How To Hook Up With Thai ladyboy In Thailand – 5 Ultimate Ways

Bangkok is a city where your erotic dreams can come true. Every boy has fantasized about visiting Bangkok and having the most amazing sexual experience. And, to make it more exciting must have also wanted to hook up with a Thai ladyboy.

How about taking one to your room for a night full of adventure. Now, this article will help you differentiate between a Thai girl and a Thai ladyboy. You need to be polite In asking this question to them, because if you feel she is way too beautiful to be a girl, then she must be a ladyboy, then you may be wrong. 

So, just ask her “Kun been katoey mai”, which means “are you a ladyboy? You can also ask her if she has undergone genital reassignment surgery. If her answer is yes, then take her to the room and have a night of your life.

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Beautiful Thai ladyboy - Enjoy Night and discovers joys
Beautiful Thai ladyboy – Enjoy Night and discovers joys

Otherwise, you will end up taking home a dick and have the worst nightmare of your life. Thailand is full of foreign-oriented ladyboys, especially in the Sukhumvit area of Bangkok. They are always ready for giving you an exciting sexual adventure that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Each day of your stay in Thailand can be made sensuous and erotic by these ladyboys. 

The main question now is how to arrange a date with them, how to approach them and ask their price for the night, and what are the risks involved in banging a Thai ladyboy. 

How To Hook Up With A Thai Ladyboy In Thailand?

There are five ways to get a thai ladyboy in Thailand – Massage Ladyboy, Street Hooker in Sukhumvit, Ladyboy bar girl at one of the three red light areas of Bangkok, Online Escort Service, or Arrange your own date on Thai dating site. 

  • Ladyboy Bar Girls in Bangkok
  • Ladyboy Massage With thai lady boys
  • Ladyboy Street Hookers
  • Ladyboy Escorts
  • Bangkok Ladyboy On a Dating Site to Arrange Your Date

I have done this research personally to give you a clear idea of how it is to get a thai ladyboy in your bed.

Patpong is a world-famous place, known for its rip-offs, scams due to the ping pong shows. It has a popular Castle 3 go-go bar, which is next to Pussy collection in the Patpong area. It has some very hot and sizzling ladyboys whom you can ask for taking to your room.

thai nightclub to enjoy night - with ladyboy

Another place is Nana Plaza, which has some best go-g- ladyboy bars like Obsession, Casanova, and Temptations. Their dancers are very hot and sexy with big, stunning boobs that will make you drool and take one to the room right away.

They can make you horny the moment you look at them. Soi Cowboy has another happening go-go bar, called Cockatoo.

It has a stage with five ladyboys dancing on poles and making you go weak in the knees. Those naked and sexy ladyboys will run for you to hold and play with them. Imagine, being surrounded by sexy and lustful ladyboys! Trust me, it’s not a dream. 


Drinks cost around 140-150 Baht, and the Ladyboys charge 1500 to 2000 Baht for a short time. Nana Plaza also provides rooms on the top floor at 350Baht to go and have some erotic fun. 

  • Ladyboy Massage With thai lady boys

Massage salons are a common sight in Bangkok and are also the best place to get a thai ladyboy. The main areas where you will find ladyboys doing your massage are Sukhumvit Road between Soi 7 and Soi, Sukhumvit Soi 4, and a small alley that connects Soi 13 and Soi 11.

Best Thai massage in bangkok - Book Thai massage

These ladyboys may not be as attractive as you will find them in a go-go bar, but still, if you look, you can find a gem there. 

Prices –

A ladyboy massaging you will charge a bit more than girls massaging you. A Thai massage will cost you around 400 Baht and around 500-600 Baht for an oil massage.

These ladyboys give a handjob as an additional tip if you plan to get an oil massage done. They also offer sex and blowjobs if you pay them a tip of 1000 – 2000 Baht.

  • Ladyboy Street Hookers

You will find numerous street hookers if you are strolling after 7 pm, down Sukhumvit Road (from Asok BTS past Nana BTS to Sukhumvit Soi 3). Maximum are women there and only 20% ladyboys.

Bar girls sex - how much to pay for bar girls in thailand

While walking around, you will find them coming to you and touching you, trying to arouse you to take them to the room. If you want a ladyboy street hooker, then visit Sukhumvit Soi 4 which is labeled as the most sinful street of Bangkok.

The walkway is full of street hookers who are eye-catchy and all flashy to blow your mind away. 


For a short time, they charge around 1000-1500 Baht. Sometimes they can offer you a short hotel room stay for an additional 350Baht. This is pretty useful as you can enjoy each other in private and your belongings are safe while you are getting down and dirty.

  • Ladyboy Escorts

This is a smart and easy way to get a thai Ladyboy directly to your room. You can visit any ladyboy escorts site, like Smooci and book a girl who can come to your room.

Thai ladyboy escort guide - where you find

It usually takes around 30 minutes to 2 hours waiting time for the girl to reach you, depending on where she is coming from and how is the traffic. These sites are easy to access and are simple to use.

They look sexy and can make you horny even on looking at the girl’s picture. You can check the rates of each girl and book accordingly. Check the girl’s status whether she is pre-op or post-op.


You must book a ladyboy escort 2 hours prior and the cost will include 2 shots. The rate is 6000 Baht for ladyboy escort, where a women escort costs 4000Baht.

If you want her for a longer time, the cost decreases, like 4 hours will cost 8000Baht and the whole day will cost 15000Baht. You need to pay the service charge to the girl directly and can also add a tip if she really made you go mad and moaning. 

  • Bangkok Ladyboy On a Dating Site to Arrange Your Date

This is an easy and fast method to arrange your own date in Thailand. If you have not yet visited an online dating site in Thailand, then you have missed some super hot chicks out there waiting for your message. You can message any girl or thai ladyboy and fix up a date.

Search Hot Girls in Thaifriendly Website

Thaifriendly is definitely a helpful site to arrange a date with a Thai Ladyboy. You get many filters for your search like age, weight, city, ladyboys only, etc. Don’t worry because the profiles of these girls and ladyboys are not fake as the admin handles only trusted and legit profiles. 


If you have arranged a normal dinner date, it can be free or they may ask you to pay around 500 to 1500 Baht. If she does not ask for it, don’t give. Enjoy a cozy and sexy dinner with her. 

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🔥 What is a thai ladyboy?

A ladyboy is a transgendered or shemale individual in Asia. Most of the ladyboy is present in Bangkok. They change their transgender for money and some physical fun, and also most ladyboy work on bars.

🔎 How to find thai ladyboy?

The ways to spot a ladyboy in Bangkok. Since there are so many ladyboys in Thailand, it's easy to meet them. You can find thai ladyboy in many places like a 1. Bear bar 2. massage center 3. Street area 4. Red light area 5. Online Dating site 6. Ladyboy Escorts agency etc. check out this article for some easy ways to figure ...

💰 What is the average price of thai ladyboy?

5,000 Baht There are thousands of Thai ladyboys in Bangkok that are ready for a sexual ... Prices: The standard rates for ladyboy in Bangkok are slightly cheapest.

Conclusion:- Where You Can Hook Up With A Thai ladyboy In Thailand?

I am sure you are now aware of so many options of hooking up with a Ladyboy in Thailand. Each has its own pros and cons, in terms of price.

Like, getting a ladyboy from a go-go bar is safe and you get some hot, sexy chicks there with an amazing body, but their price is higher because you pay the bar fine, drinks you all had, and the fee she will charge for having fun with her.

If you want to save time, you can order a thai ladyboy by an online escort, but it can cost you your night because you will get to see and feel her once she is at your door and not before that. 

Other options like street hookers or massage salons, can be riskier because if she robs you of your belongings, you would not know where to find her.

If you are not into prostitutes like street hookers and massage ladyboys, you can easily set up a date for yourself online. If still confused, then go hang out at a regular nightclub in Sukhumvit and check out for your options. 


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