16 Soapy Massage Parlors In Bangkok 2024– What To Expect From Them?

When any guy visits Thailand, the first and immediate thought that they have is to get a good soapy massage in Bangkok. So what exactly is a soapy massage? For those who are not quite aware of this method of massage, it begins with visiting a massage parlor where you can enjoy a drink while selecting a girl.

massage parlors in pattaya
Soapy massage parlors in Bangkok

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Post this, you get into the bathtub with a girl, and the aim is to clean every single part of your body. After this comes the massage, followed by sex and everything you can imagine. In short, a soapy massage is nothing but a sex massage.

This kind of body-to-body massage is also known as Nuru massage. You can find the best soapy massage parlors in Bangkok, the highest concentration of these parlors being in the Huay Kwang area.

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16 Best Soapy Massage In Bangkok

You can reach this area easily either by taxi or MRT. This article has a list of soapy massage parlors in Bangkok, a few of which might not be offering soapy massage, but they are located close to each other.

The parlors in the Huay Kwang generally cater to overseas Asian customers, however, even white people are accepted here.

Best Thai massage in bangkok - Book Thai massage

Here is the list of popular best soapy massage in Bangkok:-

  • Smooci Bangkok
  • Absolute Massage Bangkok
  • Kiss Bangkok Massage (Outcall and Incall)
  • Bangkok Passion Massage
  • Body Bliss Massage
  • Bangkok Bunny Massage
  • Poseidon soapy
  • Hi Class soapy
  • Emmanuel soapy Massage Parlour
  • Nataree Massage soapy (CLOSED)
  • The Lord
  • The Caesars Entertainment Complex soapy parlor
  • Amsterdam Bangkok
  • Soapy massage in Petchburi
  • Annies Soapy Massage Bangkok
  • Eden Club Bangkok

Check out a full detailed guide about soapy massage in Bangkok.

  1. Smooci Bangkok

Smooci is the best way to obtain some out-call massages. You can select a date with the help of their website, choose your time and the number of hours and the site will indicate all the girls who are available to visit you.

hot thai massage- Enjoy Nightlife & thai girls in sisaket
hot thai massage- Enjoy Nightlife & thai girls in sisaket

There are at times about 100 girls available, based on the time and day selected. Smooci has some amazing features like tracking the date via the website. Once you have booked a girl, you can check out where she is at the moment, and how much time will she take to reach your hotel or apartment.

This saves on the worry regarding the waiting hours especially for those girls who do not end up visiting you at times. The entire process is quite discreet and private. You can check out the Thai girls.

  1. Absolute Massage Bangkok

The Absolute Massage Parlor is situated on Sukhumvit 22.  This parlor is a good massage parlor in Bangkok that provides outcall, incall, erotic, sensual, kinky as well as tantric massages. They also offer a couple’s massage, foot fetish, and much more.

Absolute massage - enjoy massage with hot girls

The parlor is quite discreet and they provide some great services. Check out their website to learn more about their services. This parlor is one that offers a great soapy massage in Bangkok.

  1. Kiss Bangkok Massage (Outcall and Incall)

A few years ago, a very well-known soapy massage parlor in Bangkok by the name Natalee, was raided and a lot of massage ladies as well as customers were taken for questioning the police station.

So, if you wish to experience and enjoy the best soapy massage in Bangkok, n a very safe and discreet manner, check out the services offered by Kiss Bangkok Massage Parlor.

Kiss 2 massage - Royalty soi sai nam

The girls will visit either your hotel or the apartment or you can meet them at the parlor and they offer you a soapy massage in a safe and discreet way.

  1. Bangkok Passion Massage

If you are on the lookout for the best soapy massage in Bangkok, check out the Bangkok Passion Massage. They offer every kind of service inclusive of soapy massage. they have a parlor in the Sukhumvit Soi 22 you can get outcalls as well to your room.

You can learn about all the girls along with their prices Click on the link.

  1. Body Bliss Massage

Body Bliss Massage gives all kinds of outcall services to either your Airbnb or hotel in Bangkok. All you need to do is book a room that has a bathtub, post which you contact them and ask which girls give the best soapy massage in Bangkok.

body bliss massage - Feel relax with massage
body bliss massage – Feel relax with a massage

There are dozens of girls to choose from. They also offer a male outcall service, if that’s what you are looking for. You can visit the website of this parlor: www.BodyBlissBangkok.com and have a look at the girls available.

  1. Bangkok Bunny Massage

Bangkok Bunny Massage is quite a new massage parlor located on Sukhumvit 22 and offers a wide variety of massages with either a happy ending or a full service included at all times. The prices of the services are fixed and are visible on the website.

Bangkok bunnies in nana plaza

Therefore, you know how much to pay for a service. The full-service price starts from about 1600 baht and you can check out the list of girls, their prices, the massage options, etc., on the website:  www.BangkokBunnyMassage.com

  1. Poseidon soapy

The Poseidon soapy massage parlor in Bangkok is situated in the area of Huay Kwang and it is just an 8-minute walk away from the MRT. you can find the place easily and the name of the parlor is written on the side of the building.

Once you enter the place, you can ask the Papasan about the cost of the girls and they are mostly in the range of 2,700- 3,000 baht.

Best thai bar girls pic and cost - thai girls in BK

Every massage will last for about 2 hours and it is a traditional massage. The parlor has three floors and the higher the floor you go to, the hotter are the girls and their price is higher too. The girls on the top floor can cost about 10000 baht.

The Poseidon Soapy massage parlor has a bar as well as a lounge area to relax and the staff here is very friendly. Over here, the girls are behind the fishbowl.

  1. Hi Class soapy

At the Hi Class soapy massage parlor in Bangkok, there are a few girls who do the soapy massage, whereas the others give you a Thai massage. In order to understand which girls do the soapy massage and which girls do not, you can enquire with the mamasan.

The girls at this parlor are priced at about 2,200 baht and though there isn’t a lot of choices to select from, there are a few pretty girls.

There is not much space to sit and the mamas here are a bit pushy as well regarding selecting the girls. There are no fish bowls here and there is just a small barrier to separate the girls. The massage lasts for about 1.5 hours.

  1. Emmanuel soapy Massage Parlour

Emmanuel Soapy Parlour has a better setup, it has a huge lounge area with a bar. There are a lot of girls to choose from and there are many hot soapy girls as well. The prices range between 2,800-6,000 baht based on the girl.

Bangkok Red Light district girls - Bangkok red light girls price

In case you want a girl to do the soapy massage, you have to shell out an additional 600 baht. Else, you will only get the normal massage.

There is no fishbowl in this parlor and the girls here sit on a sofa on the stage. Different sofas are of different prices. Most of the girls who work here are from the Nataree Soapy parlor which had been closed due to a raid.

  1. Nataree Massage soapy (CLOSED)

Nataree Massage soapy parlor in Bangkok had the hottest girls. There were about 50 girls or more (Friday night) and the price for these girls in the fishbowl ranged about 2,000 baht, these girls are generally older and fatter.

The younger and hotter girls who are on the chairs come at a price of around 2600 baht. Finally, there is a bench in a corner where the girls came at a price of about  4,000-6,000 baht. So there is a lot of talent to select from.

Enjoy Bangkok go-go Bars nightlife -Sexy go-go bars

Only those girls in the fishbowl give the soapy massage, the rest just give you a normal massage. The staff here is quite friendly. You can have food and beer here. This place was the top soapy massage parlor in Bangkok and the massage lasted for 1.5 hours. 

This place had both a sofa as well as a fishbowl area, and one could also have a chat with the girls in the sofa area. However, Nataree has been closed as it is stated that there were underage workers. The girls from Nataree have moved to different soapy massage parlors in Bangkok.

  1. The Lord

The Lord is not amongst the cheapest soapy massage parlors in Bangkok as the girls here are priced at 5000 baht onwards. However, when it comes to quality and service, it is definitely the best in the Huay Kwang area.

  1. The Caesars Entertainment Complex soapy parlor

Caesars is located right opposite Nataree. They have just a handful of girls whose prices start from about 2,900 – 6,500 baht. The girls do not offer a Bangkok soapy massage however, they do give an oil massage which is for 1.5 hours.

Trusting Your Gut Feeling About Bar Girls - is it thai bar girls legal

The parlor does not have any fishbowl, but the girls sit on seats that are on a stage. You can also have food and drinks. Many of the girls from Nataree have moved to this parlor as well and as of today, you will find a big choice of girls.

  1. Amsterdam Bangkok

The Amsterdam Bangkok soapy massage parlor is a short ride away from the Huay Kwang area and you can take a taxi to the place. The girls are priced between 2,500 to 6,000 baht. A few of the girls here will offer the soapy massage, however, the better-looking girls are a bit reluctant to perform the soapy massage.

  1. Soapy massage in Petchburi

There are many parlors in and around Petchburi that offer soapy massage in Bangkok. The problem here is that these parlors are spread out and you cannot walk from one parlor to another.

There are few recommendations in this area like the Love Boat which is now known as Long Beach and the Le Belle parlors.

Enjoy Nightlife in Bangkok - unlimited bangkok nightlife guide

  1. Annies Soapy Massage Bangkok

The Annies Soapy Massage parlor in Bangkok is not worth visiting or spending your money on as the girls are very fat and ugly. It is quite a popular parlor on Nana Soi 4 because it is the only massage parlor here.

There are just about 10-12 girls and just 1 girl is hot, whereas the remaining are ugly. The girls charge about 2900 baht for just 1.5 hours. The place can be found easily.

  1. Eden Club Bangkok

The Eden Club is the only massage parlor in Bangkok where you have to select two girls for the massage Bangkok.

You can have a threesome at 4000 baht. the girls are not that hot. You can have a drink at the bar and also check out the girls.

This parlor has a yellow line. The girls stand in front of this yellow line are those with whom you can have anal sex. The girls who do not cross the yellow line do not indulge in anal.

best nightlife & good girl - ladyboy

In case you want to visit this massage parlor, you can pick one girl and allow her to select the other girl. It is located near the Soi Cowboy and the popular Naza Plaza.

How are the girls priced and how does it work?

Generally, if there is a young girl in the Bangkok massage parlor, she will cost you more money. There are many good-looking girls who cost about  2500 baht, so you do not have to hunt for an attractive girl.

There are many girls who cost above 6000 baht but Westerners might not find them appealing and attractive. The girls are priced according to what is attractive as per Asian Men.

A lot of people complain about the high prices being charged, however, the prices are quite fair. If you visit the red light area of Macau or Hong Kong, you must be ready to shell out 3 times or 6 times more than the cost you spend in Bangkok.

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When you visit a soapy massage in Bangkok for the first time, the experience can be intimidating as there are hundreds of girls staring right at you.

In order to calm down and relax, you can have a beer and sit down. If you are pleased with the setup and the place, you can take some time and have a look at the soapy girls. You can make eye contact and check who looks at you and gives you a smile.

thai dating sites thailand girls beautiful

To have a good experience, it is recommended to go with a girl who is receptive ad warm. When you get your Bangkok soapy massage, you must note that no Bar fine is applicable. Every single massage parlor has its private rooms and this is where the massage is done.

Many times it is not possible to take a girl to your room. You can also get a good blow job or massage sex at these massage parlors.

Fishbowl Girls and Sideline girls

Every Bangkok soapy massage parlor has either the sideline girl or the fishbowl girls. A fishbowl is nothing but a huge room with a wall of glass. On one side of this glass wall are the soapy girls and on the other side of the wall, you will be there.

Every single soapy girl has a badge with a number that is fixed to her clothing. You have to give the number of the girl you choose to the mamasan. Also, note that you can’t talk to the soapy girls who are in the fishbowl.

Passion massage bangkok - what to do at night in bangkok

Annies in Bangkok was the first fishbowl and is also amongst the oldest soapy massage parlor that is still running. The talent might not be that great here, but the service offered is amongst the best.

Sideline girls are those who sit on the sideline. Generally, they stand or sit on a sofa or chair. You can talk to these girls, approach them, and even touch them at a few places to check their skin and measure their fat. The sideline girls also have badges with numbers.

So, which is better? The sideline girls or the fishbowl girls? There isn’t much of a difference.

A few places have sideline girls, a few have fish bowls and a few places have both the girls. However, the trend in Bangkok is the fishbowl girls for a good soapy massage in Bangkok.

What you must know before you get a soapy massage in Bangkok 

Huay Kwang is one of the popular areas where you will find many soapy massage parlors and you will also find the normal massage parlors in this area. The typical massage at the places mentioned begins with the girls bathing with you or showering with you.

This is followed by a massage and massage sex, followed by yet another round of massage. You then finish off with a shower.

thai dating sites - thailand girls beautiful

You must have a word with either the mamas or the Papasan before you pick a girl. You can ask them about her experience, what she could do for you, and any queries that might be bothering you. If you fail to do so, you might land up having a crappy experience in the soapy massage parlor.

Many of these soapy parlors allow the client to have two shots, however, it is advised that you confirm the same before you give them the money.

In case you do not wish to have a soapy massage, but prefer a handjob or a Nuru massage, you can have a look at the various massage parlors that offer Nuru massages in Bangkok.

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FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

🤩 When it comes to the soapy girls, are there any model categories?

You must have conducted research on the Bangkok soapy massage parlors and you must have found out that there is one category of girls known as a model or even supermodel girls. These girls are actually the prettiest girls in that specific massage parlor; they are found pretty by Asian men. The supermodel girls are not that special. They are just thin, white, and young. Maybe these features make them look like models. Some of the model girls are quite hot and the price for them ranges between 5,000-7,000 baht. The supermodel girls are in the age group of 18-25 years approximately.

😍 Can I get a girl from the fishbowl and take her out?

The Girls who are in the fishbowl cannot be taken out. If you choose a girl from the fishbowl, once you are in the room, you can talk to her or them and ask them to meet you later. The sideline girls are like the freelance Thai hookers. These girls do not have any fixed hours and they enter and leave the parlor as and when they wish. If you do not wish to take one of these girls home immediately, you can take her mobile or line number.

👄 Do the girls have to be tipped after the service?

No. Tipping the girls is optional. When you are given a price quote, this is inclusive of the complete service. In case you feel like, you can tip the girls some extra money. The girls might ask you for a tip, however, this doesn't mean you have to tip them. Most of the time, you tip a girl only if she has given you the best soapy massage Bangkok experience. A decent tip would be about 300 baht plus, at the soapy massage parlors.

🤷 What are some common mistakes done in soapies?

If you are yet to visit the soapy massage parlor, take your time, visit many parlors and then decide on the place where you intend to go. If you do not intend to pick a girl, you can just sit, have a beer and then leave. The quality of girls is not great if you visit these parlors early morning or late at night (i.e. midnight). If you face such a situation, you can leave and get back some other time.

🙇‍♂️ Can I get an STD?

In these parlors, you must be prepared for anything. However, the soapy girls are tested in 3 months which is an indicator that the chances of getting STD are very unlikely. This might not be the case in freelancers. However, you must ensure that you wear a condom. Also, you must ask about the duration of your massage. At times, there are a few massage parlors that rush with the service and it might not go on for 90 minutes as well. In case you are done in ten minutes, you will have 80 minutes left with the girl, which you have already paid for. So you can continue with the regular massage.

😘 What about the ladyboys? Do I need to worry?

Most of the best soapy massages Bangkok do not have Thai Ladyboys. However, in case you have any concerns, it can be clarified with the Papasan or the mamasan.

🤑 What about the misconceptions regarding the Thailand naughty industry?

Yes. There are many misconceptions when it comes to the naughty industry of Thailand. The first itself is right from the local people. They believe that westerners are very rich. Yes, if you are crossing the seas for some fun, you need to have the green notes as well. It is advised to have cash in hand at your disposal. Most of the best soapy massage parlors in Bangkok will not accept credit cards. Make use of cash to any other local platforms for transactions.

👅 Are there places in Thailand where you can get a cheap soapy massage?

Yes. There are many places in Thailand where you can get a cheap soapy massage. However, there are quite a few factors at play. One is the appearance of men. The local girls fantasize about the white men as they are quite tall and more charming than the Thai local men. You can take advantage of this fact and use it to pay lesser than what is charged. However, you have to be quite a charmer and also have the body which these girls fancy. In case, the girl in the spa has a good time with you and enjoys the time, she will not demand a hefty tip. In case you are lucky, you could also kickstart her feelings and get some free sex in the next few dates. On the contrary, in case you are scruffy, overweight, old and boring then you might have to pay some ridiculous prices. The Best Soapy massage parlors in Bangkok are quite discreet and big. Also, you must remember that money is another factor that works for Thai girls. If you tip the girl decently, you might get a date in the short or long term with the girl. In order to enjoy the massage and have a lot of fun, you must have the massage etiquette and in case there is sex massage involved, put in some effort.

💁 Can you have a soapy massage that is away from the soapy parlors?

Yes. You can. In case you head into a karaoke club or a parlor, you can select a girl and get the services. If this is too much, you can consider looking into the outcall service or the escorts who offer the happy ending massages in Bangkok. You can visit the websites of the parlors, check the service preferred, select the girl, select the date and time and she will come to your room directly. There are a few outcall services that request for the complete payment prior to the sex massage, whereas there are a few that ask for a deposit.

🙋‍♂️ How much does an outcall service cost you?

The outcall service is more expensive than the in-house massage. The outcall massage sex average cost is around 5000 baht. However, this price is quite cheaper if you compare it to the prices in Hong Kong. With this price, you can get a girl to give you massage sex in the hotel you stay in. You can also look for girls online, for instance, on Thai cupid. You can take her out and ask her to give you a happy ending massage. For a good girl, you might require some time for this.

🤩 Which is better: Nuru massage or the soapy massage?

Both the massages are good. Nuru massage is different from a soapy massage. These massages cost approximately the same price and both these massages are worth experiencing. You must focus on picking the girl who is perfect for you and is into you. This is what will decide whether you will have an epic massage or not. At a few of these soapy massage parlors in Bangkok, the girls can even totally ignore you. This indicates that the girls do not have any interest in you. So, even if you select any of these girls, you might end up having a very bad massage experience.

Conclusion:- Check Out Best Soapy Massage Bangkok 2024💕

Thus, if you are looking for the best soapy parlor in Bangkok, this article helps you find one with the rates too. Thus, before you land up in Bangkok for soapy massage, you exactly know where to go and how much budget to keep aside for this intimate fun massage.

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