Thaifriendly Review 2024 : How To Find Thai Singles? Pros & Cons Of Thaifriendly Dating Site

Thaifriendly Review

OVERALL VERDICT, a Thai dating site, is open to anyone looking for friends from Thailand. By April 2016, it had 800,000 members and has grown since then. It is now considered one of the largest free dating sites in Thailand.

Out of 10


  • The website offers free registration
  • 2 million members I charge more than 300,000 women
  • Super easy to use
  • Free account: send messages immediately.
  • Instant Messaging available in Premium Plan.
  • You can use the application as soon as you have registered on a computer.


  • Insufficient client support.
  • Just acknowledge PayPal and Mastercards.


Price: $ 24.95

Thaifriendly is a Thai dating site that makes it easy for you to find your one and only. This Thaifriendly review will help you decide if this website is right for you.

The website features an advanced search function that allows you to find other members with specific interests, hobbies, and professions. Unlike many online dating sites, Thaifriendly will not charge any fees until you have found the perfect match!

Thaifriendly has already been downloaded by thousands of singles looking for love and adventure. Sign up today and start chatting with your potential new bae!

Bottom Line Upfront: Is Thaifriendly Legit? How much does Thai friendly cost? How do I join ThaiFriendly? How do I create profile on Thaifriendly?

Thaifriendly is a popular dating website that caters to Thai women seeking men around the world. With over 10 million registered members, it’s easy to find someone who shares your interests and values.

The site is free, which makes it easy for you to browse profiles without commitment.

ThaiFriendly On Social Media

Besides casual flirt and sexy chats, you can make a love connection., a Thai dating site, is open to anyone looking for friends from Thailand.

By April 2016, it had 800,000 members and has grown since then. It is now considered one of the largest free dating sites in Thailand.

Checkout Thaifriendly now.


Do you want to know what you are going to learn in this article? Have a look at these questions:

  • What is Thaifriendly?
  • Is Thaifriendly safe and secure?
  • Is Thaifriendly dating site worth it?
  • Can you find sexy Thai women on Thaifriendly site?
  • How to register on Thaifriendly?
  • What is pricing plan of Thaifriendly?
  • What are features of Thaifriendly?
  • How to make your profile attractive?
  • What are pros of Thaifriendly?
  • What are cons of Thaifriendly?

Table of Contents

Thaifriendly Review 2024: Does It Help Find Hot Girls?

Girls found in Thailand are drop-dead gorgeous with hot body curves. Thailand is a place to find sexy ladies and make a bond with them.

If you want to have sexual connections with super sensual ladies, then Thai friendly is the perfect website for you.

You can use this dating website for hookups, sexy talks, or even long-term relationships.

Many young ladies sit with their laptops and mobiles and wait excitedly for sexy guys to tempt them and satisfy their seductive needs.

Most of the women on this website come in 18 to 35, which means there is more youth here.

All of these hot chicks crave love and lust to make their boring life spicy and happening. They have sexy curves and passionate desires that can seduce any guy worldwide.

You can easily make your account on the dating website and select what type of partner you dream of.

Thai friendly Review - Dating Site hot thailand girls thai dating

Once you choose the qualities of the girl based on height, physical appearance, age, marital status, and children, you are all set to make your free and alone time hot and happening.

Brief  Detail About Thaifriendly

With so many online daters, it’s hard to find someone who will actually like you for who you are? Are you tired of searching and are looking for a serious relationship that will last?

Solution: Thaifriendly is an app dedicated to finding that perfect person for you. All of their users are looking for meaningful relationships, so you can be sure that your time on the app will be worthwhile.

It is one of the most used dating sites in Thailand, with more than 1.4 million active users. This website is viral amongst the travelers or the tourist who wants to make new friends or go on a blind date.

Detailed thaifriendly Review with pricing

You can meet all types of girls here. If you are looking for friends, hookups, or even life partners, Thaifriendly is the place for you.

The open to all policy enables everyone to have a comfortable environment and creates transparency. If you are not the one who can score a girl with the right moves or smooth lines, no need to worry.

Start your conversation without going through awkward dates through Thaifriendly, and then if you find the person exciting, go further.

There are a bunch of options available for you if you are looking for casual dates or even hookups, Thaifriendly can come in handy.

The site has over 1.4 million active members from all over the world, so you’ll never get out of options.

To spice things up in the beautiful cities of Thailand, these ladies can help you with their curves and delicacy. Thailand people know how to keep their partners happy and satisfied so that you won’t have any regrets.

Enjoy Nightlife in Thailand and meet Hot Thai Girls

The site is well-known among the more youthful ones. The more significant part of its members is in the 18-35 age section.

The vast majority of them joined to discover friends, dates, or sex, yet there are likewise rare sorts of people who need to meet somebody willing to commit.

Thai Women Gif

The gender extent of the site’s populace is quite alright with a 2:3 male to female proportion. Male individuals incorporate ladyboys, which makes up practically 50% of the site’s male populace.

In this manner, it is sheltered to reason that most of Thaifriendly’s individuals are ladies and ladyboys.

Besides Thailand, a large portion of the site’s traffic originates from various nations, in particular, the United States, Germany, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

Search and Sort Process:

There are two kinds of hunt alternatives accessible on Thaifriendly. Clients can pick a basic search or an advanced search.

Want To Enjoy With Hot Thai Girls Join Thaifriendly Dating Site

thai dating sites thailand girls beautiful
Meet hot Thai girls in Thailand

Thaifriendly Review

The basic search is free, and any client can utilize it. The basic search gives clients choices, for example, age range, education, and location.

While the advanced search enables the clients to discover ladies closer precisely as they would prefer.

Basic channels from the basic search:

  • Height and weight
  • Physical appearance
  • Marital status
  • Children
  • Level of instruction

The search algorithm on the stage is constructive as it furnishes the clients with exact matches.

The location filter on Thaifriendly can help clients in the search for ladies in better places in Thailand. By doing this, you won’t speak with a lady who lives excessively far.

Though there are no match recommendations on the website, instead, clients can locate the most active users on the site.

Create a Free Account

You can sign up for a free account to test the site. I recommend that you instantly upgrade to a Premium account because free accounts are only allowed a message every 10 minutes.

Your time is too valuable to wait 10 minutes to contact the girl of your dreams in Thailand. Get a Premium Membership to get the best overall experience.

Step 1 – Create an account.

Use this link and click “Create Account” on the home page to start creating the account.

Create ThaiFriendly account for chat with hot girls - ThaiFriendly Login
Create a ThaiFriendly account to chat with hot girls.

Step 2 – Complete your Personal Information.

You will then be redirected to a page where you enter your username, password, e-mail address, date of birth, and size/weight.

Join ThaiFriendly - Create thaifriendly & Chat Thai girls

Click on “Continue” and enter more information about yourself. Just be yourself and write your nationality and why you visit Thailand.

Do not give anything about your finances or anything like that. Be great!

Click “Next” and enter basic information about your country. Accept the “Terms of Use.”

Upload your Photo.

Once you have accepted the Terms of Use, you will be asked to upload a photo of yourself.

Download a nice picture of you in a nice outfit and a smile! Thai women prefer safe men who treat them well, unlike western women who prefer bad guys or thugs.

Upload Photo on ThaiFriendly - Chat with Thai Girls

A beautiful smiling picture attracts enough news to organize an appointment. If you have a photo in a suit, it’s even better.

Search Members

Now the pleasure begins. You will be redirected to the main page, which will show you all the Thai girls that match your search criteria.

Free accounts allow Thai women to search by age, location, education, and child status. If you want to filter girls by size and weight, you’ll need to upgrade to a premium account.

Search Hot Thai Girls in Thai friendly Website

Tip: Filter the girls by location by clicking the Thailand tab and then selecting a city in Thailand. If you are planning to visit Bangkok, filter the girls who live in Bangkok.

This is a great way to keep messages from being sent to a Thai girl who lives too far away from their resort.

Start Sending Messages

Do you remember how I mentioned Thai women as great women? Well, you have to show your trust without being arrogant in your messages.

Western women like men who “disconnect” or decline to increase their interest. The application of this strategy in Thailand is probably misunderstood and considered insulting.

It is better to introduce yourself and deal directly with your intentions. Many Thai women have a darker complexion and are monsters in the bedroom. This means that you can easily configure updates and connections without being thirsty.

Ask him to have dinner with you, to cook in your hotel/apartment, or to have a drink in a bar. You do not need to enter the “Friend Zone” in Thailand. Be direct and do what you want!

Once you’ve created a decent profile page with some good photos and information about you, it’s time to move on to the second step.

Chat With Hot thai girls and enjoy date with girls

The first message you send to a Thai-friendly girl is the most important one.

If you reply to your first message, there is a minimum of 80% chance that you will respond to your second message.

If you do not respond to your first message, you will have to work hard with your second message.

What you do not want to do is give her a little “hello, how are you, what’s your name” like she’s been all this time, take the time to read her profile and write or ask her something.

For example, if she writes that she is studying in Bangkok, she might like to ask her what her specialty is, and when she writes, she likes traveling to interesting places, you also tell her.

She writes that English is not so good, she tells that her Thai is not that good and they can help each other.

Many Thai-friendly men just look at the girl’s picture and send short messages. If you take another minute to read his profile and write a little more, he will be more likely to answer you.

Organize the Date

When you have answered your first message, keep asking about your life, your tastes, and your hobbies.

Do not immediately ask for your phone number, Facebook, or phone contact after five messages, or try to explain that you can only send a message every ten minutes, and it would be easier to talk to a person another messenger.

How to Date Thai girls & Enjoy nightlife with Girls

If you’ve contacted your email service, talk to her for a day or two, and then request an appointment. I wrote an article about dating Thai girls and where to get the first date you will find here.

Thaifriendly is a great free tool to make appointments with Thai girls. By the way, in contrast to most western girls, Thai girls are also taking the first step towards Thai perfection.

Thai Language Feature

One really impressive feature is that Thaifriendly allows Thai girls to register in Thai. With the translation software, they can then communicate with you in English if you do not speak Thai. How cool is it!

This means that many women are not present at other dating sites.

However, it also means that you have many women who cannot communicate well in English. Then you will wonder what you would do if you knew each other.

Cross this bridge when you arrive there!

Why Join Thaifriendly?

Now that you’re ready to meet Thai women online, it’s important to explain why I recommend Thaifriendly to other Thai dating sites like FileAsia and ThaiCupid.

Participation is 100% free.

Thaifriendly is the best free online dating site for men who want to meet Thai women. You can sign up for 100% free and still talk to Thai women today.

Free profiles can send a message every 10 minutes, but I recommend switching to a premium subscription.

Try it for free, and if you like it, I’d like to consider improving your membership.

A large selection of women to choose from Thaifriendly has the largest selection of Thai women I have ever met. Falesia is free, but most women live in the Philippines.

There are not enough active members of Thailand on the site.

How to Chat with Hot Thai women in thailand - play with thaifriendly

ThaiCupid is big enough, but its use is very expensive. Besides, most women seek long-term relationships and marriage.

Most tourists will not spend much time in Bangkok, so I recommend Thaifriendly because it offers a sexy and fun environment.

All you have to do is register with Thaifriendly, set up your account, and send/receive messages to organize appointments and connections.

Anyone can make an appointment (even if you are a mature man).

Another thing I like about Thaifriendly is that you can meet Thai women at any age. Western society stigmatizes older men with younger women, but in Thailand, this is far less common.

You can send a message to any woman of your choice (if you are at least 18 years old), and you will probably get an answer. The most beautiful girls receive dozens of messages every day, so it’s not a 100% test.

In Thaifriendly, I get 100 times more news than in western dating sites like OkCupid and POF. You will probably experience the same too.

First Impression

The Thaifriendly dating site is pretty easy to use with all the functions and features. For the registration process, the user must provide basic personal information to complete the profiles.

Then we can search for beautiful women on the platform without obstacles.

The site is aimed primarily at men who are looking for attractive women from the land of smiles in Thailand. Participation is free, and in a short time, a person can complete the profile.

There are a variety of women to choose from. Most men managed to make an appointment with a beautiful woman from the construction site.

How do you communicate?

Thaifriendly dating site also has many features for free users. Users can show interest in other profiles, add them to their favorites, and send messages.

However, there are restrictions on free users. A paying user can use all features and functionalities of the website. There is also a chat room where men can get in touch with attractive women from Thailand.

It is recommended to be in direct contact with a Thai woman. Whatever your intentions are, eliminate them at the right time.

How do you set up your Profile?

Setting up your profile is a quick process. The first step is for users to register on the site. There are two ways to use the Facebook log or phone number.

Make Profile and start chat with thai girls in thaifriendly

The Phone number option forces users to enter their phone number, and they receive an SMS or WhatsApp message with the verification code. After checking the phone, the user must report the following information:

  • User name
  • Password
  • E-mail address
  • Gender and preferences
  • Date of birth
  • Height and weight

After that, new users must enter certain basic information to complete the profile configuration.

These are some questions that help the user to get better results on the Thaifriendly website. Based on these questions, users will adapt to the preferences and interests of women.

Unique Features

Thaifriendly may be only a simple site, yet it has quite a few fantastic features that can make your dating background fun and viable. Recorded beneath are the site’s unique features:

1. Texting Contact 

Thaifriendly’s texting feature has an engaging interface. When you send messages to an individual you like, you will be diverted to that individual’s profile page.

There will seem another field where you can type in your message will show up. Texting on the site is really like posting a status on Facebook.

ThaiFriendly Review- Successful Thai Dating

2. Talk 

This is a top-notch include that makes it simpler for you to talk with other online individuals. With this, you can visit with anybody while additionally perusing the site.

3. Show Interest

In Thaifriendly, you can show enthusiasm to another part with only a single tick. If you float over somebody’s photograph, a heart symbol will show up. Clicking it will tell the individual that you like them.

beautifull hot girls- Sexy girls

4. Top Picks List 

Each part can make a rundown of their preferred profiles. You can add an individual to your rundown by essentially tapping the star symbol that you will discover beneath their profile.



💰  Price

$ 24.95

😍  Pros

2 million members I charge more than 300,000 women

😩  Cons

Insufficient client support.

Verdict, a Thai dating site, is open to anyone looking for friends from Thailand. By April 2016, it had 800,000 members and has grown since then. It is now considered one of the largest free dating sites in Thailand.

Rating 4/5

Does Thaifriendly have a Mobile Application?

Indeed, Thaifriendly has a mobile application that is simpler to utilize in contrast with the site. The app is accessible for both Android and iOS clients for free.

Every one of the features and functionalities of the application is like that of the site.

ThaFriendly Review- Biggest Thai Dating

The texting feature is significantly easier to understand, and the app offers superior and smooth perusing knowledge.

However, application clients don’t approach the list of their top choices. A great deal of the features on the application is just for premium clients.

Also, the cost of month to month membership on the application costs around $19.99, which is less expensive when contrasted with $24.95 every month as on the work area site.

It is significantly more valuable for clients to buy an enrollment on the application.

How To Find Hot Thai Girls on Thaifriendly ?

For us, one of the most surprising aspects of our Thaifriendly Magazine is the minimalist nature of the website interface. Here you will not find half of the features that are usually found on other dating sites.

However, this is not necessarily a bad thing, as most of the features needed to find your important partner is still there.

No function allows you to search for members. Instead, this feature is integrated into the search function.

When you click Browse, you access a randomly selected member gallery that you can then edit using the search commands at the top of the page.

The search function does not offer many ways to describe your perfect match.

In addition to gender, place of residence, and age group, you can also indicate size and weight, education level, and the question of whether or not you have children.

You can also choose to show only members who have profile photos or have been online recently.

Show interest to date with thai girls

In the beautiful gallery that presents your search results, you’ll see the woman’s nickname, her location, her age, and whether she’s online.

Some women on the Thaifriendly website will also wear the “New Member” badge, indicating that they are relatively new to the platform.

Once a Thaifriendly member has caught your attention, the most interesting part is: Get to know your potential soulmate better. For this purpose, Thaifriendly has created a short but informative user profile.

Here you will find almost everything you need to know about women if you are still trying to decide if it is her.

Your profile contains the most important information, such as the age, location, goals, and preferences of the visitors, as well as information about your personality and interests.

You can also express your interest in the profile of a woman, send a message, add it to your favorites with a note

(Check how all things work in Thaifriendly review article) and inform the profile if you suspect illegal activities.

Important Tips for Setting Profile On ThaiFriendly

During your online conversation, you need to share contact information.

Request your phone number and line ID. LINE is a free online messaging application like Skype, which is very popular in Thailand. You can make free calls and send messages.

This is the best way to stay in touch with your Thai women as calls quickly accumulate in Thailand. However, I think a phone is a necessity to make friends and be safe in Thailand.

Make setting perfect to secure profile ThaiFriendly

Getting a Thai phone number is very easy. All you need is a Thai GSM SIM card. You can buy them at any store or mall. You can add credit to your SIM card in 7 to 11 minutes.

I recommend buying a smartphone with an unlocked dual SIM card before your trip so you can restore the SIM card and start using the phone right away.

If you have contacted, arrange a meeting near a BTS subway station or a popular restaurant.

Some Thai girls do not trust strangers at first, so a public meeting is the easiest way to meet them.

Once you know them, return them to your apartment/hotel and have fun!

Update your account for maximum results

If Thaifriendly is 100% free, you can only send a free account message every 10 minutes.

At first, it is annoying, but it is necessary to prevent free members from flooding girls with tons of bad-quality news. The free barrier helps to maintain the integrity and quality of the website.

Whether you visit Thailand for a few days or live as an expatriate, I recommend investing in your social life by switching to a premium membership.

Thaifriendly Review – Is Thaifriendly free?

Why Update?

If you want to travel to Thailand several times a year (believe me, plan to renew your visa), a one-year subscription is the best value.

Thaifriendly only costs $ 99 for a 12-month subscription. That’s the cost of an average dinner in a medium-sized Thai restaurant.

Upgrade Profile to join popular member - thaifriendly website

Besides, you save money by meeting women online instead of visiting beer and go-go bars every day.

At first, they are fun, but after a while, you spend more money to meet Thai women. It is also good for your health if you drink less alcohol.

How to update your account on Thaifriendly?

Click the “Update my account” button, enter your credit card details, and click “Confirm payment.”

If you want to pay with Paypal, you need to take another step. Select the “Paypal” icon, enter your details, and click “Continue Paying with Paypal.”

You should change the currency of PHP (Philippine Peso) to USD (US Dollars) in the right corner of the 2checkout page.

Thaifriendly Services According to Costs

Free Services on Thaifriendly 

  • Upload photos
  • View photos
  • Add to favorites
  • Show interest
  • Send one message every ten minutes
  • Add profile notes
  • Utilize basic search filters

Free users can add profiles to their favorites list, show interest, upload and view photos, and more. According to the comments from Thaifriendly, the platform allows free users to communicate with other profiles at intervals of 10 minutes between messages.

Free users can also use the basic message search feature.

Create ThaiFriendly Account using phone number - ThaiFriendly Dating

However, most features of the site are intended for premium users. So, if you are looking for solid results in record time, you should choose a premium subscription. Check Offer in this Thaifriendly review now.

Fee-based Services

  • Send unlimited messages to anyone including famous people on the site.
  • Chat feature.
  • Use advanced search filters.
  • Control your privacy.
  • Highlighted profile.
  • Enable read receipts.
  • Access to the lists.

What does a Paid Subscription on Thaiffriendly offer?

Premium members can enjoy all the features and facilities of the Thaifriendly website for free. Users can send unlimited messages on the platform to other profiles.

You can also enjoy the chatroom. In addition, advanced search features with useful filters are only available to premium users. Premium users can surf anonymously.

You can also use the lists to find out who added them to your favorites. Users can also highlight their profiles for better and more frequent matches.

The Thaifriendly dating site does not have a credit system for its premium services. Instead, there are membership plans.

upgrade Your thaifriendly Profile to premium Profile - chat hot girls

Registration is free, and there is no obligation to become a paying member, but of course, there are benefits.
The price structure of Premium members has not changed for about 5 years.

  • $24.95 – per month
  • $49.95 – 3 months (save 33%)
  • $69.95 – 6 months (billed once only, save 53%)
  • $119.95 ($9.99/month, billed once only)

Premium Vs Free Membership


  • Complete your profile and upload pictures.
  • Search restriction: Use only the “Age” filter.
  • Restricted Mail: Once every 10 minutes.


  • Unlimited number of emails: send messages and publish comments without restriction
  • Advanced Search: Search for newer members, height, weight, children.
  • Control your privacy Offline mode: Hide your profile from non-members.
  • Get more news: These are displayed in the search via the free members.
  • More information: Know who read your posts and saw your profile.

Payment Methods and Refunds

Unlike most Asian dating services, PayPal and Bitcoin payments are accepted. Of course, you can also buy a premium account in Thaifriendly with your credit card, and we love that we have an option here.

Helpful Hint: If you want to save money, you play with the mobile application. The monthly subscription costs only 19.99 USD here.

What’s better, this dating site has an excellent refund policy. Therefore, you can get your money back for 14 days if you are not satisfied.

You can close your account and get a refund, but be careful: only new users can get their money back via PayPal, credit card, or Bitcoin.

Please note that your money cannot be refunded if you have made purchases in the application.

Is it safe to use Thaifriendly? 

Of course, you can not ignore security and privacy issues. We are sure that this is the most important thing when choosing a dating site.

We share too much information with these websites, from our real names to date of birth, credit card details, and CVV codes.

Secure payment with 256 -bit security - continue enjoy chat

This information can easily be misused if stolen. That’s why safety and protection are extremely important, in our opinion.

You do not want to lose your money or become a victim of identity theft, right?

Let us send you good news: With Thaifriendly, you do not have to worry about security.

It is a secure and serious dating service that protects all the information you share with it and does not sell or disclose it to any third party.

Is Thaifriendly Secure?

Thaifriendly is a secure website, so you do not waste your money here.

Why are we so sure? Because the technical protection and anti-fraud measures of Thaifriendly are at the highest level. Let’s talk about it in detail.

First, the site uses 128-bit SSL encryption, which is great. This is crucial for any dating service (or any other paid website): If a site does not have an SSL certificate, you should not use it.

This technology protects your confidential information, such as: For example, your credit card details (security number and code) prevent hackers from stealing them.

In very simple terms, if the site has an SSL certificate, it is a secure site, and is 100% secure.

All transactions are backed up with 256-bit AES encryption. This website works with 2Checkout, the world’s leading payment service provider.

Secure account with AES security - thaifriendly safe

Of course, encryption is not the only thing you need to consider before deciding on a good dating service.

The second important factor for the safety of a dating site in the fight against fraud.

It’s about the review: If women just need to check an email address, this is poor protection because anyone can create a wrong profile.

You cannot be sure that 100% of women on such websites are genuine, so we do not recommend their use. Checking the identity or phone number is much better in this regard. offers a telephone check to protect the site from criminal activity.

According to our study, we have not seen any scammers, and the absolute majority of men who use Thaifriendly have never had such problems.

So you should not worry.

However, be smart. Do not send money to women or search Google for photos before answering. These two simple steps can reduce the likelihood that you will lose money.

If you see someone who acts suspiciously, just block that person. Click “Block User” if you do not want to continue communicating with this woman.

If you are sure it is a scammer, click Report Profile. If it is a fraudulent profile, it will be deleted as soon as possible.

My Personal Thaifriendly Experience

Let me first say that the number of girls connected online generally exceeds mine when I connect.

You saw the image of my search results above and the profile of one of my matches. So, it makes no sense to say it’s very encouraging.

hot Girls - thai friendly dating site

Being a premium subscriber, I was able to talk instantly and get in touch with nice women, some of whom may have been more interested in my portfolio :).

Check Out Full Detailed Membership Structure In Thaifriendly Review ❤️

  • You will receive a personal profile that you can fill out.
  • With more than two million members worldwide.
  • It has an active community.
  • You will receive answers immediately.
  • The majority of the members are Thai women and ladyboys.
  • Male members dominate the site.

Thaifriendly is one of the largest dating sites in Thailand. The population base is huge and has more than 2 million active members worldwide.

Its members are so active that they can respond to your messages in just a few minutes.

The site is popular with the youngest. More than half of the members are between 18 and 35 years old.

thaifriendly Review - pricing

Most of them have registered to find friends, adventures, or entertainment, but some also want to meet someone willing to compromise.

The ratio of men to women on the website is quite acceptable, with a male to female ratio of 2: 3. Male members include ladyboys, who make up almost half the male population of the site.

Therefore, it is safe to conclude that the majority of Thaifriendly members are women and ladyboys.

Outside Thailand, most of the site traffic comes from different countries, namely Germany, the US, UK, and Australia.

Customer Service

Several Thaifriendly critics have criticized the site’s customer service. Normally, the support team does not respond to emails, and if they do, the return process takes a long time.

In addition, the support team does not provide satisfactory solutions.

solve your problem to email -Thai Friendly Contact us

Pros and Cons of Thaifriendly

Pros: Cons:
  • 2 million members I charge more than 300,000 women.
  • Insufficient client support.
  • Free to register and download photos.
  • Just acknowledge PayPal and Mastercards.
  • Super easy to use (easy to use, no technology expert).
  • Free account: send messages immediately.


  • Instant Messaging available in Premium Plan.


  • You can use the application as soon as you have registered on a computer.

5 of the Best Alternatives to ThaiFriendly

1.  ThaiCupid:

thaicupid review

ThaiCupid, a dating service operated by Cupid Media, reports having over 1.5 million active users and 3,000 regular logins. ThaiCupid’s representatives are primarily male, accounting for 85 percent of the total.

Women are scarce, accounting for just 15 % of the population.


They have two types of memberships to offer.

Platinum membership –

  • $ 39.99 – For 1 month
  • $ 79.98 ($ 26.66 per month) – For 3 months
  • $ 159.99 ($ 13.33 per month) – For 1 year

Gold membership –

  • $ 34.99 – For 1 month
  • $ 69.98 ($ 23.33 per month) – For 3 months
  • $ 139.99 ($ 11.67 per month) – For 1 year



  • You can meet people with various backgrounds
  • Customer support is not up to the mark
  • Sign-up from Facebook option is available

2.  ThaiFlirting:

thaiflirting dating site

It is one of the most famous Thai dating sites, with over 500,000 users. Additionally, it is entirely stable, has an active party, and supports free message sending.

As a result, if you’re looking for a free Thai dating platform to find Thai singles but don’t want to pay something, you can offer your crush immersive gifts and kisses.


It is entirely free to download. However, to use additional functionality, you must purchase coins.

  • $ 10 – 100 coins for 1 month
  • $ 25 – 250 coins for 3 months
  • $ 40 – 400 coins for 6 months



  • The profiles are very informative.
  • There is currently no iOS application available.
  • The free membership includes almost all you like, and the paid membership is very affordable.

3. OkCupid:

okcupid review

OkCupid launched in 2004. It was ranked among Time Magazine’s Top 10 dating websites in a little over three years. Due to the dating site’s steady growth through the years, there are many profiles to peruse. Even today, the dating site has a sizable customer base.


They have two different membership plans and a credit scheme for boosts.

A-list basic subscription –

  • $ 7.95 – For 1 month
  • $ 19.05 ($ 6.35 per month) – For 3 months
  • $ 23.70 ($ 3.95 per month) – For 6 months

A-list premium subscription –

  • $ 24.90 – For 1 month
  • $ 68.70 ($ 22.90 per month) – For 3 months
  • $ 119.40 ($ 19.90 per month) – For 6 months

For boosts –

  • $ 1.99 – For 1 credit
  • $ 9.45 ($ 1.89 per credit) – For 5 credits
  • $ 16.90 ($ 1.69 per credit) – For 10 credits



  • The identification options are excellent
  • There is no option for video chat.
  • The majority of the features in the app are completely free to use.

4.  AsianDating:

asiandating site

AsianDating’s membership is undeniably gender and age-segregated. Male participants are primarily between 35 and 44, and the rest are of Caucasian ethnic descent.

Although the website is geared toward Asians in general, a sizable portion of the community is Thai.


They have two types of memberships,

Gold membership –

  • $ 119.98 ($ 10 per month) – 12 months plan
  • $ 59.99 ($ 20 per month) – 3 months plan
  • $ 29.98 – 1 month plan

Platinum membership –

  • $ 149.99 ($ 12.50 per month) – 12 months
  • $ 69.98 ($ 23.33 per month) – 3 months
  • $ 34.99 – 1 month



  • You would not be allowed to react to members without a modified account.
  • The website’s interface should be improved significantly.
  • Paying memberships are less expensive than a sizable majority of the industry.

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FAQs | Thaifriendly Review

✅ What is, a Thai dating site, is open to anyone looking for friends from Thailand. By April 2016, it had 800,000 members and has grown since then. It is now considered one of the largest free dating sites in Thailand.

What is the secret to finding a fantastic Girlfriend in Thailand?

Ans:- Sign up for the Thaifriendly app on the Google Store. In this application, you will find several Thai girls looking for relationships, dates, and even weddings. Thai girls and women are looking for strangers in a friendly Thai app.

Is Thaifriendly free?

The website offers free registration, correspondence and delivery of messages every 10 minutes.

‍ How do I create a profile in Thaifriendly?

Profiling is easy and fast. New users must provide basic personal information to complete the site.

Is Thaifriendly expensive or cheap?

Thaifriendly is cheap compared to other providers.

‍ How do Thaifriendly Credits work?

Thaifriendly has member projects starting at $ 24.95 per month.

Is Thaifriendly safe?

Yes, Thaifriendly is completely safe to use.

Which dating sites are popular in Thailand?

Thaifriendly seems to be more of a casual dating site, real women are looking for Mr. Perfect, but there are also many casual connections. On request, ladyboys are also strongly represented. Again, there is a registration fee, but I think you can send a free message every 10-15 minutes.

How much does a prostitute in Thailand cost today?

In Bangkok, a short break begins with a normal-looking independent roadside expert at 10 am. (It can be cheaper if you are young and/or late at night), 1 shot.

How to date girls in Bangkok?

If you have a date with someone, use Thaifriendly or meet someone from the street or the club.

Is messaging on Thaifriendly free?

Messaging is free. Non-paying members can receive and read all messages sent to them. However, you must wait 10 minutes between sending the messages. Free members can also post comments for free and send interests to other users.

‍‍ How to do friendship with Pattaya girls?

If you've just made an appointment with someone, you can chat with the Thaifriendly app with hot Pattaya girls and make friends with us.

Conclusion |Thaifriendly Review 2024


Overall, Thaifriendly has a great selection of potential matches and is an excellent platform for those looking for a relationship in Thailand.

With its high-quality interface and user-friendly setup, it makes finding love even easier.

Additionally, the wide selection of customization options allows you to quickly narrow down potential matches, while the ability to message other users for free makes it easy to spark meaningful conversations.

All things considered, we have thoroughly enjoyed our experience with Thaifriendly and highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to find true love in Thailand.

Its many features make it one of the top dating sites in the region and its functionality ensures you’ll never run out of potential partners.

So why not join today and explore the possibilities for yourself? Who knows – maybe your perfect match is just a few clicks away!


Kasey Sullivan is a travel enthusiast, relationship coach, and wellness advocate dedicated to helping individuals live their best lives. Through her contributions to JETBlue, she offers valuable insights on travel, dating, and health, igniting the spirit of adventure in readers and providing them with expert travel guides and recommendations. Kasey's expertise in relationships and personal growth shines through her dating and relationship advice, providing readers with actionable tips and wisdom for fostering meaningful connections. In the health section, Kasey dives into topics such as nutrition, exercise, and mental well-being, equipping readers with the tools they need to prioritize self-care and lead fulfilling lives.

11 thoughts on “Thaifriendly Review 2024 : How To Find Thai Singles? Pros & Cons Of Thaifriendly Dating Site”

  1. was looking for a great friend and a partner. was dwindled by other websites but thaifriendly user interface was very interactive and convenient.

  2. never felt uncomfortable while talking to partners infact it was so smooth that felt like talking to my roommates ,met so heartwarming people over here.

  3. The best site I’ve come across till now I would certainly renew my subscription thanks to Thaifriendly now I’ve many thai friends

  4. I am extremely happy to be a part of the Thaifriendly family, where I have made so many friends. All of them are very funny, gentle and caring. Even, my girlfriend is very beautiful lady and she really likes to spend time chatting with me. We often send videos and emojis to each other. We met through the Thaifriendly dating site.
    I am planning to propose her in our next physical date and I hope that she will accept it.

  5. I found the love of my life at Thaifriendly. It is easy to use and variety on women are available here. The site is secured and no one has access to view your chats.

  6. A great way to find a partner is by joining Thaifriendly dating site. I visited many sites to find my perfect match but Thaifriendly had the best guys and I found my love here

  7. Best dating site to find thai women. I highly recommend this site. It’s easy to use and has a LOT of single Thai girls, guys and ladyboys everywhere in Thailand. I am omnisexual and love to date people of all genders. I found ladyboys too through this site.

  8. Thai women are the best to date with. I found a girl through a Thaifriendly dating site, I started dating her, went to Thailand & spent time with her. She impressed me with the Thai massage. It was so nice meeting her.

  9. One of the best datingsites in Thailand. I found my girlfriend on Thaifriendly.

  10. Much obliged to you for everything this site help me discover my adoration for my life ❤️. Thaifriendly is the only site I found so trustworthy for online dating. All other sites are full of fake people but here I saw that everyone has a verified green tick profile. The customer support team seems to be very engaging.

  11. This site is a certifiable site where you can meet veritable people. It’s definitely not obstructed with people and there is close to no competition. You can team up with certifiable people. People are very warm. I think cupid media should be the top dating objections out there.

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