What are the Best Mattresses For Neck Pain & Shoulder Pain In 2024: Is a hard or soft mattress better for neck pain?

When looking for a new bed to support your neck and shoulders, there are various elements to consider. The most essential factors in this regard are spine alignment, mattress material, and mattress firmness.

Making sure you’re sleeping on a good mattress is a good place to start when it comes to enhancing your sleep quality. If you live with pain, you’re probably aware that spending a certain amount of time in bed doesn’t always equate to a decent night’s sleep.

A mattress that doesn’t accommodate your sleeping position or discomfort requirements can make it difficult to relax and get some rest. If you suffer from back and neck problems, you’ll need a mattress that relieves pressure well. As a result, many people find that switching to a better mattress and sleeping on it helps to ease back and neck pain.

Can a mattress give you neck pain?

Yes. If the mattress is too firm, it will push on your pressure points and cause misalignment. If the bed is too soft, it can cause sleep problems because you sink into the bed. This can cause neck or back pain.

Best Mattresses For Neck & Shoulder Pain:

Mattresses can be expensive, especially if you require one that is designed to relieve pain. A good mattress is an excellent investment, and happily, many manufacturers recognize that not everyone has the financial means to make that commitment.

As a result, we’ve included a list of dependable and trustworthy mattresses that are cost-effective and could be the appropriate fit for your pain, regardless of your budget, in this post.

Saatva Classic

Saatva hybrid mattress review-Saatva mattress firmness and smell

The stiffness of Saatva’s handcrafted premium mattress can be adjusted. The medium firmness advised for most persons with back problems is provided by their luxury firm choice.

Furthermore, Saatva created this mattress expressly to relieve pain. You won’t have to sacrifice comfort because this mattress is designed to treat pain.

The mattress comprises two sets of coils that are meant to support and correct your spine and lower back, as well as a layer of memory foam to relieve strain along the shoulders and spine. The Euro pillow top provides cushioning, and if you choose the plush soft mattress (which is recommended for side sleepers), your pillow top includes additional padding to embrace your body and ease pressure as you sink into the bed.

Helix Dawn Mattress

Helix dawn mattress review-Is helix dawn mattress toxic

Individually wrapped coils give solid support, and they’re strengthened around the perimeter to keep the mattress from giving way as you roll toward the edge, which Helix advises for back and stomach sleepers.

The middle polyfoam layer provides additional cushioning, while the top layer, which is constructed of the company’s patented latex foam, moulds to your body to relieve pressure, straighten your spine, and alleviate pain.

The mattress’ firmness is meant to keep you feeling supported without sinking into the bed. Hybrid mattresses are often cooler at night than foam-only mattresses, and numerous reviews claim that this one does as well.

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Nolah Original Sleep Mattress

Nolah mattresses are designed to relieve pressure on your neck and shoulders by providing four times the pressure reduction of normal memory foam in three main zones: shoulders, back, and hips.

For a neutral temperature, this foam is also free of viscoelastic compounds, which are found in memory foam and are responsible for trapping heat and creating a “sinking in” sensation. It does keep colder during the night, according to some reviewers. You can get the Nolah sleep with up to 50% discount using the Nolah sleep latest coupons. 

Purple Mattress

Thousands of reviewers adore this innovative mattress because it provides a unique sleeping experience. Foam is still present in the two base layers that cushion and support, but a 2-inch elastic gel grid sits above them.

When you turn over, this material is engineered to stretch as you sleep, so it bounces back quickly. Even restless sleepers will be more comfortable and aligned with this added support in high-pressure regions like the shoulders, back, and hips. According to users, this results in better-quality, pain-free sleep.

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Puffy Mattress


Cooling mattresses from Puffy are reasonably priced and can help ease back and neck pain. This mattress’s changeable firmness and supportive foam layers are designed to conform to your body, alleviating pressure and pain. This mattress is also built with greater edge support in mind, so you’ll never feel like you’re about to slide off.

This mattress is kept cool and breathable thanks to a combination of and open-cell foam (which means the foam was engineered to have better ventilation).

The mattress is finished off with a phase-changing yarn mattress cover for an even cooler sleeping experience. Furthermore, Puffy allows you to exchange for a different firmness option after 30 nights if you change your mind. Check out our review on Puffy mattress and decide if it’s for you.


Which type of mattress is best for neck and shoulder pain?

Ans: Most people with shoulder pain should have a mattress that is medium or medium firm. But the ideal level of firmness for a person really depends on how they sleep and their body shape.

Is memory foam good for neck pain?

Ans: Memory foam materials are helpful for people with neck pain. A 2020 study found that both latex and memory foam provide support and help reduce neck fatigue.

How should I sleep to avoid neck pain? 

Ans: If your neck hurts, you should sleep on your back or on your side. Sleeping on the back is best because it will keep the neck from hurting. Make sure you put a pillow under your head and a softer pillow behind it to support the neck.

Can my mattress cause shoulder pain?

Ans: Yes. If your shoulders hurt at night, it could be because the mattress you are sleeping on is too soft. If the mattress is too hard, then it will push against your shoulders and make things worse. People who sleep on a memory foam mattress often wake up feeling stiff.

Conclusion: Which type of mattress is best for neck pain?

Foam, particularly latex foam, can be a great choice for people with back and neck pain. But it’s not enough by itself.

You will need coils to help shape your body and provide pressure relief. So if you have back and neck pain, look for a mattress with both latex foam comfort layers and coils.

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