How To Meet And Date Thai Girls In Bangkok And Get Laid In 2024

While growing up from my teenage to adolescence to adulthood, I heard and read a lot about Thailand, Bangkok, Pattaya, and SEX! I had heard so much about single guys going to Bangkok and having sex with hookers and prostitutes. Read more detailed about How to date Thai girls in Bangkok? in the below section.

So many jokes and memes spread around the internet about Bangkok, massage parlors and again SEX! I always wondered what is it about Thailand and Sex?

What is it about the country that foreigners from all over the globe go there in a count of millions every year to have sex?

How to date thai girls in bangkok -how to meet thai girls

After hearing a lot about “Hot Thai girls” and how people enjoy having sex over there, I was eager to get my answers. All these questions of mine were soon answered when I got to visit Bangkok myself for the first time in 2016.

How to date thai girls in bangkok -thai pivk up lines

I could see why Thailand is so famous amongst foreigners and single guys. The country that is known as a“Sex Mecca” is flooded with gorgeous and hot girls here and there. So what? There are hot Asian girls in other countries as well. What makes Thailand so special? I’ll tell you!

How to date Thai girls in Bangkok? Read Here

  • Thailand, Hot Girls & SEX!

Thailand and sex are eponymous to one another today because the country provides escort services, sexy soapy massages and of course SEX to natives and foreign tourists that is totally legal there!

Big cities like Bangkok and Pattaya attract millions of tourists from various parts of the globe every year looking for paid quality SEX. You can freely and effortlessly enjoy a hot Spa, an erotic soapy massage and multiple Sexual encounters with hot and sexy Thai girls.

How to date thai girls in bangkok -thai spa and girls
Thai spa and girls in Bangkok

Foreigners like me and even Thai natives go about meeting and sleeping with young Thai girls every now and then as if it’s a daily city routine there!

All this is their modern culture now and that’s what makes it even more happening and irresistible! That’s not it, mind you! This was just the theoretical knowledge about Thailand that I have read and heard from others.

Once I experienced the frolicking Sex life in Thailand myself, I got to understand that you don’t necessarily need to pay for sex every time! Other places in the world, you just have to go and pay for a hooker. This is what really makes Thailand a Sex paradise!

How to date thai girls in bangkok -thai spa and girls
meet hot Thai girls in bangkok

Now talking about the girls in Thailand! As mentioned earlier, you will find hot and attractive girls at every corner of Thailand your eyes can reach. From Hookers to bar girls to freelancers, hot girls are what make Thailand a “Hard on” place for guys!

Thai girls according to me are the most open-minded ones when it comes to Asians.

Girls here just don’t mind guys ogling at their boobs and butt and are even okay to hanging around with new guys in nightclubs and having sex every now and then as well! They don’t think or demand much. Whether you are looking for a serious date or just a hot fuck, you’ll find it all in Thailand!

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What I have learnt?

There are pretty damn hot girls EVERYWHERE in Bangkok, Pattaya, and Phuket. I have been on tour to Bangkok and Pattaya a couple of time for work and leisure and I have learned many key things about the customs and culture of Thailand!

I got to pick up some important ideologies about Thai women that helped me understand and personally experience what makes it so easy to get laid with the chics there!

I have had a wild time with Thai girls many times! This includes enjoying the wild nightlife partying in Pattaya and Sex with some hot Thai chics at their condo Bangkok. There are different ways through which I got my share of sexual adventure during my previous visits to the country!

How to woo girls with Thai Pickup lines or where to pick them up from and get laid in the most value-for-money way possible, I have learned them all in the last 3 years!

  • Popular Thai Pickup Lines! (How to date Thai girls in Bangkok?- Thai online dating site, hot Thai hookers)

Let’s talk about Thai Pickup lines first and understand why they are important if you want to win over the Thai girl of your dream with the least efforts being made!

Hitting on girls with cheesy pickup lines is an art, and if you are looking forward to woo a pretty Thai girl at the restaurant, then you better learn some clean and crisp Thai pickup lines.

How to date thai girls in bangkok -thai online dating sites

Number 1: Because girls dig guys who can woo them with cheesy phrases in their native language.
Number 2: Girls in Thailand are a little poor when it comes to communicating with a stranger in English!

You don’t need to be damn good at this, but at least learn some good Thai pickup lines and know where to use them!

There are a few Thai pickup lines that I have used to begin a conversation with some Thai girls and have gotten to take the conversation far enough to end up fucking her hard and getting fucked hard.

  • tam-mai kun nâa-rák jang? (ทำไมคุณน่ารักจัง)

Meaning: Why are you so cute?

This one is the simplest and the most commonly used pickup line people often use to woo a girl. It is pretty damn effective on Thai chics as well! However, understand the scenario and use it in the right situation.

Don’t just approach a girl from the back and surprise her with that question right away.

Try using it after some small talk of 1-2 sentences, or if you are confident enough to nail it in the beginning itself,then make sure you have made eye contact with her and maintain a good positive attitude. She should definitely respond to you with a smile!

  • ao wǎan mʉ̆an kon kǎai. (เอาหวานเหมือนคนขาย)

Meaning: I want it as sweet as the vendor.

This one is one of my favourite pickup lines and I have used this line on many sexy Thai ladies. 4 to be precise!

The best place to hit this line is at a restaurant when she asks you for your order and you tell for a Latte and want it to be “As sweet as the vendor”.Oh, this one is damn effective and I managed to get laid with 2 of them that same night!

  • kun sòot mǎi kráp? jìip dâai mǎi? (คุณโสดไหมครับจีบได้ไหม)

Meaning: Are you single? Can I flirt with you?

This is a universal pickup line and works in any language you may try across the works. However, please don’t use it right at the beginning of your conversation. Rather have a little chit-chat, make her smile a bit, and then nail it!

  • Is it difficult to pick up girls from Bangkok?

I traveled around the world to meet women in the region, from the toughest countries like Lebanon to the simplest countries like Thailand.

I found that the girls in Bangkok were a bit shy at first but genuinely interested in meeting a stranger.

A bit, because we believe that they are exotic and a bit to taste a different taste of the day.

I’m talking about ordinary girls you meet in dating sites, malls, clubs, streets and nearby universities. Normal girl in Bangkok.

In hot neighborhoods, girls or women in bars expect men with open legs.

Want To Meet And Date With Hot Bangkok Girls Join This Thaifriendly Dating Site

How to date thai girls in bangkok -thai dating sites thailand girls beautiful

I’ve seen older, brave and courageous men fucking with pretty, young and adorable girls. Sometimes more than one.

All men can search for girls in Bangkok
There is the possibility in Bangkok for each man’s dust.

If you can not start a conversation with a girl from Bangkok, it means you’re crazy.

I’m sorry to say that, but, “If you can not be fucked in Bangkok, you will not be anywhere else in the world.”

I’m not saying that girls in Bangkok are easy because they are sluts or desperate for money, but because Thai women are attracted to a man who is far behind in appearance, figure or age.

  • How to date Thai girls in Bangkok everywhere

Get Bangkok Girls everywhere

There are not just online dating sites or Facebook to meet sexy girls for a date. You can also meet beautiful girls from Bangkok in real life: streets, malls, clubs, etc.

I have some important points that allow me to pick up girls in Bangkok:

  • Keep the basic conversation

Most girls in Bangkok speak bad English. So do not expect all Thai women to understand you, even if they do, they speak slowly and clearly.

  • Ask conversation questions.

You want to ask something that can open the conversation, just to include it. Please do not worry about the next bathroom.

  • Close it

Most girls in Bangkok, especially those in shopping malls, do not have much to do with the day. So it’s good to ask him to show you around, or to take you to the special noodle shop he talked about earlier.

  • Get your number

Most boys ask for the number before saying goodbye. It’s not good practice because it looks like you’re a kind of playboy.

Then get your number between the conversations by simply saying “Do you have LINE? It would be nice to argue sometimes” …

  • Follow

You are ready for the day and can say goodbye.

Send a message after one hour and plan your next meeting.

This may be the next day, in 3 days or on the weekend, but the sooner the better.

  • Make the hit

Meet her at the next appointment near her hotel room to feel good.

Find her, have a coffee and have a chat.

I usually bring him to my room and tell him that I have to charge my phone or take my camera with me.

Once you’re in a room, you’re ready for sex, after all, Bangkok is the norm.

  • How easy it is to have sex with girls from Bangkok

Already on my first trip to Bangkok, I quickly realized that it was very easy to meet single girls and to find the right places in Bangkok. More than I could stand.

To be clear again, I’m not talking about prostitutes or bar girls. Instead, regular local women are looking for real pleasure.

I’m not the typical man of the six packages, big or handsome. If it’s so easy for me to meet quality girls in Bangkok, it will be very easy for you.

Interested? Continue reading …

In general, newcomers to Bangkok will need a few days to sleep with a Bangkok girl, especially because they do not know how fast things will turn out in Bangkok when they meet a girl

I had dates with girls from Bangkok, who only needed a few hours to reach a small hotel room and to love each other.

What is the trick? Be direct and decide what to do next.

Most boys let the girl decide. Wondering why there are many coffees with milk and movies on the menu? If you let women take the initiative, you’ll never be deceived.

It is your job as a safe man to make decisions, and Thai women will follow your wishes.

Culturally, Thai women are subject and rarely contradict a man. If you know how to do it, you will be fired every day during your Bangkok vacation.

Get a bed with Bangkok Girl on holiday
Let me tell you the story of how I beat a girl from Bangkok in less than an hour.

I had a date with a Thai girl that I met in Thai Cupid. She was pretty, she was 22 years old and worked for a brokerage firm. The “good” classic office girl.

She arrived at the meeting in a BMW, and I was a little confused. She wore high hills and a short dress, she was beautiful.

My first thought was that I had to be a PRO (professional prostitute) and that I had to pay for dinner and a few fluffy things. My budget was tight and I could not offer more than a modest dinner.

How to date thai girls in bangkok - girls beautiful

We went for coffee, talked to her for 30 minutes. Tired of the conversation and looking for action, I told him it was time to go home.

She seemed at first puzzled but finally accepted. Well, the apartment was nothing special, it was only one bedroom in Rama, but it seemed comfortable and cozy.

I was not interested in the place, but how to put my load in it

Needless to say, I had a great time, right?

This is one of the ways to fuck on the same day. Do your homework to find girls on Thai dating sites and plan your meetings.

If a girl from Bangkok loves you, there is no reason to reject your suggestion. Remember, go straight to the point and show your confidence. Neither more nor less.

Having sex in Bangkok is easy, just meet the “good” girls and continue with a clear strategy.

Best places to Pick up Thai Girls!

Seeing hot and sexy Thai chics on every street, you may get confused where to start your hunting from. That’s okay, it happens with any monkey lost in a Banana farm!

So, here are the two best places where you can find the perfect fuck for the night!

  1. Hookers

How to date thai girls in bangkok - online dating website
Credits: Getty Images

Hookers in Thailand are the most visited places by foreigners looking for quick paid sex!

That’s where you will find the hottest and the most gorgeous chics in town. In fact, chances are that you get yourself a hooker in every girl you meet in Thailand! That’s their culture and they are okay with it.

There are many different types of hookers in Thailand, starting from beer girls and massage girls to go go, girls, escort girls, mia nois and many more.

Hookers in Bangkok are slightly more expensive than the ones in Pattaya, so if you are a little tight on budget, then go to the hookers in Pattaya!

  1. Girls in Bars & Clubs

hot Pattaya Hookers

The next best place to find a hot Thai chic would be at a night club or bar!Single and sometimes even committed guys to go to find girls to hook within bars and clubs since the nightlife in big Thailand cities is pretty exquisite and wild, comparable to none in the world!

Foreigners meet and hang out with girls from numerous night clubs, partying till late night and then possibly getting the fuck of their lives!

I hooked up with a couple of nice Thai ladies from popular bars like Gulliver’s Khaosan in Bangkok, Zoe in Yellow in Chiang Mai and Walking Street Club in Pattaya.

  • Find your perfect Thai girlfriend through online dating! 

Now I’m not objectifying Thailand girls as a sex object in any way. That’s the open-minded culture of the country that makes them the biggest attraction for sex!

However, there are instances where people might want to look for a Thai girl to SERIOUSLY DATE!

A girl from whom you can get both sex and love. THAT is not something you can find from the hookers and bar girls in town. For that, the best solution to try is THAI ONLINE DATING WEBSITES!

Thai Online Dating Websites | How to date Thai girls in Bangkok?

Bangkok and Thailand are two big cities filled with beautiful Thai chics at every corner! You look at one, you feel like talking to her right away.

Then your eyes catch another, and you’re confused which one to approach first.If you are over in Thailand and want to seriously date a Thai girl, make her your girlfriend, spend some quality and intimate time with her, then you should try signing up to the following two online dating websites which numerous foreigners and Thai natives use to find girls to meet up, date or just fuck with!

These websites are free and let you arrange dates with thousands of hot Thai girls signed up and ready for you to chat and meet them.

  • Thai Cupid

ThaiCupid Homepage

ThaiCupid is one website that I have used the most! It is really good and the biggest dating site in Thailand.

The website started back in 2002 and currently has an active userbase of more than one million members who are connecting with one another to find love in Thailand!

I have been using it for the past 2 years and it really works great. It’s easy to use and you can come online at any time of the day and interact with thousands of Thai girls online. You can sign up with either your social media accounts or using your mobile number and is absolutely free.

This is not a hooker’s website and the girls on this website are friendly and ready to start chatting with you instantly!

ThaiCupid SignUp

I have read numerous testimonials and reviews regarding ThaiCupid and people have actually found their true love through this website. By using ThaiCupid, you will no more have to ask the question, how to date thai girls in bangkok.

And, I’m not only talking about Thai men finding Thai women. There are men from America and Europe as well who are in a serious relationship with Thai girls they have met with on this website!

I really like the easy-to-use interface of this website that makes online communication with Thai women a really easy and fun experience for anyone who is using it for the first time.

ThaiCupid’s active database is huge and consists of Cute girls, Hot girls, Skinny girls, Healthy girls, and girls from different walks of life, looking for a partner, I got to review my matches for free and I have dated many girls from ThaiCupid!

  • Thai Friendly

ThaiFriendly is the second most popular Thai dating website that people use. It is free to join and use, just like ThaiCupid! Commonly used by foreigners who are visiting Thailand to bang hot Thai chics, many also use it to find a serious relationship in a cute and beautiful Thai woman.

Dating platform in Thailand

You can easily chat with thousands of beautiful Thai girls, whether hookers or freelancers or working independent women from any part of the country. Since it is free, you can chat with end number of Thai women without even having to wait for a match.

Free to use and chat, ThaiFriendly also allows you to upgrade to a premium account so you can enjoy more advanced and seamless chatting facilities. With the help of ThaiFriendly, you will no more have to ask the question, how to date thai girls in bangkok.

Upgrading would be a viable option for you if you are living in Thailand permanently or visiting the country for a long vacation and want to chat with as many girls as possible.

The last time I used ThaiFriendly, I got to arrange a date with a really hot Thai girl within an hour of chatting with her. That’s easy-peezy simply because the server is pretty smooth and the user interface is really intuitive. And there is also an option where the women get to chat in Thai, owing to the fact that the English communication skills of Thai ladies are a little weak.

Quick Links:

FAQs | How to date Thai girls in Bangkok?

❓ Is ThaiCupid worth it?

Yes, Thai Cupid is really good and the biggest dating site in Thailand. ThaiCupid has users like Cute girls, Hot girls, Skinny girls, Healthy girls, and girls from different walks of life, looking for a partner.

❓ Where can I find Thai girls?

You may get confused watching hot and sexy Thai chics on every street. The best places to pick up Thai girls are Hookers in Thailand and in Bars & Clubs.

❓ What are features offered by ThaiFriendly?

ThaiFriendly is the second most popular Thai dating website. It is free to join and use. You can also easily chat with thousands of beautiful Thai girls.

FIND YOUR HAPPY ENDING! | (How to date Thai girls in Bangkok?) 2024

In the rapidly developing world of internet and online dating, websites like ThaiFriendly are taking the baton spreading love ahead! Everything on the internet is virtual and these two websites make sure that the virtual front becomes reality as you meet hot and gorgeous Thai women anywhere anytime in Thailand.

Both websites work so equally good that you are guaranteed to find great results in online dating even with a free account.

ThaiFriendly are connecting the beautiful women of Thailand to the wold. Yes, Thailand might be a Sex paradise, but who knows, you might find your beautiful future Thai girlfriend from here!

Hope you enjoyed this blog on how to date thai girls in bangkok 2024.


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