Important Fact About Isaan Girls: My Personal Experience 2023

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This post is about my experience with Isaan Girls 2023. Read and understand some of the important facts about them.

It is tough and impossible to imagine Thailand without the Isaan population? No matter where you go, be it the receptionist at the hotel in Koh Phangan, the taxi driver in Pattaya, will definitely meet someone from the north-east region of Thailand.

This area has the maximum number of people relocating to other areas for work, especially the popular tourist areas.  This population from north-east Thailand is commonly known as the Isaan population, the region itself being referred to as Isaan Thailand.

It is the biggest region of Thailand and has about 20 provinces. The folk music of the Isaan region is called “morlum” and it has a tale behind it which is quite relatable to the region. This music is played in every place, be it a restaurant, the neighbor’s house or the taxis.

Enjoy day with Isaan Girls - Speed time
Enjoy day with Isaan Girls – Speed time

Though the Isaan population accounts for one-third of the entire population in Thailand, they have been just second-class citizens.

Honestly speaking, the word ‘Isaan’ does not remind you of the Bangkok taxi drivers or those in Khon Kaen. Instead, it makes you think of the ‘Isaan’ women or girls and the experiences you had created with them, your opinions or prejudices regarding these women.

This is a topic that has stirred up quite a controversy and no one can really understand the truth behind these Isaan girls, even if they claim to be experts in this area.  

My experience with Isaan Girls From Thailand

 In Thailand, money is the most important thing because money brings power and respect to the families involved in this profession of prostitution.

The ruling class uses power, police make use of authority, men make use of their gender which is superior, and the Isaan women use their dark skin which is found to be attractive by the farangs. This harsh truth is well-known by the Isaan girls as well as their mothers. 

The Isaan Girls do not have any option but to submit to their fate as due to the gender they are treated as second-class citizens in their own villages and as third-class citizens throughout the rest of Thailand due to their region.

How to do sex with isaan women

However, the respect they earn by way of sending income earned through prostitution is quite high and this, in turn, encourages the mothers to send their daughters more to do such jobs. This comes with getting involved with Farangs. 

The beautiful, illiterate and innocent Isaan girls move to the beach resorts in Thailand in order to get fame and fortune. The Farangs are there in huge numbers, especially the ones who have just got off the plane and landed in paradise.

These are the main victims and not those who have already been through this and survived. As per the Isaan girl, a Farang is just like a water buffalo that is guided by the pull of the ring in its nose, as the Farangs are guided by their lust, ego, and fascination.

The Isaan girl sees a Farang as a walking ATM and all she needs to understand is the PIN and get all the money out.  

 And then the victim is the Farang. As a Farang, we get a lot of attention that we possibly desire and this is quite captivating to our senses. We love the attention and you can say that the pied piper has led us into a happy dance and trance.

When it is time to leave the region of Isaan and head back home, our hearts are shattered all over Thailand and our mind and body do all it needs to get back to Thailand at the earliest.

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Isaan Thailand Nightlife - How to Find Girls

All one needs to do is understand their initial visit to the Land of Smiles and not get lost in the beauty that lies all around as you might get entangled in a maze of deceit.

Once this is understood, the experience only makes you wiser and you learn to enjoy all the future trips to the country. 

The priorities of an Isaan Woman or Girls (with a bit of exception at times)

  1. Money
  2. The mother and the Family
  3. The face
  4. Thai Friends and Boyfriend 
  5. Their Possessions
  6. Farangs

However, you must understand that there is no specific order regarding the importance of Farang. The order is completely based on the personality and needs of the Farang and the Isaan woman. 

An Isaan girl or woman can satisfy any single desire that you have or even a combination as mentioned below:

  • Sex – You can get any sexual experience you desire with a variety as well
  • Romance – You can also get a Short term companionship if that is what you are looking for
  • Relationship – If you want to have fun during the holidays and spend some good time, you can even get this

Why are Isaan women preferred by Foreign Men?

This can be clarified by saying that in general, foreign men don’t like the Isaan women, for this matter I should say that foreign men do not like Isaan girls in particular. The Isaan girls are tanned, dark-skinned and quite petite which appeals to the Foreigners.

Isaan women preferred by Foreign Mens

This is how a majority of Thai women look like. Way back in their own countries, foreigners cannot find such women and this makes the Thai women quite exotic. However, it is uncertain if the Isaan women really find foreign men attractive or they are attracted to the money.

  • The Perils of Falling In Love with an Isaan Woman

We cannot state that one must not love an Isaan woman as it would be wrong to generalize saying all Isaan girls are the same and treat foreigners the same way. However, there are a lot of stories of how men have been trapped and caught up in their world of lies and falsehood.

The process of how it happens is quite simple and goes this way: A middle-aged foreign man or a Farang visits Thailand and the place with its people appears to be paradise, especially when he is welcomed by the beautiful Isaan girls who are quite deceitful.

Eventually, the farang will hook up with these women once they h