Best Places To Meet Hot Thai Girls In Thailand 2024– Nightlife in Thailand

Thailand, as you all must be knowing, is FAMOUS for one thing all across the globe. “HOT THAI GIRLS”! The country is known for providing escort services to natives and foreign tourists and the fact that all of this is totally legal in their makes it even more happening and irresistible. Read More About Best Places to Meet Thai Girls in the below section.

Big cities like Bangkok and Pattaya attract millions of tourists from various parts of the globe every year who have one interest in common, “SEX”. Spa, erotic massages and sexual encounters with hot and sexy Thai girls are the living life of Thailand.

The majority of foreigners go about meeting and sleeping with young Thai girls and what really makes Thailand a paradise is a fact that you don’t necessarily need to pay for sex every time.

This is something completely in contrast with other places in the world where you just go and pay for a hooker.

Best Places To Meet Thai Girls -how to meet thai girls
Best Places To Meet Thai Girls -how to meet Thai girls

Of course, you will definitely find hot and attractive girls from Hookers in Thailand, but that is not the only place you can find them.

Ask me! I have been on tour to Thailand numerous times, mostly in Bangkok and a few times in Pattaya for work and leisure as well. When it’s only about leisure, I have had a wild time with some hot Thai chics there. But when there is work involved, I still have managed to get my share of sexual adventure after wrapping up my work.

Basically, I have had sex with quite a few Thai girls while in Bangkok, and have enjoyed the crazy and erotic nightlife with girls in Pattaya as well.

No, I’m not objectifying women, but this is just how life is in general in Bangkok. What makes it even better is that the girls are completely okay with it!

The girls are cooperative and willing to please you through the night. I loved to have it my way and at times loved to get dominated during sex as well.

That’s how easy and great sexual life was while in Thailand!

Best Places To Meet Thai Girls In Thailand 2024

Places to Meet Thai Girls in Thailand

In fact, there are only two places where you should look for good women who can get along well with people, build relationships, and even marry:

1. Situations of Daily Life

Good Thai women: just keep your eyes open in everyday situations like restaurants, parks, shopping malls, subways, supermarkets, attractions, or tourist attractions (or temples).

Also on the streets and in your hotel, you will see so many. “Good” attractive and lovable Thai women, literally, wherever you go.

Be open and polite, smile, and try to start a small discussion if you can.

But here’s the problem, because most Thai women are a bit shy talking to strangers: they think their English is not good enough, they get angry, they lose face or whatever.


Best Places To Meet Thai Girls - thai dating sites

For this reason, it is extremely useful to have a little Thai or at least some good collection lines, break the ice, make them smile and reassure them, and start talking.

It is also very useful if you go to a place several times as if you were paying at the same ATM at 7-Eleven or in a restaurant or cafeteria every day (that’s how I met my little friend) so he knows you like that and then she will be more willing to talk to you than if she had seen you the first time. A great tip for that.

The next step would be to ask for your Facebook ID or Line ID.

So yes, if you want to ask him to dine, it’s better not to do it in person, but by message. In this way, she has a much better chance because she does not feel compelled to immediately respond with a “yes” or “maybe”.

2. Online Dating Site

ThaiFriendly, the largest dating site in Thailand, has more than 1.5 million members. And on this page, you will not only find many more women than men but also girls that you could not address daily.

Like all the girls who work in Bangkok, when you see them in the subway or on the street, they look too busy and often very serious and you do not feel comfortable talking to them.

But guess what, there are so many good girls doing a good job and using ThaiFriendly to find a foreign friend.

How To Meet A Thai Good Girl?

For many men, however, they do not know how to make a “good Thai girl” (as the Thai people call it), and even if so, what are they talking about and how do they deal with it? she?

For Western men looking for a good Thai girl, here are some tips to help you find a Thai girlfriend or woman and, once you find them, treat them well.

1. Thai girls will not talk to you first. If you come to Thailand to meet a girl and a Thai girl talks to you before you speak to her, trust me, she is generally not a good Thai girl.

Well-educated Thai girls from good families learn not to talk to men first and never approach them. No matter how much the girl tries to convince you, she is probably not a good Thai woman. Thai girls are shy and reserved, and you have to approach them. But or Not?

Where can I find a hot Thai girl


2. Where can I find a good Thai girl?

Many Thai women love western men and would like to become a bride. Thai men are often said to have too many girlfriends and many still have a lover or “mia noi” after marriage.

As a result, many educated Thai women are not so interested in marrying a Thai woman. These girls also think that Western men are better (I’m not sure if it’s true, but who should I judge!)

An excellent way to meet Thai women is to spend time in cafes or bookstores. Thai women tend to move in groups. You may need to have the courage to talk to several Thai women at the same time. But sitting at a table next to a group of Thai women and asking them to help you with the menu is a good start.

Thai people are very useful and many love to practice English. They will laugh and blush a lot, but often there is at least one girl in the group who will help you and talk more to you than the others.

Bookstores are also popular hangouts for women (if you’re in Bangkok, Kinokuniya at Siam Paragon Mall is a good option), and some of them also have coffee shops.

So, if you start a conversation with a friendly girl, you can suggest drinking a cup of coffee to continue the conversation.

A friend of mine met his Thai wife on a boat in Bangkok. As he walked from the main shopping area to one of the temples, he took a small longboat (canal).

In the end, he was sitting next to a Thai woman and they started to talk. He married her two years later. She is intelligent, well trained, a good family, and a great woman.

A place where you can not wait to meet a good Thai girl is a bar.

Some good Thai women go to the bar with friends, but most do not because many good Thai women do not drink. In other words, if you meet a Thai woman in a bar, especially if she’s sociable and a bit aggressive, she’s probably not the good girl she claims to be.

3. Dinner with the guide. If you’ve met a pretty Thai girl and want to see her again, invite her for dinner. Thais like to eat more than any other nationality in the world and enjoy dining out.

However, a Thai girl from a good family often brings at least the first date and sometimes the first two or three with a girlfriend, sister or cousin and has to pay for both.

4. What Thai girls buy as a gift. Thai girls love to buy gifts and that’s what Thai people can do well. As a potential new friend, you have to give him a present.

It does not have to be too expensive (expect expensive gifts, it’s another deadly gift that your daughter might not like so much), but it has to be cute.

Best Places to Meet Thai Girls!

If you are reading this post, then I’m sure you’re not searching for grocery items on the internet. You know what you want, and I am telling you that I have enjoyed the very same!

Let me tell you how and where you can meet up with some nice and hot Thai chics while in Thailand and easily get laid with “regular Thai girls”.

Best Places To Meet Thai Girls -how to meet thai girls
enjoy nightlife with Thai girls

There are hot girls EVERYWHERE. Some are pretty damn hot enough to get you aroused and have them in bed. From the experience I have had from my previous visits to the country, I can tell you four different ways on how to meet girls in Thailand and an additional one towards the end.

So, if you want to get laid in the most value-for-money way possible, then read on and don’t blink!

1. Hookers

No matter where you travel in this world, Hookers are the “Go-to” places to find hot and gorgeous chics, and Thailand is no different. Regardless of what kind of relationship you are in with a Thai girl, chances are that you get yourself a hooker every once in a while.

This is simply because the offers are too tempting. Hookers in Bangkok and Pattaya are virtually everywhere and the prices reasonable, too.

Best Places To Meet Thai Girls -thailand hookers and girls

When you are in Thailand, you will encounter countless different types of hookers starting from beer girls and massage girls to go-go, girls, escort girls, mia-nois, and many more that you may not even have heard about yet.

However, one very important thing that I have learned and which you should also be aware of when getting any kind of prostitute is that you are not just paying the girl. By this I mean, the bulk of payment made goes to the other party.

For example, if you are paying 2,500 Baht for a nice soapy massage, the girl will get like 1,500 Baht and the massage parlor 1,000 Baht. As you see, the bulk of the price for the massage itself will go to the owner of the salon.

Similarly, if you take a girl out of a beer bar, you have to pay the bar fine, and that fine goes close to 100% to the bar.

Want To Enjoy With Hot Thai Girls Join This Thaifriendly Dating Site

However, that is not it! There is a way to save on some valuable cash while still taking a girl out or into the hotel room for the ultimate bang! When you hook up with the freelance girls you meet on the streets, bars, or clubs, you can definitely take her back to your place and have a wild time.

This will save you the money for a short time hotel (300-400 Baht).

I have tried them both! Bar girls and freelance chics. When I realized that getting a bar girl out every time will suck out all my money, I shifted to dating freelance chics and began inviting hookers to my apartment.

But do be careful about a couple of things. Hookers tend to be really untidy when the action is done. They’ll end up messing up your room and usually indulge in bad habits like smoking “Stuff”.

Plus, they might just leave strands of hair here and there which may get you into trouble if you have a girlfriend and she finds out! There’s also always the risk that the hooker may steal from you.

Nightlife in Thailand

2. Girls in Bars & Clubs

The next most common place guys go to find girls to hook within Thailand are bars and clubs!

The big Thailand cities of Bangkok and Pattaya boast of an exquisite and wild nightlife that is comparable to none in the world. Foreigners like me and even native Thai lads meet Thai girls in the various nightlife venues might hang out, party till late night and then possibly get the fuck of their lives.

This is usually the first option that comes into our minds!

Best Places To Meet Thai Girls -meet thai girls

Though there are very few or rather I would say, RARE bars and nightclubs where the girls are actually keen on meeting foreigners and not primarily out for money. I managed to find out only a couple of such bars which include, Gulliver’s Khaosan in Bangkok, Zoe in Yellow in Chiang Mai, and Walking Street Club in Pattaya.

The reasons why it may get hard at times to meet girls in Thailand are

A) You are visiting and rather exploring a lot of places yourself in tourist towns including Bangkok and

B) Most of the time, you are recommended to visit the place by others that are full of hookers!

This means that you are right back at the No. 1 point I mentioned above about Hookers.

You simply end up paying for a freelancer to get laid.

3. Girls in Everyday Situations

People in Thailand are dead sweet. They are smiling at you all the time, which makes you stay and roam around much cozily and comfortably.

People smile at you all the time here, be it in the restaurant, in the shopping mall, or even while just randomly walking down the street, be it alone or if you are with a bar girl.

However, many new foreigners who aren’t accustomed to this open-minded sweetness may be deceived into thinking that all these girls are available and easy to get but the opposite is the case!

Night Clubs, Bars, Beaches

It happened just once with me, that I met the eyes of this cute Thai chic many times and she would just smile and not talk to me.

Taking it as a green signal, I went up to her, she started giggling even more and it turned out I can’t really have a normal conversation with her.

I quickly realized that the reason behind this shyness is mainly because the average Thai girl is a bit poor at communicating in English which makes them even shyer.

Nightlife -thai hotel girls

How I hooked up with Hot Girls through Thai Dating Sites?

I have saved the best for the last! To be honest, I have enjoyed getting Thai chics through online dating sites more than literally walking down the streets to hook up with them.

Everything in the virtual internet world is easy and gets things done quicker, so does online dating. Before arriving in Bangkok, I pre-arrange a date with cute and sexy Thai chics and then meet up with them once I reach.

Over the past couple of visits to Thailand, I have mostly relied on hooking up with Thai chics through two dating websites, ThaiCupid and ThaiFriendly.

Best Places To Meet Thai Girls -hot thai girls

The results I have achieved from these websites are astounding.

I have hooked up and fucked with steaming hot girls I found on these sites number of times and the experience has been easy, quick, and majestic.

It has been far more convenient for me to take out a girl I met on these sites, having to shell out very less as compared to meeting up a random girl at a bar or on the streets and then taking them out after having paid 600 to 800 Baht as bar fine for one girl.

Instead, I played it smart and spent that same amount of money on a one-month membership on ThaiCupid.

This definitely gives me a much better deal and trust me, most of the ex-pats here do the same thing.

Best Places To Meet Thai Girls -thai girls pickup

There are thousands of girls online and available on these two websites at any time of the day. You find all sorts of different types of Thai girls there.

I’ve fucked some that are total bitches who just meet and fuck a new foreigner every other day just for fun. I have also slept with other normal working and office chics who have clearly mentioned on their profiles that they’re working in an office and are looking for a serious relationship.

Thai girls are said to be shy but there are a few who came right over to hang out at my apartment after we chatted for a couple of days.

Sometimes I have even been to her condo for a bang after she said it was too hot outside and if I didn’t want to come drink at her condo and watch a movie.


4. Online Dating Places To Meet Thai Girls


I learned about ThaiCupid from one of my colleagues who had signed up to the website during one of his previous trips to Pattaya and seemingly enjoyed their services to the fullest. Today I’m not surprised why!  If you are thinking that ThaiCupid is a start-up or newbie website, then go clear your facts.

The website is trusted By Over 1.5 Million Singles, both foreigners and Thai natives.

This point itself spells the credibility of ThaiCupid! What makes ThaiCupidmore reliable is the fact that it is a part of the well-established Cupid Media network that operates over 30 reputable niche dating sites.

ThaiCupid is one of those few online dating websites that gives you the chance to connect with over 1.5 million singles from Thailand and across the world. The website is committed to bringing Thailand to the ones searching for love.

The website helps you to find the perfect match, no matter where in the world you may be, and once you are anywhere in Thailand, that hot Thai chic is all yours!

You get to date girls with any kind of mentality, whether looking for a serious relationship, random dates or quick fucks, and one-night stands. ThaiCupid brings everything to your table to choose from!


Thaicupid girls

I have met so many girls through ThaiCupidand had some of the best sexual encounters of my life with sometimes shy and sometimes wild Thai chics.

The website is indeed one of the most trusted Thai dating sites, connecting thousands of single men and women internationally!


ThaiFriendly is another website that I first tried when I was in Pattaya for a leisure trip. It was my second time in Pattaya, and this time I decided to give ThaiFriendly a try over ThaiCupid.

The website is always pretty active with thousands of members online at any time of the day with Thai Ladies from Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pattaya, Phuket, and all over Thailand!

Want To Enjoy With Hot Thai Girls Join This Thaifriendly Dating Site

Dating sites -hot thailand girls


Once you join ThaiFriendly, you can send your first free message in just two minutes. Like ThaiCupid, this site is free to join!

You can easily send and receive messages with lovely Thai ladies for free without even having to find a match first.

There is always the option to upgrade to a paid account that would give you more features to play with. But frankly speaking, I never needed to upgrade!

I got what I wanted WITHOUT UPGRADING to a paid account, which according to me is the best thing a customer would need.

A good thing is that the servers are really quick, and you can connect with online ladies instantly. I got to arrange my first date in Pattaya with a really hot Thai girl within an hour of chatting with her.

Then we met the next day! She was damn hot with huge round boobs, and I just couldn’t stop drooling over them. She knew straight away what I was looking for in her. She was bold and upfront, and hit the sex talk right away!

We went to her Condo and we had a blast. From Missionary to Cowgirl to 69 and even Amazon, I don’t know if we missed out on any sex position that night. JUST IMAGINE!

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FAQs | Best Places to Meet Thai girls in Thailand

😍 Which are some best places for shopping in Thailand?

There are many grand shopping malls in Thailand. Some of them are Central mall, Union Mall, MBK Mall Bangkok, etc. You can even meet sexy girls in these malls and chill with them.

🤩 How can you score a girl in Thailand?

Thailand is the best place to meet girls, hook up with them, and chill. There are night clubs, night bars, go-go bars, beaches, hundreds of islands, night markets, shopping malls, etc where you can meet hot & sexy Thai girls.

💃 What are festivals in Thailand?

There are many events and festivals celebrated in Thailand every day or the other. These events are held in shopping malls, parks, and beaches where you can meet sexy hot Thai women.

🤔 What are Hi-so Thai girls?

Hi-so Thai women are classic rich women in Thailand. These girls are shy to meet western men. Hi-so girls attend fashion shows and classic events only.

Conclusion: Best Places to Meet Thai girls in Thailand

These are two Thai Online Dating platforms that I have used quite a few times to meet and enjoy with beautiful Thai girls during my previous visits to Thailand.

Both websites are absolutely free to join with options to upgrade to a premium membership for extra features and functionalities.

At times I just didn’t want to leave me room to hook up with girls.

So, I simply logged in here and got what I was hoping. Their services have been damn reliable and all customer information is kept confidential under all circumstances. I have met girls for day-outs, night parties, random dates, quick and random sexual encounters, and one-night stands with different girls.

If you are there in Thailand or planning to visit soon, and are hoping to put your money where your dark fantasies are, then ThaiFriendly can be your best friend!


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