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Trat Thailand is not quite an exciting town when it comes to the selection of places to spend some good time in Thailand. However, there are a few reasons why some people would prefer spending time in Trat city Thailand when they travel to Koh Chang Archipelago. There are some nightlife spots in Trat Thailand that you could explore.

How To Enjoy the Trat Nightlife?

Koh Chang, Trat- Nightlife and Restaurants

Koh Chang has some amazing restaurants and gives its visitors a great dining experience. There is a vast range of cuisines and a great ambiance offered by the restaurants. Dining on this island of Koh Chang has improved and developed a lot.

There are many luxurious restaurants and hotels on this island. White Sand Beach is one of the main beaches on this island and it has a wide range of dining places and a very vibrant atmosphere. The beach has a lot of restaurants that feature the fire show or live music.

Best Nightlife Place and Hot Thai Girls - Hot Girls
Best Nightlife Place and Hot Thai Girls – Hot Girls

Klong Prao, as well as Kai Bae, gives a great variety in dining restaurants as well. Lonely Beach has quite a laid-back, easy atmosphere with some inexpensive dining. When it comes to relishing the fresh catch of the day, Bang Bao gives you the best seafood. You can also enjoy some local Thai cuisine as well as international cuisines.

You can enjoy some good local Thai food at local small dining outlets as well as the big restaurants. Bigger hotels give you an international spread of food which includes cuisines like German, Italian, Indian, Swedish, French, and you also get vegetarian food.

Many of the restaurants located on Trat Thailand offer a wide range of cuisines, both Thai as well as international. Even most of the resorts or guesthouses offer both.

White Sand Beach – Nightlife

The White Sand Beach is a very popular beach in Trat city Thailand. There are many bars on the seashore such as Oodie’s Place, or  Sabay Bar that give you some exuberant nightlife in addition to amazing unrecorded music. These spots are quite crowded during the weekend and in case you do not prefer being in the company of huge groups, you can stay away from the groups.

Where you can spend night and day with girls

There are a few bigger bars when you move to the stopping point in the South, right before you move upwards to the Klong Prao Beach. These lager bars are called meager ‘Pattaya’. The bars will be having a round table, a bar with some bar stools and some ladies as well. You can find an Irish bar as well when you move up the slope, where you can enjoy imported brews such as Kilkenny or Guinness.

White Sand Beach – Where to go at Night?

The White Sand beach has a lot of laid back cafes that serve beverages, light snacks and they also have relaxed bars that give you some great unrecorded music. You can also find some seashore bars that are quite fun and you can enjoy a wild time in these bars. 

There are some naughty lager bars as well and all you need to do is take a stroll on the beach and indulge in whatever catches your fancy. The most popular places in this area are Sabay Bar, Oogie’s Place, and 15 Palms, however, they can get stuffed during the weekends or long occasions.

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There are a few small shops that sell some modest beachwear. You will also find DVDs, souvenirs, shades, CDs, etc. You can also find some semi-precious as well as precious stones, table lights as well as floor lights. If you want to buy some extraordinary items or decor for your house, visit the Prince Craft Center which is located in the Grand View Resort which is on the White Sand Beach.

The shop has some floor coverings that are world-acclaimed such as some Old fashioned carpets, pads, Pashmina shawls, etc.

The Night Market in Trat Thailand

The best way to begin your evenings when you are in Trat city Thailand is to go right into the night market and enjoy a delicious meal. You will find local meals that are inexpensive yet delicious. You must try out the famous stir-fried noodles. The night market can be found on the east of Sukhumvit Road and is just a 10-minute walk if you live in the guesthouse area that is near Thanon Thana Charoen.

Best place to shoppig - Night markets

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Trat Thailand – The Best Bars 

There are many bars that are foreign oriented located in the guesthouse area of Thanon Thana Charoen. You can take a walk on the street and check out the places. There are many nightlife spots that are amazing and these are scattered all over Trat Thailand. A few of the spots are just minutes away from Thanon Thana Charoen and fa few spots will require transport.

Sukhumvit Road – Local Bars

  1. The Trat Bar

This is definitely one of the coolest and best bars in the area and is about 100 meters from the west of Thanon Thana Charoen.

  1. ถ้ามาตราดมิวสิค

Yet another well-known place is the  ถ้ามาตราดมิวสิค ( the place has no English name) which is towards the north. The place is a bar as well as a restaurant and on some nights you can enjoy live music. 

  1. Lao Leu

This bar is one of the favorites of both the locals as well as foreign travelers. The entrance does not have any walls. The front of the bar has three tables which are a great place to have a drink and enjoy the street life.

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  1. Samok Neei 

This place has not been mentioned anywhere, in any guide book. It is probably a secret well-kept. The place is quite remote and there are almost no Farangs in this place. There are many cute, easygoing Thai girls in this area as well as boys. The live band begins at 10 pm and the place becomes lively after this. A lot of international numbers, as well as Thai hits, are played.

  1. The LaserDisc Hostess Bar

If you’re a single guy visiting Trat city Thailand, then you will definitely enjoy being in this place. The LaserDisc is one of the best hostess bars and you can find many attractive girls who sit and enjoy a drink with you. The minimum cost for 2 lady drinks is about 240 Baht and if you want a private karaoke room, you will have to shell out an additional 150 Baht.

The prices of the drinks are quite reasonable. A small bottle of Sang Som will cost you about 190 baht, a bottle of regency would cost about 300 baht and the ice and mixers would be around 30 baht each. Even if you do not wish to hang out with the girls, the place is a fun place to unwind, relax, and enjoy some good live music that takes place every day after 9:30 pm.

You can also find a snooker bar in the north, known as Trat Snooker Bar.

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Conclusion: Trat Nightlife – Massage Salons

Though the Trat city in Thailand has no happy ending massages, the massage salons offer good massages that help the body relax and unwind after walking around the whole day. The masseuses are quite skilled and calm and they know their job really well.

You can find a lot of the massage salons in the area near Thanon Thana Charoen. A one-hour session of Thai massage would cost you about 200 Baht.

Thus enjoy the Trat Thailand in the various venues mentioned in the article. 


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