Best Organic, Natural, & Non-Toxic Mattresses of 2024: What Mattresses are best for the environment?

Mattresses are among the most challenging items to find in an environmentally friendly form. A few of the numerous reasons for this is that they are heavy, difficult to recycle, and require a huge amount of resources to manufacture.

However, with the rise of the environmentally aware customer, more businesses are committing to incorporating renewable energy sources in their mattresses while remaining exceptionally comfy.

Nonetheless, not all mattresses that advertise themselves as eco-friendly are indeed eco-friendly. Consider organic materials, latex and wool as well as unprocessed cotton.

As a result, foam production (most memory foam is artificial and requires petroleum) and fabric softening are by far the most environmentally destructive procedures involved in the production of mattress products (most fabrics are treated with caustic chemicals in order to make them softer and this is not at all good for the environment).

What Mattresses are best for the environment?

Awara Mattress : 

Awara Mattress Review-In- depth

Awara is a pressure – relieving latex hybrid mattress that includes pure dunlop latex and has a sustainable goal for a price level that is comparable to several other latex mattress firms.

The Rainforest Alliance certified Awara’s mattresses as environment friendly, and the company has a collaboration with Trees For The Future that plants trees for just about every mattress bought. Thanks to its medium – plush texture, Awara allows sleepers to exhale in ease.

Avocado Mattress:

Avocado Green Mattress -Best mattress ever

Mattress brand Avocado offers natural and latex mattresses of excellent quality. Its signature Green Mattress is a luxurious natural latex hybrid mattress which doesn’t sacrifice on comfort or quality.

All – natural mattresses are necessary for chemically sensitive individuals or those with any kind of airborne allergens, but Avocado takes it a step beyond. Putting aside the fact that their items and factories are GOTS organic certified, their raw materials, industry, and manufacturing processes are all GOTS certificated.

Other options include an Organic Luxury Plush Hybrid Mattress, as well as a Certified Vegan Mattress, a tougher organic latex mattress and a luxurious organic hybrid mattress.

Plushbeds Latex Mattress:

Is plushbeds good company

For those with chemical sensitivities or allergies, Plushbeds has got you covered!

A GreenGuard certification ensures that their mattresses do not contain any potentially hazardous substances, making them ideal for people with chemical hypersensitivity and allergies.

You could choose from latex, memory foam, or coil mattresses. A few of these mattresses might also be available at a discount if you wait until the end of the year. Check out the detailed review of Plushbeds mattress to find about this organic mattress.

My Green Mattress:

My Green Mattress promo codes- MyGreen mattress making

When My Green Mattress was formed, its objective was to produce an all – natural mattress which wouldn’t hurt those who are susceptible to off – gassing or even other types of toxins in and around beds.

Greenguard, GOLS, and GOTS certifications are among the greatest organic as well as safe certifications available. When it comes to environment friendly and all – natural mattresses, their mattresses are highly rated by customers. MyGreenMattress also gives some amazing discounts and Black Friday discounts from time to time

Nest Bedding Mattress: 

NestBeddingNaturalHybridLatex mattress review

A newcomer to the mattress market, Nest Bedding was established in 2011. A high – end hybrid mattress, hybrid mattress, and organic latex, a flippable mattress, and many more are all made in the United States.

In terms of cost, Nest Bedding is comparable with name – brand mattresses, and it has been improving depending on user feedback for years. Read further about the Nest Bedding Mattresses here.


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