Memory Foam vs Pillow Top Mattresses: Which One is More Comfortable?

Memory foam and pillow-top mattresses could be good choices if you want a plush sleeping surface that offers the required balance of softness and support. In terms of feel, the two mattresses are comparable, however, the support framework of a memory foam mattress is generally distinct from that of a pillow top mattress

The support structure of a memory foam mattress is typically made of high-density polyfoam, whereas the supporting structure of a pillow-top mattress is generally made of innerspring coils. The additional layer of cushioning placed on top adds plushness and cosiness to the mattress.

Pillow tops are usually observed on classic innerspring mattresses since they reduce the rigidity of the underneath steel coil surface, providing additional comfort.

What is Memory Foam?

memory foam mattress

Memory foam that is pressure and temperature-responsive melts in reaction to your body temperature, which allows it to shape your body.

Memory foam mattresses adjust to your body weight, distributing your weight evenly over the resting surface and relieving pressure points.
The malleability of memory foam makes it perfect for spinal posture, particularly for side and back sleepers. Memory foam conforms to the natural curve of the vertebrae, providing greater back support and making it an ideal choice for backache sufferers.

Types of Memory foam mattresses

Memory foam has improved over the years, giving rise to new varieties of foam that are better at preventing heat retention, which would be the main issue with old memory foam.

Plant-based memory foam

The mattress is cooler when a proportion of the petroleum is replaced with pure plant-based oils. The coolness of the bed is achieved by replacing an artificial ingredient with something a little more organic.

Gel Memory Foam

The addition of cooling gel, as well as gel beads to memory foam, improves the coldness of the mattress since the gel beads include “phase-changing material,” or “PCM,” that absorbs the warmth and keeps the mattress cold.

Advantages of memory foam:

  • Graphite and copper incorporated into memory foam are good thermal conductors that help you sleep comfortably.
  • With its body-conforming characteristics, Memory Foam helps to relieve pressure.
  • Relieves pain in the back and joints.

Disadvantages associated with memory foam:

  • Some types of memory foam can trap heat.
  • There is a possibility that certain memory foam mattresses will create off-gassing odours.

What is Pillow Top?

Pillow top mattress

Cushioning stitched onto the mattress’s top surface to increase its plushness.

Fabrics such as cotton, wool, down and fiberfill are used in the pillow’s upper layer. However, these materials increase plushness while reducing the rebound and stiffness of the coil layer, or even the innerspring support surface, beneath them.

Types of Pillow top mattresses

Minor variations exist within the pillow-top, including the Euro-top. Europe gave birth to the Euro-style and as a result, it has become increasingly popular in Europe. As a comfort layer, they both help to alleviate pressure spots.

Regular Pillow Top

In order to create the illusion of more padding, a conventional pillow top is placed on top of the mattress with a visible space just above the comfort layer.

Euro Pillow Top

Euro top mattresses include an extra padding layer that is sewed under-mattress covering, making it appear more flush and homogeneous. Unlike regular pillow tops, euro top layers are made of foam or fiberfill, which gives the impression of being thicker and denser.
For example, a memory foam mattress may also have an innerspring coil as well as motion-restricting foam in its upper layer.


Q1. Can you have a pillow top on a memory foam mattress?

Ans: Pillow tops are not necessary because of the memory foam. Pillow tops are for innerspring beds, which is where you need comfort.

Q2. Are pillow top mattresses good for your back?

Ans: Pillow top mattresses are good for your back. They have a special layer of padding on top. This padding can be made out of many things, but when it is made out of memory foam then you can get the most support.

Q3. Do pillow top mattresses wear out faster?

Ans: Pillow tops are not as good as other beds because it has thinner layers, and they get compressed easily. They may have a shorter lifespan.

Final Thoughts: Memory Foam vs. Pillow top

  • As a body-conforming mattress, Memory Foam Mattresses provide excellent relief from pain. These mattresses are reactive and springy due to the coiled support surface.
  • Even though Memory Foam mattresses are much more long-lasting, the coil layer in Pillowtop mattresses degrades more quickly and reduces the bed’s longevity as a result.
  • Because of its innerspring coils, Memory Foam mattresses are good at isolating movement while Pillowtop Mattresses provide no or little movement.
  • In general, memory foam mattresses cost much more than pillow-top mattresses.


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