Soi Borirakbamrung, which is the perfect place for cocktails and alcohol shakes (a.k.a Lao ban). It has live music as well to add on to the fun. Thetsaban Bamrung is another great restaurant in this area to enjoy a pleasant evening, with live music. 

  • Karaoke Bars in Phang Nga

A Karaoke bar is a place where you can find some sexy company for the night. As said earlier, prostitution is maximum in this area. These bars are the Thai version of beer bars, made especially for foreigners. Here, as soon as you sit down and order a drink, one of the older girls called mamasan will come to ask if you need a company.

Karaoke Bars in Phang Nga

If you agree, a hot babe will come and sit next to you to give you some warm company. You can order drinks for her as well as for yourself. These girls have no hourly rate and no extra drink prices. You can also request to sing as it is a Karaoke Bar and they will charge you 5 Baht per tune.

Most of the Karaoke bars are out of the town where you can reach via a hired motorcycle, as no taxis are available for that route. The area around the Phu Nga Hotel has most of the karaoke bars.

The sexiest thing about these bars is that they have so-called massage rooms upstairs, which are actually fucking rooms you can use to get laid with a chick. The mamasans will ask you if you need to get down and dirty with some girl and will charge you 1300 Baht. It is worth the shot if you get really horny at that time. 

Night Clubs in Phang Nga

The Phang Nga nightlife area has only two-night clubs, that too half open-air ones. Klong Nga Ban Plaeng is one nightclub with is around 3km from the center of the province.

You will have to hire a bike to reach there and don’t worry there is no checking for alcohol at night time in this area. Its classic Thai nightclub setup has no dance floor. It has many tables where all the friends can cluster and hang out together for a fun time. the live band plays rock and pop music in blaring volumes. 

Morgan is the other nightclub in Phang Nga and is around 1km from the town. It also has a live band stage but is relatively smaller in size. You must come here after midnight to see some hot girls grooving to the music.

They will not make the first move, so if you are really interested to hook up go ahead and try your luck with them because those girls are irresistible.

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FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

❓ How is the nightlife in Phang Nga?

The Phang Nga Nightlife is very popular among the tourists. It is pretty soothing and laid back. Tourists who visit here usually make Khao Lak as their base, which has three main villages around it that offer an exciting nightlife.

❓ What are the brands of alcohol sold in Thailand?

There is the import duty on alcohol in Thailand, due to this most beers are brewed locally here. Brands like Singha, Chang, Heineken, Tiger, Leo, and San Miguel are the major selling brands here.

❓ What are nearby places of Khao Lak for tourists?

There are three villages surrounding Khao Lak. They are Bang La On, Bang Niang, and Khuk Khak.

Conclusion: Happy Ending Massage in Phang Nga 2024 | Nightlife

One of the main streets in Thetsaban Bamrung has a lot of traditional happy ending massage salons, along the road. Don’t expect the courtesy like you may have seen in Phuket where girls call you out to lure you for an erotic massage.

Here, you can reach them and politely ask them the massage charges. The prices are around 200-300 Baht for a Thai massage, and 300-400 Baht for an oil massage.

These salons will also offer you handjobs during massages, so make sure you know that you are entering the right place for it. Massages are the best way to relax your body and absorb in your sexual desires, as these massagists are experts in their job.

Go ahead and enjoy the nightlife in Phang Nga, and make the best of your nights by visiting the places mentioned above. 


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