How To Get Good Sex In Thailand In 2023 (Read Guide Here)

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Thinking about Sex in Thailand? Read here our guide on how to Get Good Sex In Thailand in 2023!!

There is something that I would like to tell you before I start explaining to you how to go about sex in Thailand.

If someone wants to go to Thailand and spend time there, the prevailing notion is that he is looking to hook up with Thai whores while the reality could be different.

I was spending time with Thai hookers, roaming around in Bangkok and Pattaya beach, but back in mind, I was looking forward to finding love. Whether you are searching for love or want to get scored in Thailand, this write up would help you to know how to go about having sex with Thai girls.

How To Get Good Sex In Thailand In 2023? (Complete Guide)

Best sex in thailand

If you are visiting Bangkok for the first time, you would be surprised to know that it is so easy to find a Thai whore. It seems like it doesn’t even cost heavy on your pocket to get hooked up initially.

However, in the long run, it turns out to be very expensive to keep engaging with these Thai hookers.

Thai girls know how to manipulate their customers. I ended up believing that the girls are in love with me, only to realize that they were in love with my bank balance.

You have to be very cautious while getting hooked up with Thai whores; most of the time, you wouldn’t realize what’s happening to you until you burn your pockets. It gets tougher to live in Thailand, paying for sex all the time.

That’s why people prefer to go to Thailand for a brief visit, enjoy their stay, and get back to their home country.

How Easy It Is to Find Sex in Thailand?

You wouldn’t less agree that Thailand is the most accessible place in the world to go when you want to have a sex holiday or a sex tour.

how to get good sex in thailand


It is so abundant there, and probably I had never had so much sex in my life until I started living in Bangkok. No exaggeration! However, if you think you can find open sex in Thailand, then it’s not true. People in Thailand still have their inhibitions to be sexual openly. 

If you know how to find sex in Thailand, you realize how easy it is to enjoy all types of sex here. You will find a variety of people, including butch lesbians known as Tom Gays, and lipstick lesbians called Dees.

So, whether you want regular sex or gay sex, Thailand can offer you all.

Spending to hook up with Thai girls

As I mentioned earlier, you can easily find sex in Thailand if you are ready to shell out some money from your pocket. Based on your budget, you can choose a hooker from the below types.

  • Street hookers or girls find in beaches and roads

  • Shop hookers or girls find in Thai bars and GoGo bars

  • Private hookers or girls find in dating sites or via escort companies

Let me explain all three types in detail for your benefit.

  1. Street Hookers in Thailand

I would call the street hookers unfortunates as they are the ones who are yet to find a way to get works in Thai bars or have failed to get there. Most of the time, the street hookers are the young girls who have not even crossed 20, as the legal age to work in the bars is 20.

Bangkok Red Light district girls - Bangkok red light girls price


When you want to get cheap sex in Thailand, street hookers are the ones to go for. Usually, these girls are not alone, and they are guided by the seniors or have someone to look after them.

  1. Shop Hookers in Thailand

You can classify the Thai bar girls and GoGo girls in the same category as they all work in the shops and can be found hanging out there waiting to be picked up. When you want to get hooked up with shop hookers, just enter a Thai bar, order a beer, and wait for the girls to approach you.

thai hookers in thailand


It wouldn’t be that hard to choose a bar girl or get chosen by a Thai girl. Girls usually work till the month end to make enough money for their living. Some girls even engage themselves in online sex, asking the guy to send over the money.

  1. Private Hookers in Thailand

Another way of getting sex in Thailand is by finding private hookers. You would discover enough escort agencies in Thailand, especially in Bangkok and other tourist areas whom you can approach to hire a private hooker.


shopm hookers in thailand


You may even want to choose sideline girls, also known as paid bangs, which will come for your service for a few hours or a night, especially if you have enough money to spend.


My Experience On Getting Free Sex from a Thai Girl

I have been enquired often by guys that whether they can get free sex from Thai girls. Well, from my experience, especially after living for years in Thailand, I can say that it is hard to find sex for free unless you have been successful in impressing a Thai girl to that level.

However, getting comfortable with a Thai girl would still involve you spending on buying drinks for her or spending to take her out. So, in reality, you would find no sex for free.

how to bget private sex in thailand


Thai girls, often are not used to the guys from western countries and may be hesitant to spend time with you getting comfortable.

Sometimes, you may find it challenging to get Thai girls into your confidence unless you can speak in Thai or be kind to them, allowing them to eat and drink whatever they like. Finding a way to their heart can make your job easy to get into their legs.

You can follow simple techniques like gifting them a small present or leaving your phone number, etc. when you first meet her.

By these techniques, you are communicating to the girl of your intentions, and most of the time, the girl gets attracted or responds to your interest.

Another best place to find good Thai girls is the perfume sections in the malls. You will find pretty girls over there who are not usually picked up, so it would easy to impress them and enjoy some free sex. 

Best Online Dating Sites in Thailand

In today’s internet era, everything you can find online, how can you not find good sex? There is no dearth to online dating sites that allow you to find a hooker near you. Internet dating is in trend for years, and there are no signs of it dying down.

Show interest to date with thai girls


If you are in Thailand wanting to enjoy sex, you can easily find sex workers through Thai dating sites. I can tell you that I have found this more comfortable and accessible whenever I planned to hook up with Thai girls. 

However, it also depends on whether you want to have sex with a Thai prostitute or want to spend some quality time with a Thai girl.

Investing your money and time on dating sites can help you find a good Thai girl, especially if you have logged on to the right dating sites such as Thaifriendly. I have personally used this dating site and have found some of the amazing Thai girls there, along with their photo and contact info. 

Search Hot Thai Girls in Thaifriendly Website


It is no less fun if you can plan your dates almost every day or every weekend, and you can do so in Bangkok. However, some of the tourists also find that few girls chat over the weekdays throughout but turn off their phones on the weekend when the actual date is planned.

It could also be that a few tourists follow the same and find excuses not to meet the girl over the weekend.

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Final Thoughts: How To Get Good Sex In Thailand In 2023

Well, it is true that Thailand is named as the world’s most famous place to find easy sex. But, in actual sense, you may not see the prostitution out in the open, and everything looks as normal as any other place.

You would be surprised to know that most of the Thai people are even ignorant about the kind of prostitution happens in the city, including beaches.

They do not even know that most of the girls hanging out in the beaches, under the coconut trees are actually the hookers waiting to be picked up by some guys for a pay.

Anyone will have to put an extra effort to find the hookers and follow the right method if you want it to have a good experience rather than ending up being broken.

You should know whom to approach, where to approach, and how to approach the girls when you want to get sex services. In my years of stay in Thailand, I have experienced all that it can offer right from brothels to hook up bars to massage parlors and karaoke places.

I find the country amazing, entertaining, and one of the best places to enjoy your holiday or get yourself rejuvenated. 

If you have money and want a sex tour, just book your flight tickets to Thailand and enjoy every bit of Thailand offerings. If you want to share your adventure with your friends, you can plan a group trip as well and make the best of your trip.     

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