How To Meet Hot Girls in Bangkok And Get Laid 2024?

In this post, we will tell you How to Meet Hot Girls in Bangkok.

They say, where there are hot girls to see, spend time with and even sleep with, then that place is considered to be a paradise for people! Bangkok is one such place on Earth where women are just damn HOT!

Tired and worn out souls from various parts of the country and from other parts of the world visit Bangkok in huge numbers annually looking for a way to release their tension and pent up energy.

Hot Girls in Bangkok -hot thai girls and chicks

Though it would be very wrong to state that Bangkok is famous only for sex. The city is also a popular business hub in Asia, popular for major business conferences, conventions, and seminars taking place every now and then.

I have been a work-focused guy for the past 4 years and have visited Bangkok numerous times for attending conferences and other business matters.

The work ain’t bad, but at times the overload of all this gets extremely stressful and I feel that nothing good is left in life and all I have left my cabin, laptop, and smartphone. But when I’m in Bangkok, there is a solution to my stress issues!

Meet Hot Girls in Bangkok and Get Laid!

Hot Girls in Bangkok - thai cupid dating

Someone has said it right, “If you are stressed out, THEN GO GET LAID!”, and I have followed this Mantra many times during my visits to Bangkok. Most single men like me, visiting the city for work or leisure realize immediately how easy is to hook up with girls in Bangkok.

Needless to say, I have even visited Bangkok JUST TO HAVE SEX with Hot Thai women. This excitement and readiness to go there are due to 3 reasons:

  1. The Thai Girls open to all this and willingly indulge in any kind of sexual activity you are anticipating from them. NO COMPLAINTS, NO DEMANDS!

  2. The culture in Bangkok is very open to these activities. No one makes you feel awkward by staring or passing comments while you are with a Hot Thai bar girl going down the street or even sitting at a coffee shop or mall. NO ONE CARES!

  3. Escort services, Spas, Erotic Massage salons, Blowjob bars, etc. are COMPLETELY LEGAL in Thailand.

What’s even more convincing and comforting is the fact that, neither the girls judge the customers, nor do the customers judge them. The with Thai chis is that there is a strong need to have sex, which is what separates them from other Asian girls.

Don’t get surprised! I say this out of personal experience as I have managed to get laid with Bangkok girls whom I’ve just met a few hours before. When she likes you, the next natural step is to have sex. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

That is how easy is to get laid with steaming Hot Bangkok girls. As if you just walked in front of a restaurant, saw a delicious meal, and decided to have it!

  • Picking up Hot Bangkok Girls!

It is obviously about how you connect with them. The best is to learn a few crisp Thai pickup lines to please the hot chic you wish to have, and that’s it, Bangkok is your holy land!

To be honest and open about it, I’ve been to many countries for work, seeking my share of sexual pleasure with local women there, even in hard to get around countries like Lebanon, but nothing compares to the ease of Thailand!

Bangkok is a unique place to pick up Thai girls from all walks of life, starting from university girls, office women, hookers, freelancers, and more.

Their relationship with sex is an open mind forward the experience. After a couple of encounters, I realized that Bangkok girls are a bit shy at first, but they’ve got a genuine interest in meeting a foreigner.

This what I’m talking about here is about regular girls, the ones you meet on dating sites, in malls, clubs, streets, and nearby universities.

Clearly, Bangkok has much more to offer than bar girls and red-light districts!

Hot Girls in Bangkok - thailand girls

If you want more open minds and open legs, then the Thai Bar girls or women in the red-light districts are waiting for men like us who just want to get fucked hard!

And frankly, the girls don’t even care about the looks, physique, or nationality of the client they are dealing with. I’ve seen fat, bold, and old men getting laid with cute, young, and lovely bar girls.

The ease of getting laid in Bangkok can only be explained by these words which I have told my friends as well, “If you can’t get laid in Bangkok, you will never get laid anywhere else in the world”.

Any guy who goes up and has a nice charming conversation with a Thai hottie stands a very obvious chance to get laid in Bangkok.

Thai women can feel attraction for a man far behind his appearance, body shape, or age and that’s what sets them apart from the usual demanding girls whom people term as sluts and need desperate money.

  • Master the Art of Picking Up Hot girls in Bangkok!

Just like wooing girls with charming pickup lines is an art, similarly is following up on them till you have them in your bedroom.

Picking up Thai girls in Bangkok is pretty basic and you just need to do all the necessary things you would usually do to follow up on any other girl in some other country.

However, meeting attractive Bangkok girls outside the virtual internet world on the streets, malls, clubs, and so on is pretty easy compared to other places courtesy of the ease and open mind culture of Bangkok women that allows you to hook up with them really quickly.

Hot Girls in Bangkok - thailand hot girls

I have been to Bangkok 6 times over the past 2 years and have had my share of dates, parties, nights outs and sexual encounters with Hot Thai chics, I can quite easily put down a step by step guide on how you can pick up a hot chic in Bangkok with the least efforts or brainstorming involved.

  • Keep it slow and basic!

One of the major reasons why most Bangkok girls are pretty shy is because they are mostly just terrible in the English language. Which is actually quite normal and okay.

So, I was pretty sure from the beginning that not every Thai woman would understand what I would say to them.

Even if they do, they will speak slowly and clearly and will expect the same kind of cooperation with you. So, don’t be in a hurry! Control your hormones and keep the conversation slow and basic!

  • Ask her questions and engage her in a conversation!

Try your best to engage her in conversation and get her interested in you. You want to ask something which the conversation can open up.

Ask questions like which are the good tourist attractions nearby that you could visit, and lead the questions in a manner that the conversation doesn’t end in just 2-3 sentences. Try not to ask stupid questions like “Where is the nearest toilet?” and all.

  • Close Her

Most girls in Bangkok, especially the ones you meet in malls or coffee shops don’t have much to do for the day! So, you can go ahead and ask her to show you around.

You could try and squeezing some cheesy pickup lines to make the conversation interesting. What I did with a few of the girls I met for the first time is I asked them about some good nearby tourist attractions and when she told me, I asked how long has she been in this area?

She said for a couple of years, so that gave me a hint to hit her with a pickup line of my own “In that case, could you spend a few hours with me and show me around this place? I could use some beautiful company!”.

  • Get her number

A mistake that most guys usually do is ask for the number and just say bye and leave. This is not a good practice because she’ll feel like you are a kind of Playboy.

So, I would recommend you to get her number between your ongoing conversation just by saying “Do you have LINE?

Would be nice to chat sometimes”. Yeah, people in Bangkok use LINE more than WhatsApp. So have the messenger installed on your phone beforehand.

  • Follow Up

Now no need to drag the conversation too far. If she has shared her number with you, then she’ll be okay to receive a text from you.

Once you leave, just follow up after an hour or two later with a text and plan your next meeting. Don’t be desperate and send her a text as soon as you get her number!

  • Bang Bang!

Once you are through with this much, You’re almost there. Plan a nice meeting with her within a few days, the earlier the better!

Make sure to meet her nearby your hotel room for your date. That would be more convenient. Don’t make her travel from one part of the city to another just to get to your room.

Hot Girls in Bangkok - thai couple dating

It’s best to meet her over a cup of coffee and have a short conversation. The first time I went on a date with a Thai girl, I took her to my bedroom by saying that I need to take my camera. Once we were in a room, we had a little random chit-chat.

It’s best to keep it subtle! Gradually we got close enough and she was up for some sex. Surprised with how quick that was? Well, after all in Bangkok is just the norm.

  • Get to know the Hot Girls in Bangkok during the day

Some guys do not like discos or bars and can not be accused. It can be fun to have a good time at night, but on other occasions, you may wonder why you like to go out.

The game of the day can be another solid way to recruit women, and the logistics of this city are excellent in terms of the game of the day. Why? With most of the largest shopping centers along the BTS line, you can easily access and switch from one to another.

The first place is the Siam BTS Station, where you will find some of the city’s largest and most beautiful shopping malls, such as Central World, Siam Paragon, and others.

If you are planning to meet girls in Bangkok during the day, you should stay close or visit this area regularly.

Other good shopping malls and business districts where you can meet sexy women with their BTS stop during the day are:

  • Pantip Plaza and Platinum Fashion in Chidlom
  • Central Embassy in Ploenchit
  • Terminal 21 in Asok
  • Emporium & EmQuartier in Phrom Phong
  • Season place in on nut
  • Chat with girls online

Meet girls near your nightlife in Bangkok

You can not write an appointment overview today without including online events. Bangkok girls are extremely active in places like Thai Friendly and Thai Cupid. Foreign men can take stock of both.

Best of all, both can work very well, Thai Friendly probably has some other prostitutes, while Thai Cupid does a better job of eliminating them.

It can be quite difficult to say who is a prostitute or not in Thailand, the only experience can help you and even then you will never get it perfect.

The ease, speed, and efficiency of online dating make it an excellent resource. If not, do not be surprised if you wash less often than usual.

Remember to treat these girls with respect when you send them a message. Many boys jump to these places and treat every girl like a prostitute. If you are different from them and still a gentleman, your chances of winning are enormous.

Just think about it for a second. All you have to do is sign up for a dating site, be friendly and the rest will work. Now you can see why so many foreign men like to live here.

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My Best Experience with a Thai Hottie!

Now if you are just excited about that briefing, let me give you a detailed run through my best experience with one of the Thai beauties I met and fucked! This one is from my second trip to Bangkok.

During my first trip, I quickly realized that it was very easy to meet single girls and get laid, but couldn’t capitalize on it due to time constraints. But getting laid during my next visit was one of the top things on my bucket list. This building excitement was more than I could ever handle.

Hot Girls in Bangkok - thai couple dating thailand friendly

To be clear once more, I’m not talking about bar girls or hookers. Instead, regular local women looking for genuine fun.

To be honest, I’m not a regular gym hitting guy and don’t have a very attractive physique. I don’t have six packs to flaunt. Pretty much average looking at a decent height.

Regardless of all these, it was damn easy for me to get laid with quality Bangkok girls. So, you can imagine how easily you can “Score”.

Generally, guys looking to hook up for the first time may take few days to get laid with a hot girl in Bangkok. That’s okay since mostly they are unaware of how things develop quickly in Bangkok when meeting a girl.

I have had random dates with over a dozen hot girls in Bangkok and we were in a hotel room having sex within a few short hours. All you need to do is be straightforward, confident, and be smart enough to decide what to do next.

If you let women take the lead, you’ll never get laid. Take charge, but don’t make it very obvious. It’s like you need to lead her through your moves and follow your desires.

I have understood that Thai women are usually pretty submissive in nature and rarely disagree with a man. If you know “how to” lead her towards your desires and fantasies, you’ll get laid every day during your vacation in Bangkok.

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Some Tips for Hot Girls in Bangkok

  • Knowing how to have fun: Remember that you should have fun with or without girls. When you meet girls and spend time with them, you have fun and you will not be bored.
  • Be direct and confident. For Thai women, it is important to show them that you are the man of interaction. Have answers and know how to direct the interaction (and the conversation)
  • Have a plan. Once you know them, you should know where you are going and what you need to do in Bangkok. Do not make decisions about it.
  • Shut down. Take her to a more private place if she feels comfortable with you. Just say you want to bring her home to go. Do not forget that when it comes, it already means that it is
  • very much in your interest. 9 times out of 10, he agrees to go to your room, which means he wants to sleep with you. Make the movement on them and keep their mouth shut.
  • How it all happened?

Let me tell you this one story about how I banged a Bangkok girl in less than an hour! So, during my second trip to Bangkok, I tried my luck at online dating on this Thai Online Dating platform I had heard of.

After wrapping up my work, I had 4 spare days in hand and decided to pre-arrange a date with this cute Thai Bombshell after meeting her on Thai Cupid. I had arranged this date one week before my arrival.

Hot Girls in Bangkok - thai dating site

As I said, she was a cute, 22 years old chic, working for a brokerage company. The first look at her would give you the classic “good” office girl vibe.

Excited I was for the meeting, and there she arrived in a BMW car. She had a stunning figure, nicely shaped boobs, and a beautiful round ass.

She was wearing high heels and a short dress that highlighted her figure even more! She looked smoking hot in reality.

She looked so much like a professional hooker, though she wasn’t! I was under the assumption that she is going to make me spend hundreds of dollars on her. But I was wrong there as well.

Hot Girls in Bangkok - Hot thai hookers

My budget was a bit tight, so we went for the usual coffee date! The ambiance at the restaurant was pretty cozy. It kinda turned me on after a few minutes. We had a decent slow chat for about 30 minutes. After that, I was looking for some action, and I told her is time to go to her condo.

Like I mentioned about the open-minded nature of Thai women, she eventually agreed. The condo wasn’t anything fancy like you would imagine from a romantic movie. It was just a one-bedroom in Rama, that nonetheless liked pretty comfortable and inviting.

But when you have a hot creature like that with you, who would even care about the place? All I wanted now was to bring out her hot body from those clothes, pinning her onto the bed, fuck her hard till she screamed out in ecstasy, and drop my load inside her!

Hot Girls in Bangkok - hot thai hookers


I started with a nice and friendly talk with her slowly turning the conversation about our fantasies and desires on the bed.  More to my luck, she had the same fantasies as mine. 

We hardly had 20-25 minutes of talking and soon I got close to her as we were kissing the very next moment. Within minutes we had our hearts thumping and once our lips met, you know the rest.

Soon, my unfulfilled dream of hooking up with the Hit Thai chick came true. After a long kissing session, we undressed each other and got inside the sheets craving for our bodies to meet. As we got under the sheets, I explored her body with my hands!!

and we knew it was going to be one of the best nights for us. 

And then there were kisses, moans, and hickeys. We started slowly with a makeout session, from exploring her boobs to going down even, she was resistant to go. I had the best oral sex with this Thai chick and I must say Thai girls are the best when it comes to giving orals. 

Hot Girls in Bangkok - hot thai dating sites

From kisses to orals and from oral to sex, it seemed like I was saving up my energy for this. I was all over her, pounding her hot body getting inside her, and penetrating deep. As I went deeper, her body started shaking and all I could hear were her moans!! 

After long sex, we headed to the shower where we made out and I had fulfilled my fantasies that night rubbing foams on each other and shower sex. 

The fuck we had from there on was as if we had no tomorrow to live! She was submissive, cooperating perfectly with my desires, but at times she turned to her dominating side as well when she was high on hormones.

I had a blasting night with her and that wasn’t the last time with her! We met and had sex twice after that night, this time in my hotel room!

Thai Online Dating: How To Meet Hot Girls in Bangkok?

This is how good Thai Cupid was and I was surprised that I actually got a hot chic to fuck through online dating instantly.

This is however just one of the dating sites I have used while being in Bangkok. I used another Thai dating site called Thai Friendly, while in Pattaya during my next trip, and got laid the same day!

Indeed, these are the two best Thai dating sites to do some homework searching for girls and planning your meetings.

Thai girls dating

When a Bangkok girl likes you, there is no reason why she would refuse your proposal. In fact, having sex in Bangkok is as easy as going on a date!

Search for the “right” girls using the dating sites I mentioned above, meet up with them, and move forward with a clear strategy. Just be straight to the point and show confidence!

Quick Links:

FAQs: Find Hot Girls On Thaifriendly

✅ What is, a Thai dating site, is open to anyone looking for friends from Thailand. By April 2016, it had 800,000 members and has grown since then. It is now considered one of the largest free dating sites in Thailand.

What is the secret to finding a fantastic Girlfriend in Thailand?

Ans:- Sign up for the Thaifriendly app on the Google Store. In this application, you will find several Thai girls looking for relationships, dates, and even weddings. Thai girls and women are looking for strangers in a friendly Thai app.

Is Thaifriendly free?

The website offers free registration, correspondence and delivery of messages every 10 minutes.

‍ How do I create a profile in Thaifriendly?

Profiling is easy and fast. New users must provide basic personal information to complete the site.

Is Thaifriendly expensive or cheap?

Thaifriendly is cheap compared to other providers.

‍ How do Thaifriendly Credits work?

Thaifriendly has member projects starting at $ 24.95 per month.

Is Thaifriendly safe?

Yes, Thaifriendly is completely safe to use.

Which dating sites are popular in Thailand?

Thaifriendly seems to be more of a casual dating site, real women are looking for Mr. Perfect, but there are also many casual connections. On request, ladyboys are also strongly represented. Again, there is a registration fee, but I think you can send a free message every 10-15 minutes.

How much does a prostitute in Thailand cost today?

In Bangkok, a short break begins with a normal-looking independent roadside expert at 10 am. (It can be cheaper if you are young and/or late at night), 1 shot.

How to date girls in Bangkok?

If you have a date with someone, use Thaifriendly or meet someone from the street or the club.

Is messaging on Thaifriendly free?

Messaging is free. Non-paying members can receive and read all messages sent to them. However, you must wait 10 minutes between sending the messages. Free members can also post comments for free and send interests to other users.

‍‍ How to do friendship with Pattaya girls?

If you've just made an appointment with someone, you can chat with the Thaifriendly app with hot Pattaya girls and make friends with us.

Conclusion: How To Meet Hot Girls in Bangkok 2024?

Visiting Bangkok to meet hot girls is a chance for every tourist to really get a glimpse of the city’s extensive nightlife. There are so many great places to explore and get to know the locals, but just remember not to offend anyone or disrespect those around you.

It’s best to come prepared with some research on what kind of girl or club you’re looking for and your limits; if you come into it with an open mind, then you’ll be sure to have an amazing time out in Thailand.

So what are you waiting for? Get your groove on at any one of these hot spots in Bangkok and find yourself that special someone tonight!

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