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A lot of people have been asking me what are the Thai Ladyboy sex prices in Thailand? So I share it. Read on.

Thai ladyboy plays an important role in Thailand’s sex tourism industry. For many foreigners, the biggest attraction in Thailand is the country’s red-light area and the readily available Thai ladyboys.

If you have a plan to enjoy some Thailand ladyboy sex, you may want to get connected with Thai ladyboy hookers, which shouldn’t be a challenge anyway! They are easily found in and around Bangkok; the place is a major stop for tourists.

hot thai ladyboy in hotel room - enjoy night

You may find all types of Ladyboy Thailand sex in the country, including post-ops or pre-ops. In case if you do not recognize these words, Post-ops are the ladyboys with no penis, and pre-ops are the ones with the attached penis.

Hotel bars and after hour pick-up clubs are the most common places in Thailand where you could hook up with a ladyboy.

These days almost every go-go bar in Bangkok lets you bar fine a ladyboy or watch a show of Thai ladyboy having sex.

You can even find the ladyboys in the streets, making it extremely easy to hook up with them.

Another way of hooking up with ladyboys would be to approach the escort agencies that work exclusively with ladyboys providing both travel guidance as well as sexual favors.

Called as ‘Katoeys’ in Thailand, the ladyboys have a full acceptance from the people of Thailand, even though considered a third gender.

Most of the Thai locals know the ladyboys personally, irrespective of whether they are in Bangkok or Pattaya or any other major city in Thailand. 

How to hook up with ladyboy in bangkok

Many of the Thailand tourists travel with a secret desire to hook up with a ladyboy. But, it’s natural that they feel shy and nervous, especially if it is a first for them.

If you are one of them, don’t worry! Reading through this article will let you know how you can get over that fear and the average price of having fun with Ladyboy in Thailand. 

7 Best Places To Find Thai Ladyboy – Check Out Ladyboy Sex Prices

First of all, remember that you are in Thailand on a holiday or vacation. Your aim is to relax and enjoy the trip, so visiting the bars is the most common thing you would do in Thailand.

You may find all types of tourists, including straight people, gay people, and ladies in these bars.

While most of them come here to hook up with someone, there may be people who have just come out of curiosity as well. So, no one will judge you for going to the hookup bars; get out of that fear at the earliest. 

What is sex price of ladyboy in thailand

If you are choosing to go out with a ladyboy or a she-male, you may attract some stares. Of course, most of the time, it’s out of curiosity, and you don’t really have to bother about it.

Even many Thai men prefer to enjoy evenings with ladyboys. It’s so common in Bangkok to see people with she-males that there is no point in you being shy and uncomfortable in the company of a ladyboy.

Where can you find the Thai ladyboy?

Nowadays, you can see the ladyboys working in almost all the entertainment avenues of Thailand, including beer bars, massage bars, go-go bars, escort agencies, dating sites, and also on the streets.

With more and more foreigners getting attracted to the ladyboys, the number of she-male sex workers has increased drastically over the years.

Not only that, the sex industry provides them a job, it also gives them hands-on income as compared to the other regular jobs such as working in supermarkets, retail shops, or restaurants, etc. 

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Where you can spend night and day with ladyboy

The ladyboys are often liked by their customers more than the girls that they receive both the exceptional comments as well as regular business from them. Many foreigners find ladyboys more feminine and more passionate in bed.

In this guide, I have tried to explain the different places in Thailand where one can hook up with the ladyboys.

Knowing how these places function can help you have the maximum fun and overwhelming experience, without making a hole in your pocket.

List Of Some Place Where You Can Find Thai Ladyboy:-

  1. Beer Bars
  2. Go-Go Bars
  3. Massage Salons
  4. Thai Night Clubs
  5. Thai Streets
  6. Dating Sites
  7. Ladyboy Escort Agencies

Let me get into the detailing of each point about where you can find a Thai ladyboy.

  • Beer Bars

A beer bar is a place where you would go, have some drinks, relax and watch T.V., play pool, and bar fine a bar girl or a ladyboy for few hours if you feel like.

Generally, the beer bars employ only girls, but in recent times, we see more and more ladyboys working in the beer bars.

Girlie bars in bangkok - Lady Drinks for thai girls

Increasing demand for she-males by foreigners is what changing the scenario in the Thai bars.

If you are looking for the best beer bars in Thailand to hook up with a ladyboy, you can visit any of the ladyboy bars in Pattaya, such as Linda Bar or Fantasy Lounge.


The prices of lady drinks are usually around 120-150 Baht, and you can bar fine a ladyboy for a price of around 300 to 500 Baht.

A ladyboy might charge you somewhere around 1000 Baht for a short period of sex with the ladyboy, and the charges may go up to 2000 Baht if you want to spend the entire night having sex multiple times in a night with the ladyboy you have hooked up to…

  • GO-GO Bars

Just like the girls’ go-go bars, there are also Ladyboy go-go bars in Thailand, Obsession in Nana Plaza, and Cockatoo in Soi Cowboy, being some of the most famous ones.

The go-go bars are usually bigger than the beer bars and give you a better opportunity to choose a ladyboy.

The functioning of a ladyboy go-go bar is no different from a go-go girl bar and operates in a similar fashion.

Best ladyboy gogo bars in thailand

If you are walking into a ladyboy go-go bar, all you need to do is sit down and order for a drink. You can start watching the dancers and smile at them.

If you like someone from the dancers, you can show your interest by waving at her or calling her over a drink.

As you chat with her, you may even start playing with her. There could also be chances that a ladyboy chooses you and walks up to you when you have your drink.

What makes spending time with a ladyboy more fun is the fact that they work harder than the girls to give you a good time.


A go-go bar also has a similar pricing method just like the beer bars, but in a higher price range as they have the most beautiful ladyboys you can find in Thailand.

While Ladyboy go-go bars have lady drinks at a price around 160-200 Baht, the ladyboys charge somewhere between 1500 – 4000 Baht depending on the duration of the services.

  • Massage Salons

The Massage salons employ the beautiful and busty ladyboys to attract more and more foreign tourists to their salon. Probably, it is the easiest place where you can try for a ladyboy.

An oil massage from a ladyboy means they would also offer you a handjob at the end of the massage service.

Usually, full sex is not offered in the massage salons; however, there could be exceptions in certain salons, for instance, Soi Lengkee in Buakhao, a few salons in Bangkok and Pattaya, etc.


These salons have a private room for the massage services, and therefore, you can even enjoy full sex services if you wish to.


A regular oil massage with a handjob at the end would cost you around 400 Baht in Bangkok and around 300 Baht in other cities of Thailand.

For full sex, the ladyboys in massage salons quote anything above 1000 Baht, and you may become successful in negotiating and fixing it at 1000 Baht. 

  • Thai Night Clubs

Seeing freelancing girls at the Thai clubs is a common sight, but not all the night clubs in Thailand support ladyboy freelancers.

There are a few night clubs in Bangkok and Pattaya, where you can find the freelancing ladyboys who are in search of a new customer every night.

thai nightclub to enjoy night - with ladyboy

While the freelancer ladyboys are cheaper than the ladyboys found in the beer bars, you could also avoid paying bar fine if you are picking up a freelancer in a Thai night club.

Unfortunately, you cannot trace these ladyboys, in case if they misbehave with you or steal your money.


The freelancer Thai club ladyboys usually charge around 1000 Baht; however, the ladyboys with a high demand may ask up to 2000 Baht.

The best way to negotiate with them is to buy them a few drinks and have a good chat before negotiating the price. The most significant advantage of freelancers is that they usually agree to spend the entire night and not just a few hours. 

  • Thai Streets

Another set of freelancing ladyboys is the ones who are found in the streets of Pattaya or Bangkok.

They are similar to the ladyboys found in the night clubs but could be less attractive as they don’t spend time as well as money on drinks or on having fun.

They usually are the prostitutes found in the streets of Thailand waiting to be picked by a prospective customer.

If you walk in the streets of Sukhumvit Road in Bangkok or Beach Road in Pattaya, you may see a lot of freelancer ladyboys walking around.

the walking street pattaya - thailand night

Sometimes, they may even approach you and express their interest to be picked up by you for the night.


These are the cheapest ladyboys you can get in Thailand, and most of the time, you would spend less than 1000 Baht to spend a night with a street freelancer ladyboy.

  • Dating Sites

By any chance, if you have thoughts of enjoying sex with a ladyboy in Thailand without paying money for the sex, then you should sign up in the ladyboy dating sites like Thai friendly that offer services in Thailand.

Upgrade Profile to join popular member - thaifriendly website

It is the most popular and the best option to have free sex with a ladyboy. ‘Thai Friendly Ladyboy Dating‘ is probably the only free dating site available in the country.


While some of the ladyboys found on dating sites may ask you for about 1000 Baht to come to your room, if you are lucky, you may even find a ladyboy who would only be interested in making a foreign guy as boyfriend as a first.

In that case, all you may have to spend is on the drinks, food, and gifts, maybe.

  • Ladyboy Escort Agencies

Many ladyboy escort agencies in Bangkok help foreign customers to hook up with a ladyboy for a commission. They are the most expensive Thai ladyboy hookers you would find in the country.

Thai bar girls - how to meet thai bar girls

So, go to them only if you do not have time to find the ladyboys through other means mentioned above, or you don’t care about your hard-earned money.

But, I must agree that it is also the most convenient way of hooking up with a ladyboy whenever you wish to.


Spending a night with a ladyboy through a ladyboy escorts would typically cost you anywhere between 4000 Baht to 10,000 Baht depending on the number of hours you would want to spend time with her.

It is so expensive that at the same price, you might get at least two to three freelancer ladyboys at night clubs.

Bringing a Ladyboy to Your Hotel Room

Not all the hotels in Bangkok allows the customers to bring a ladyboy to their rooms. However, there are Ladyboy friendly hotels in the city that permit the customers to bring back a transgender person to their room and enjoy the night.

These hotels may ask for the Ladyboy’s I.D. card; however, it is not a mandatory procedure followed in all the Ladyboy friendly hotels. 

If you have chosen to hook up with a ladyboy who freelances on the street, then it would be ideal for bringing her to a hotel that compulsorily asks for the prostitute’s I.D. card.

Beautiful Thai ladyboy - Enjoy Night and discovers joys

It is crucial as generally, you wouldn’t know the background of the ladyboy you have brought along, and if any misbehave or stealing happens, you can search the ladyboy through her I.D. card at least.

Whether you are bringing a girl or a ladyboy, if the person is a stranger to you, you must be careful and cautious.

That’s why people who want to have a peace of mind usually prefer to take the services of the ladyboy escort agencies or bar fine a ladyboy in a beer bar or a go-go bar.

#1 Secret Tip to get Thai Girls is to smell good because smell – or a man’s scent – has been proven through experiments to be the #1 factor for women when it comes to selecting a potential date!

  • Are you shy in the company of a ladyboy?

You need not be hesitant or shy to bring a ladyboy to your hotel room because the Thai society accepts men with katoeys.

But, it is also possible that the other guests in the hotel lobby may stare at you or give you some strange look when you are walking in a she-male’s company. You may want to have a discrete or second entry to your room, just to avoid the eyes of the other guests. 

Cute and hot thai ladyboys in bangkok - enjoy dinner with it
Cute and hot thai ladyboys in bangkok

Ideally, you shouldn’t be shy to bring a gorgeous ladyboy to your room, especially in front of the hotel staff, considering they operate out the red light districts of Thailand.

  • Happy Ending Massage Incall Service by a Thai Ladyboy on the Cheap

With a technological up-gradation in our lifestyle today, you have more ways to find the ladyboys, primarily through messenger apps like WeChat messenger.

Through these messenger apps, you can find many ladyboys who provide oil massage and happy ending services at a much lower price through an incall service.

In an incall service, you will be visiting the apartment of a ladyboy for a massage service rather than bringing her to your hotel room.

Thai ladyboy escort guide - where you find

Huay Kwang is one of the most famous areas in Bangkok where you can find the ladyboys who offer affordable, incall happy ending massage services.

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How does a guy have sex with a thai ladyboy

You talked to a ladyboy for a while, the first date went well and now is the time to act. The fact is that you just don't know how to deal with the situation. In the rest of the article, I'll show you how to do that, especially if this is your first time with a ladyboy.

Best Place to sex with ladyboy?

The ladyboys are really beautiful and have very feminine bodies that have surprised you. Other ladyboys have undergone cosmetic procedures to pretend to be women and to preserve their male organs. And others just dress like women with no medical improvement. Therefore, they are likely to have sex with a girl or boy based on their sexual orientation.

Conclusion: Guide For Thai Ladyboy Sex Price In 2024

As a final thought, I would want to say that you should always try to be respectful and polite to the ladyboys irrespective of how you have found her. It is quite essential to negotiate and finalize the rates in advance to avoid the issues in the later stage.

There are also chances that you hook up with the ladyboy for an evening, and you both mutually like each other’s company that you continue to book the services of that ladyboy until your Thailand stay to an end. 

In other cases, you may like the service of a ladyboy much better than the real girls that you may regularly hook up with only ladyboys via connecting with different ladyboy hookers.

No matter what, you must always use condoms to ensure you are into safe sex, especially when it is with the prostitutes.

If you want to online chat with hot Thai girls. I recommend ThaiFriendly. Try it and also share your opinion in the comment section, Also share in social media.


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