Do Mattress Pads Make You Sweat: How to Fix a Mattress Pad That Makes You Sweat & Sleep Hot?

I’ve been on the hunt for a new mattress pad to help keep me cool through those hot summer nights.

My current one simply isn’t providing enough of a cooling effect, so I thought it would be worth exploring all my options before giving up and just cranking down the air conditioning once again.

But then I heard people saying that you can actually sweat more from some mattress pads! Is this true? Or is it just another myth that’s making its way around?

In this post, I’ll investigate further to give you an answer backed by facts so you can make an informed decision about your own purchase!

What is a mattress pad?

A mattress pad is a type of extra bedding that goes on top of the mattress you use. They come in a variety of thicknesses, from a little thicker than just a bedsheet to many inches thick.

mattress pads make you sweat

These are also often called mattress toppers. There are several benefits of utilizing a mattress topper or pad is to improve the overall comfort of the mattress, which is especially important if it is older or excessively firm.

They could, however, be beneficial in keeping your mattress hygienic and perhaps extending its longevity.

However, mattress pads do have developed a negative image, and there is a particular factor that consumers take into account when they purchase one. Is it true that mattress pads cause you to perspire? So let’s see if we can clarify that for you.

Do mattress toppers make you sweat?

This relies on what it’s built of in this scenario.

For example, Memory foam is a widely used material for mattress toppers. There are, nevertheless, some disadvantages to resting on memory foam. Because of the material’s dense structure, it can obstruct air circulation, leaving your body’s warmth and sweat with nowhere to go.

This can lead to overheating, leaving you sweaty and miserable when you wake up.

A comparable look can be achieved with the other synthetic materials. Only if there were mattress pads that keep you cool, wouldn’t that be great?

Why Do Mattress Protectors Make You Sweat?

Mattress protectors warm you up because the waterproof layer prevents airflow from freely flowing through the protector, resulting in poor temperature control in the sleeper’s body.

The absence of airflow from the bed towards the mattress might result in an extremely hot sleeping surface as the body warms up in the middle of the night.

Even persons who are typically cool sleepers will experience greater perspiration as a result of this. The problem will only get worse for someone that has constantly experienced night sweats before utilizing a mattress pad.

Nobody wants to break a sweat before going to bed. This can be a serious issue if a planned change to your sleeping environment leads you to wake up soaked in perspiration.

Considering the numerous advantages of waterproof mattress covers, even their most enthusiastic supporters acknowledge that they can increase the chance of perspiration in bed.

Do mattress pads keep you cool?

Bedjet Cloudsheets review

You can buy a cooling mattress topper, which is a cooling pad over your mattress. However, you must pay close attention to the materials used.
Natural fiber mattress pads, like wool, are the finest for keeping you cool. Wool’s capability to distribute air and make you feel comfortable by draining away perspiration, keeping you clean, and minimizing overheating is among the many advantages.

Combine this with wool bedding, which is meant by nature to make you cool dry, and you will be sleeping soundly and comfortably in no time.

Try a cool mattress topper or mattress temperature regulator like Bedjet if you really want to keep your mattress comfier without having to buy a fresh one. Is it likely to trigger you to perspire?

Not unless you consider our advice and get a cooling mattress topper and cool wool bedding.


Which types of mattress pads are more likely to make you sweat?

Mattress pads made from synthetic materials like polyester or vinyl are more likely to trap heat and make you sweat. Memory foam mattress pads can also retain heat because of their dense structure. Additionally, waterproof mattress pads, though great for protection against spills, might hinder breathability and contribute to sweating.

Can mattress pads be used in conjunction with cooling sheets or pillows to reduce sweating?

Absolutely! Combining a breathable mattress pad with cooling sheets and pillows can create a more comfortable sleep environment, especially during hot summer months.

How often should I wash my mattress pad to prevent sweating and odors?

Washing frequency depends on individual usage and the type of mattress pad. Generally, it's recommended to wash the mattress pad every few months or as needed. If you sweat heavily or have allergies, more frequent washing is advisable.

Can I use a mattress protector instead of a mattress pad to prevent sweating?

Yes, mattress protectors are designed to shield your mattress from spills, stains, and moisture. Many protectors are made with breathable and moisture-wicking materials, which can also help prevent sweating.

Can mattress pads help with night sweats caused by medical conditions?

Mattress pads themselves might not directly alleviate night sweats caused by medical conditions, but choosing the right one can improve overall sleep comfort. If night sweats are persistent and a concern, it's essential to consult a healthcare professional to address the underlying medical condition.

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Conculsion – Do Mattress Pads Make You Sweat

Whether a mattress pad can make you sweat really just boils down to the material it’s made of.

Natural and plant-based materials such as latex, wool, and cotton are some of the best options for keeping cool. If you prefer memory foam, look for ones made with cooling gel or copper-infused technology.

Also, when buying a mattress pad look for breathable designs and avoid those made from synthetic materials like polyester or acrylic.

Finally, give your mattress pad enough time to ‘loosen up’ after installing so heat build up is reduced from being in one position on the mattress for too long.

So while fresh sheets give you that amazing feeling of coziness when heading to bed each night, make sure you have a quality mattress pad to ensure you don’t endure a soggy sleep. It’s time to invest in a good one today!


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